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Help me fix my hair please!

(8 Posts)
hungryheinz Thu 09-Aug-18 22:36:40

I really need help with my hair. I'd like it to be shorter and not needing much maintenance and cut in more of a "style" that suits me. I'd love to have smooth, shiny, non-frizzy hair but I have no idea how to achieve that. I don't even know anything about products or styling tools. Any help gratefully received!

Jupiter9 Fri 10-Aug-18 00:11:34

Get some hair straighteners, your hair looks a lovely colour and must look great up.

Coco2891 Fri 10-Aug-18 00:29:52

If it was my hair I'd have 2-3 inches chopped off -have some highlights put through and let it dry naturally with some Argan oil or something similar , your hair looks like it has a natural wave so that bit shorter with some lighter highlights through it will look beach babe x

Fang2468 Fri 10-Aug-18 20:23:51

I would say a long wavy bob with a side fringe would look good. I’d go for about 5/6 inched off.

Labradoodliedoodoo Fri 10-Aug-18 20:25:01

What’s your face shape?

littleskittle Fri 10-Aug-18 20:31:08

Look up 'Jenna Dewan- actress with a great short wavy bob. I had my hair cut that way recently and I love it. I leave it damp and scrunch a bit with mousse or salt spray to create beachy waves- your hair looks like mine before so I'm sure it'll work smile

hungryheinz Sat 11-Aug-18 10:38:13

Thanks for your help. My hair is just so thick and unmanageable sometimes. You don't think if I got it cut to a short bob it would stick out even more obviously? I love pictures of that sort of style but I'm worried about how it would turn out on me blush

@labradoodliedoodoo my face is long, it's the white part in the picture minus the rectangle at the bottom which is my neck.

Fang2468 Sat 11-Aug-18 18:04:01

I wouldn’t recommend a short bob, more a mid length one. Half way in between shoulder & chin (long enough to tie back if needed 😁). I think your hair is thick & wavy enough to carry it off.

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