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Tropics skincare

(22 Posts)
Stopyourhavering64 Fri 10-Aug-18 22:15:24

What are people's views on this brand? Friend's sister is a 'rep' for company and she's desperately trying to get me to buy some...I usually use Clarins and I'm very happy with this...why would I change?

QueenOlives Fri 10-Aug-18 22:26:27

It's cruelty free

bananamonkey Fri 10-Aug-18 22:51:59

I actually really like it and have re—bought a few items several times, if you buy the travel pack you can try everything for £25 rather than buy the full size as it’s pricey. I like the cleanser best, only annoying that moistiriser doesn’t have spf.

GrimDamnFanjo Fri 10-Aug-18 23:57:45

It's a mlm scheme, but the products seem to be good quality.

RainySeptember Sat 11-Aug-18 06:55:38

The selling party that I went to was the worst thing I've ever had to sit through. So many spurious scientific claims and it just went on for so long.

She kept saying that it was a 'natural' product but when we eventually got hold of the products to try it was obvious from the ingredient list that it wasn't natural at all. When someone mentioned it she said they were told to tell everyone that it was 'natural' but not to say '100% natural' as it gave the same impression to customers but wouldn't get them into trouble legally.

The body lotion that 'would know exactly what each person's individual skin needs and will deliver it'.

There were loads. Couldn't believe people sitting there nodding and oohing and aahing.

I bought three products to support my friend. They were nice enough but no better than you could pick up for less money on the high street.

fuzzyfozzy Sat 11-Aug-18 06:59:03

I was a bit dubious but I was lent a box of tropic to try.
I like their roll on eye thingy
Their deodorant and foot cream.

fuzzyfozzy Sat 11-Aug-18 06:59:38

Oh and the body oil.
The body moisturiser pulled on my skin.

LoniceraJaponica Sat 11-Aug-18 07:07:00

I like the products. They do what they say on the tin and are vegan and cruelty free.

I dislike the principle of MLMs, but some of them do actually sell products worth buying, and this range is IMO.

WhoKnowsWereTheTimeG0es Sat 11-Aug-18 07:18:49

I really liked the products when my relative was a rep, she did no hard sell at all. I particularly liked the hot cloth cleanser.

RainySeptember Sat 11-Aug-18 07:27:43

The hot cloth cleanser was nice but not as nice as Liz Earle, and the same money.

The body lotion was awful, we all said it was, it was one of those that takes ages to rub in.

I've just remembered that I quite liked their spray on toner, and I haven't seen anything similar elsewhere.

ithoughtisawapuddycat Sat 11-Aug-18 07:48:53

I have a few friends who sell this, one tries to sell to me every time she messages me which annoys me.

However I've tried massed from the range and love it. The toner is amazing especially in this hot weather, love the cleanser and clearing face mask and the sun products are lovely.

Not keen on the hair stuff but my hair is long and thick and so I get through a lot of products and can't justify the price for shampoo.

Prices are comparable to Liz Earle etc and my friends run competitions every month in return for reviews etc which is fun.

Most people who sell it will give you a kit to try before you buy which is nice and means you can be sure first.

fuzzyfozzy Sat 11-Aug-18 07:54:32

I forgot, I've got the hair kit and I'm not sure yet, seems to make my hair greasy.

WhoKnowsWereTheTimeG0es Sat 11-Aug-18 08:51:34

I thought the hot cloth cleanser was much better than Liz Earle, nicer fragrance, nicer texture, better at removing make-up, so I suppose it's pretty subjective.

RainySeptember Sat 11-Aug-18 09:02:50

Does anyone know why they don't just sell it through shops? Surely the mlm model can't be sustainable long term, they all disappear eventually.

Nettletheelf Sat 11-Aug-18 09:17:56

Selling through shops would defeat the object of MLM schemes, which is to draw in thousands of suckers to sell the product, most of whom end up buying it themselves in order to keep up their sales numbers.

Timefortea99 Sat 11-Aug-18 09:19:16

Wasn’t the owner a contestant on The Apprentice. She didn’t win but Alan Sugar put money in her company and he is still involved. Seen a few magazines featuring the range recently. I think they have stepped up their marketing campaign. I think you can buy the products online direct so no need to buy from a rep?

MissMarplesKnitting Sat 11-Aug-18 09:23:59

The sunscreen is lovely, mineral so great for allergic or sensitive skin like mine.

The rest....well it's nice enough but I can't help thinking it's very expensive for what it is. Even the bamboo cleansing cloth is twice the price of the ones in superdrug

ithoughtisawapuddycat Wed 15-Aug-18 18:44:25

Yes you can buy directly from the website so no need for a rep if you prefer.

JemimaMuddledUp Wed 15-Aug-18 19:45:19

I went to a party and the face mask I tried brought me out in a rash. The rep pretty much accused me of making it up, despite me sitting with sore, red skin in front of her. Apparently I couldn't be allergic to it as it was a natural product... hmm Needless to say I didn't buy anything!

Clionba Wed 15-Aug-18 19:51:17

It is an mlm scheme. The woman from The Apprentice and Alan Sugar have done well from it. Basically costs are cut because the reps have to buy the products. The stuff is ok, but in all honesty I'd stick with Clarins.

Stopyourhavering64 Wed 15-Aug-18 20:02:44

Thanks, I'd thought as much....I'll stick to what I know with Clarins...although I've just splashed out on the Caroline Hirons clean decoded box from Space NK...which has some amazing new ( highly recommended) products for me and my skin is looking amazing already!

Sleepypoppettimes2 Mon 11-Mar-19 10:29:35

Hi I am one of the horrendous mlm people your talking about however I am also not an idiot I have been the owner of my own beauty salon for over 13 years. I Tried Tropic on my own skin and I was extremely impressed with the products. They do not hide anything. If one of the representatives tells you you can’t be allergic they are not a good representation of the company and need to be reported ... there is nothing more natural than a bee and yet you can be highly allergic to it’s sting!
The only part that isn’t technically natural is the preservative and it has a 0.05% ingredient within it ... it has to be in there by law for a few of the products. It is something that is stated in all training and shouldn’t be hidden that is why we as a company do t say 100% natural however it is 99.95% natural.
I don’t “sell” to all and sundry but I do retail it in my salon because the ethos is on point and the products genuinely work FOR SOME PEOPLE as with ANY product lol
Not everything in the world will suit every person but we are all aloud to try them.

Tropic has a social selling platform yes but you can reach executive level extremely easily the only level you cannot hit is Lord sugar and Susan Ma ... tell me the company you work for can you also become an owner?

Not all mlm companies are bad please all ladies on here do your research into products and do not dismiss all mlm companies... you can purchase Tropic directly from Tropic if you prefer not to be going through a rep but please remember these ladies and gents are trying to make a living for themselves and are not horrid beasties xxx

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