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How do I get this colour?

(21 Posts)
Sidneythecam Thu 09-Aug-18 20:44:26

I have dyed dark brown hair

I can attach a photo if necessary

How do I make myself ginger?

I will go to a professional but will it involve copious amounts of bleach?

Ta 😘

Sidneythecam Thu 09-Aug-18 20:46:48

This is my dark brown hair

SendYouUpInFlames Thu 09-Aug-18 21:00:58

Put a blonde dye on top?

Sidneythecam Thu 09-Aug-18 21:10:59

Oh I don't know. I've never heard of that before

babysharkdoodoodoodoodoodoo Thu 09-Aug-18 21:17:10

Maybe bleach it until it goes light enough to dye over it in the ginger shade you want? If you're not brave enough defo just go to the hairdressers x

hannnnnnnxo Thu 09-Aug-18 21:19:59

I doubt it will take much bleach at all. The undertones of your hair are likely to be orange or red due to the dye, which actually works in your favour here as it will be a decent base for the ginger colour. So you won’t have to lift your hair to blonde! The difficult thing will be removing the previous colour evenly (especially if you have used box hair colour in the past) but your stylist should be able to handle it. The level that your hair will be lightened to just depends on how light/vibrant you want the end result to be. But again it shouldn’t be too difficult- much easier to go ginger than a light ashy blonde for example!

Sidneythecam Thu 09-Aug-18 21:42:45

Oh thank you, this is positive 🍊

IwankaTramp Thu 09-Aug-18 22:06:24

Prelighten it first to a ginger shade and then tone with a permanent red dye. You will probably need two packets of both.

youvegottobekidding Thu 09-Aug-18 22:40:37

I've done this before. I, like you had dyed brown hair (medium-dark brown). I used Colour B4 to strip all the brown out. That left me with a 'meh' light coppery brown colour. It did re-oxidise a couple of days later i.e.- went dark again so I did a Vitamin C & shampoo mix on my hair (google it for the method) & that brought it up lighter. You can't use a permanent colour on your hair for 4 weeks after using colour B4 but I was desperate so I think I waited 3 weeks & used L'Oréal feria Mango Copper one, can't remember it's exact name! But that's how I did it.

Waltzingmatilda65 Thu 09-Aug-18 22:53:26

I have naturally dark brown hair and had mine a similar colour to your photo for a goodly while. It would be a doddle for a professional hairdresser to achieve that shade on your hair.
Looking back on old photos I think it looks better with some highlights or lowlights but not a full red colour all over as it looks harsh on some photos looking back now. Although at the time I loved it.

saratustra Thu 09-Aug-18 22:56:38

I have dark brown hair as well and I've been dying it in different shades of red and orange for 20 years. Nothing I've done at home has ever looked decent! I spend a lot of money in hairdressers...

saratustra Thu 09-Aug-18 22:58:33

Btw I've done the highlight thing as well and even if it looks very nice at the beginning, first it costs much more money and then you get blonder and blonder with time, mixed with different oranges as the color degrades. Not nice sad

Sidneythecam Fri 10-Aug-18 10:47:05

Thanks everyone

Waltzingmatilda65 Fri 10-Aug-18 21:40:57

Aw gawd I hope I am not now heading in that territory now saratustra.
I had loads of compliments when the hairdresser introduced me to this look in the spring but I still have a holiday abroad to get through.

littlechocolatechippies Sat 11-Aug-18 11:04:05

No advice but your hair is beautiful, it looks so thick and shiny grin

Sidneythecam Sat 11-Aug-18 12:16:56

@littlechocolatechippies oh it is so thick..the Dyson hairdryer changed my entire life

It's very shiny too - I alternate Bed Head Urban Antidotes (Home Bargains special), Mane N Tail, Vosene and Aussie Mega

Two pumps of the Aussie oil on damp hair

Shiniest hair ever 👏🏼

thefirstmrsdewinter Sat 11-Aug-18 13:14:36

Red hair fades very quickly. If you want to keep it bright wash in cold water with shampoo for coloured hair and get the shampoo off as quickly as poss. You can top up with a colour conditioner like Davines Alchemic. Op you might want to think about giving up Vosene.

Sidneythecam Sat 11-Aug-18 13:24:34

@thefirstmrsdewinter yes, the Vosene will be firmly ditched once there's a vibrant colour in it..

Do love the squeaky clean feel though 😍

thefirstmrsdewinter Sat 11-Aug-18 13:49:04

I've been known to use washing up liquid on mine grin (the watery hippie kind, not Fairy) so I know where you're coming from. But red is hard to keep vibrant and it will be a PITA to keep topping up the colour if your shampoo keeps stripping it out.

My hairdresser says no shampoo at all on coloured or bleached hair but that's kind of a culture shock.

AGapInTheMarket Sat 11-Aug-18 13:52:45

Funny coincidence - I know the model whose photo has inspired you, OP! She is a gem and has had this amazing dark auburn hair from childhood.

Sidneythecam Sat 11-Aug-18 14:57:20

@AGapInTheMarket she is gorgeous 😍

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