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(6 Posts)
myusernameisnotmyusername Sat 11-Aug-18 13:58:40

Currently I'm at the beauty therapist in John Lewis. I've had a bikini wax and a very nice manicure from one person and a very nice pedicure from another one. What is the etiquette with tipping? I'm paying with gift vouchers and don't have any cash. Would it be awkward not to tip or more awkward to tip with my card or go and get money from the cash point. I've tipped my hairdresser this morning £7 for a £33 haircut but added that to my bill.

BerkInBag Sat 11-Aug-18 14:03:45

I thought Tippinig was going to be some new all natural fabric Danish clothing label [disappointed face].

However, moving on, ask if you can tip with card. Or pop to cash point and run back if you feel to awkward not tipping at all.

myusernameisnotmyusername Sat 11-Aug-18 14:05:34

Ha ha! Sorry grin. How much would you tip? I was thinking a tenner with £6 for wax and manicure lady and £4 for pedicure. Is that too low. Wax cost £21, manicure £40 and pedicure £37. Gosh I'm meant to be relaxing but stressing about this! Thanks.

BerkInBag Sat 11-Aug-18 21:03:20

Oh lordy. That's v generious. I normally tip a fiver flat for a pedicure and a facial. Perhaps they think I'm stingy. Hope it all worked out.

MandalaYogaTapestry Sun 12-Aug-18 00:12:12

I don't tip the beaitician at all unless she stayed late / ran over with my appointment or if I am a particular difficult case.

myusernameisnotmyusername Mon 13-Aug-18 08:24:48

Thanks. In the end when I came out of the relaxation room both therapists weren't there. I tried to tip with my card but they couldn't do it so I bumbled a bit going on about how I didn't have any cash but was very happy about the treatments and the woman taking my vouchers didn't seem overly concerned. I went on a bit saying tell them I didn't have any cash but I will come back. At least I know now! Thing is with my hairdresser is she was the first hairdresser I found after moving area that did what I wanted so I was that grateful I overly tipped her and now I've set the precedent!

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