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What can I do to look younger between now and Monday - skint

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DoinItForTheKids Fri 10-Aug-18 20:10:48

Hello fellow MNers

I have a meeting at the end of the day on Monday - kind of an interview but more in the format of a chat (much nicer).

I'm feeling like I'm looking REALLLY old - which I am. My neck has really really started sagging very obviously and my face is like a roadmap.

I've got no money for Botox or anything like that sadly.

Is there ANYTHING I can do between now and Monday, on an incredibly limited budget, to address the wrinkles and/or the sagging neck?

I'll obviously dress carefully, and nails and toenails have been done, all the things one would expect but I just feel really really old! I know that shouldn't matter but it does to me.

Still, there's probably not much I can do but if anyone's got any tips for the chronically poor, I'll have 'em!

There's nothing I can do about the extra stone I'm carrying at the moment of course but hey ho!

OlennasWimple Fri 10-Aug-18 20:12:16

Get lots of sleep!

Namethecat Fri 10-Aug-18 20:13:49

Drink lots of water, it's really good for the skin.
Get a few early night's in.

Whatififall Fri 10-Aug-18 20:14:21

Plumping face masks. Or the ones for tired skin as they will perk your skin up. Lots of water over the weekend.

Kemer2018 Fri 10-Aug-18 20:15:01

Take an elderly relative with you.

applecatchers36 Fri 10-Aug-18 20:15:31

Eyebrow pencils, good eyebrows frame your face and give face definition

Whatififall Fri 10-Aug-18 20:15:37

Sagging neck - what are you wearing? Can you add a neck tie thingymajig? Or a stylish chunky necklace?

gillybeanz2 Fri 10-Aug-18 20:15:45

Lots of water and early nights.
Vaseline is your friend.
If you can stand it smother hands and face, neck, arms etc and cover with plastic, go to bed. grin

It works for me.

Whatififall Fri 10-Aug-18 20:16:06

Duct tape behind your ears if all else fails smile

HereForTheLaughs Fri 10-Aug-18 20:16:09

Drink LOAAAADS of water. 3 litres each day. You'll hydrate yourself from the inside out and get a natural glow. (Yes you'll be running to the loo a lot but it's worth it).
If you can, try Boots Botanics Organic Facial Oil. Its about £7/8 but a couple of drops massaged onto your skin before bed really makes a difference I find. Good luck with the interview!

gillybeanz2 Fri 10-Aug-18 20:16:47

I don't mean the cream, sorry. I mean the petroleum jelly, which you can buy unbranded from Boots for a fraction of the price, although it's cheap enough anyway.

Biologifemini Fri 10-Aug-18 20:16:54

Eyebrows shaped and slightly thickened
Tiny bit of blush can take years off
A face mask or moisturiser with urea takes millions of years off me. Try eucerin

TheCountryGirl Fri 10-Aug-18 20:18:18

You don't have to look or appear young! Just classy and stylish! Wear great fitting clothes with good lines, L'Air du Temps perfume or something like it and subtle make up.

But above and beyond everything, have CONFIDENCE!!! And if you lack confidence; remember that feelings follow behaviour so ACT like you're the most confident person on earth and you will FEEL like it too!

vintagechick43 Fri 10-Aug-18 20:19:06

Lots of water, no alcohol. Maybe try a face mask and lots of sleep. Also try not to worry, I'm sure no one will be judging you on how you look.

schooltripwoes Fri 10-Aug-18 20:19:35

Drink loads of water and eat lots of oily fish. It can make a good difference in a few days.

schooltripwoes Fri 10-Aug-18 20:21:31

IVEgotthePOWER Fri 10-Aug-18 20:27:49

Please dont cover your face in plastic and go to bed shock

keiratwiceknightly Fri 10-Aug-18 20:31:32

If you can run to c £35 get eyelash extensions - have honestly taken years off my face.

NoraButty Fri 10-Aug-18 20:34:18

A cheap youthful looking trick is to wear lipstick that makes your teeth look white.

This page explains it really well with examples

Jinglebells99 Fri 10-Aug-18 20:37:49

How old are you and how old are you trying to look? A friend of mine has been having a course of anti ageing non surgical face lifts. They have been quite expensive I think. She is quite pleased with the results, however I think it’s not really noticeable. I mean when I look at her, I don’t really notice the sagging or lines that she’s worried about. I think we are all more critical of our own appearance.

DoinItForTheKids Fri 10-Aug-18 20:38:41

Thank you IVEgotthePOWER, I shall try and avoid total suffocation, might be a bit lifeless when slumped on the chair in front of them!

Don't worry thecountrygirl - I ain't lacking on the confidence front!! (God help them). I shall be dressing (unless it's absolutely peeing it down) in an elegant a-line shift dress and hair and make-up carefully applied - I don't overdo it especially in the daytime. Whack on the Double Wear as it's the only stuff that sticks to my face).

Kemer if I had an elderly relative I'd take them along for positive comparison purposes, but I haven't!

whatif, unless I half throttled myself with a necklace positioned directly under my neck, it would do nothing to hide my whattle! I'd probably pass out half the way through from lack of oxygen! Now I think your duct tape idea might have legs! I'm sure I've got some in the shed....

DoinItForTheKids Fri 10-Aug-18 20:41:13

50 - I mean I'm a realist and I don't obsess over appearance but honestly the saggy neck has really gone to the dogs in recent weeks. I think I'm starting to look this age (when I was 40, I looked 30) however I also have to say that some under 30s the other day said they wouldn't have thought I was 50. The horrid thing is when I'm talking and moving my head around, I can feel the whattle jiggling - urgh, hate it!!

Nora I'll have a look at that thank you.

DoinItForTheKids Fri 10-Aug-18 20:42:55

Any tips for the best face plumping mask or something along those lines? x

DoinItForTheKids Fri 10-Aug-18 20:44:15

Mashed avocado? Honey??!? Anything homemade???

LuxuryWoman2018 Fri 10-Aug-18 20:46:53

Asprin mask, rivers of water, painted nails, oil on hands overnight. Excellent posture on the day. I find white near my face is more youthful so maybe a white shirt. Hair mask for deep conditoning. Earrings can give a lift funnily enough. Eyebrow threading a fiver in superdrug, define with a little eyeshadow - no need to spend on special products. A bright lipstick.

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