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A thread for those of us who are smaller but still don’t know what to buy...

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MaryPoppinsPenguins Fri 10-Aug-18 23:13:29

So, I dreamed of losing weight for years. (And years and years...) and finally at 35 have began and lost 6.5 stone. Its amazing, I’m wearing jeans (never happened before!) the hot weather was pretty much a joy as I wasn’t a sweaty mess in a cardigan, instead I wore a sundress and felt like a winner 😂

The issue is... I haven’t bought many clothes. I’m probably a 14 now (maybe a 12 in a generous shop) but I still have weight to lose and DH has been really clear about not buying clothes until I’m done with my weight loss.

I’ve had to buy a couple of things... one pair of jeans (joy!!!), one dress for my brothers graduation, but on the whole I’m wearing size 18/20/22 (sometimes 24 😬) clothes in my daily life.

So... what are your amazing new smaller person buys?! I’m excited for winter and boots and jumpers!

JaceLancs Fri 10-Aug-18 23:22:40

TKMaxx And eBay are your friend
I’ve lost nearly 5 stone on SW - and had already lost 2 stone - so 7 in total - 1-5 to go to target
I buy a lot of stuff from tkmaxx n charity shops then sell it on as I lose weight
Win win

LoveBeingAMum555 Fri 10-Aug-18 23:26:05

Well done. That's amazing. Its a myth that if you are slim you can wear anything for starters! I am short and I suppose athletic - no bum, hips or boobs to speak off.

I look much better in tailored fitted clothes, floaty looks awful. I think it's important to buy clothes that fit properly too, but I guess that's the same for everyone. I really struggle with getting tailored trousers to fit properly for some reason and mostly wear skirts for work.

I would start with things that you have always wanted to wear but never felt confident in, like your summer dresses, and experiment a bit. And yes I am thinking thick tights, skirts, boots and jumpers too!

PostNotInHaste Sat 11-Aug-18 06:39:38

Well done ! I think though whatever your DH says it is time to ditch everything you have pretty much and buy an interim winter wardrobe if possible. This place is your friend, takes a bit of hunting through and some of it is a bit crap but I’ve had quite a few compliments on some of the things i’ve had. If you sell some of your existing clothes hopefully it will give you the money to get started or have a bit of a sort round the house and see if you have enough stuff for a car boot sale. If you could raise about £150 and some careful shopping I thin’ yi7 could get quite a lot,

I’ve lost 7.5 stone and still have a little bit to go but am nearly there and am looking forward to autumn. Ebay is great as well , got a couple of lovely leather bags at a fraction of the price. Sainsbury are good for bits , especially jeans and have 25% off every few months. I got a coat there last year half price for £14, two jacket from the link for a fiver each so am doing ok for those. Have picked up enough jeans over the course of the year in smaller sizes whilst on sale .

Jumpers and cardigans from last winter mostly too big now so on the look out for them and would like some new boots. Having started wearing dresses this summer will look for some and skirts for the winter. I’m an apple shape these days as am nearing menopause so have to dress very differently to the last time I was slim when many years younger and more pear shaped. I’ve just had surgery but once energy levels are up am planning another wardrobe clear out, i’m ruthless These days as have seen the difference we’ll fitting clothes make.

Good haircut goes a long way and I’ve found that buying products and doing it like my hairdresser makes it last well for a couple of days and results in lots of compliments.

werekitty Sat 11-Aug-18 06:46:28

Well done on the weight loss! I've lost three stone and gone from a size 14 to an 8/10, my new wardrobe comes almost entirely from ebay and I'm trying to buy good quality stuff that will hopefully last.

DianaT1969 Sat 11-Aug-18 06:59:36

Well done on your weight loss. I feel strongly that for morale and self-worth going forward, you really need to have clothes in your current size. Not 4-5 sizes too big!

DH has been really clear about not buying clothes until I’m done with my weight loss.

Why does he get a say in this? Are you working? Or are you a SAHM and family finances are very tight? You could get some basics in Primark and charity shops for not much money.

Piccolino2 Sat 11-Aug-18 07:00:47

Wow, well done on your weight loss. Obviously this isn't the relationships board so I'm refrain from saying what I think however a size 14 person really cannot be expected to wear clothes 2-5 sizes bigger!

I'd ditch those clothes and get yourself a small wardrobe of things to wear in the autumn/winter. If money is an issue you can get some lovely and reasonable things in charity shops. I'm sure posters here will give you great advice but just wanted to say you need to get some basics that fit - dress for who you are now. Life is too short to be going around in clothes many sizes too big!

Piccolino2 Sat 11-Aug-18 07:02:29

I didn't mean just a size 14 person cannot be expected to wear clothes to big - I meant anyone cannot be expected to wear clothes 2-5 sizes too big!

sar302 Sat 11-Aug-18 07:29:39

First congratulations on your weight loss!! Second, I think you need to be really clear with your husband, that you won't be trying to make size 22 clothes work on your new size 14 body! What a mean thing to expect from you!

I get that unless you're rolling in cash, you probably don't want to stock up on designer gear just yet, but Sainsbury's etc. do some lovely clothes for very cheap

Maybe look at replenishing your clothes for the rest of summer in the current sales, and then in another month or so treat yourself to a proper autumn wardrobe that will take you into winter too.

Congrats again!x

KickBishopBrennanUpTheArse Sat 11-Aug-18 07:44:39

Congratulations flowers what an amazing achievement smile

I lost a much smaller amount of weight last year. Around 1.5 stone.

I was ruthless in getting rid of my bigger clothes because I knew the minute it crept back on I'd wear them again instead of tackling it.

Definitely try charity shops. If your old clothes are good quality and fairly new could you get them altered down? It can be surprisingly cheap to do and your DH might not even realise

As pp said this isn't Relationships and you might not want to hear it but do you think he is threatened by your weight loss? He certainly doesn't sound supportive.

teta Sat 11-Aug-18 08:03:40

Well done on such amazing weight loss . You must be feeling fantastic. I think your larger sized clothes must be looking a bit silly on you now. I don’t think you will need to spend much to buy a couple of tops, jeans and maybe shorts. Try Primark, H&M in the sales. The problem with charity shops is you need to know your style. That must be very difficult as you have changed shape so drastically. Do you have a friend you can go shopping with? Work out what you like and need and try on lots of different clothes and then look for items on eBay. You must need a completely new bra for example. You need to explain to your dh that you need to feel good about yourself again. Sheer determination has got you this far, but you now need a litttle help and encouragement.

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