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I'm in Sephora. What do I want to buy that I can't get in the UK?

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gonetolookforamerica Wed 08-Aug-18 19:51:09

As the title. I have about 15 minutes before the men in the family get frustrated. I'm with DD, who is 16. Anything we should get?

RainySeptember Wed 08-Aug-18 23:31:56

I'm too late to be any help to you but I was recently in there and was quite disappointed. It was fabulous a few years ago, but from what I could see it was full of stuff you can now buy in the uk anyway, and for less money! I ended up with a few Sephora own-brand items and some Korean face masks because I couldn't bear to leave with nothing. Did you find anything in the end?

gonetolookforamerica Thu 09-Aug-18 00:48:14

That makes me feel much better! We didn't get anything because it felt really expensive, and the cheaper brands we wanted weren't there. But the window shopping was fun, and we came out smelling nice.

Purplepaper Thu 09-Aug-18 00:51:23

Are you still in America? I think I'm too late for this thread

gonetolookforamerica Thu 09-Aug-18 05:47:26

Still in America, but not in Sephora, although we will try to pop in again if anyone comes up with anything wonderful and cheap to buy there.

B00dyM4ry Thu 09-Aug-18 05:52:41

As for price the only real bargains I find are at outlet malls when they are having an extra special discount or the occasional great find in Marshalls. Buy something as a keepsake or because you love it only.
As for products the world is so universal now - it is rare to get only US specific stuff.

LaPufalina Thu 09-Aug-18 05:55:44

I love their mango shower gel in the circular bottles grin

mrsnec Thu 09-Aug-18 06:00:11

I think their own brand make up is lovely. The gloss that's like a lipstick is great. I also like their mascara that's in a tube that looks like it's quilted and the small pots of nail varnish. I have one of their own perfumes in Orange Blossom and vanilla too which is gorgeous.

fridgepants Thu 09-Aug-18 18:14:55

They do have a lot of brands you can't get here - Bite, Drunk Elephant, Tacha. And ones you can't try in person here - ABH, Tarte, Huda.

gonetolookforamerica Thu 09-Aug-18 21:27:46

mrsnec DD loves vanilla smells so we'll pop into another one and check that out. Thanks.

LaPampa Thu 09-Aug-18 21:50:58

I bought a great tarte palette in Sephora.

joangray38 Thu 09-Aug-18 22:04:11

The Sephora favorites boxes - lipsticks etc (change every so often) are great value and have different brands which are mini and full size. Bite beauty lipsticks are great too and not available in the uk. Go for the value sets or Sephora exclusives

Opheliasgoldenwine Fri 10-Aug-18 12:13:02

Milk makeup!!

MM18 Fri 10-Aug-18 12:26:21

The foundations and concealers have a much wider range of colours than you will find in Europe, even in European brands. (I personally hate the Americanism ‘people of color’ because *everyone is a colour, numpties*)

gonetolookforamerica Sat 11-Aug-18 04:22:16

Ok, we did notice some favourites boxes, but just as we were leaving. That might be enough to satisfy DD's makeup obsession.

Right, off to find another Sephora!

Monty27 Sat 11-Aug-18 04:29:51

Don't know where you live op but there's one at either angel tube or Islington. Can't quite remember.
It was a one hit wonder for me. Like body shop but not iyswim. I used body shop from a teenager til a couple of years ago. The branding doesn't work for me any more.

feltcarrot Sat 11-Aug-18 06:30:42

We were in NY last month and Dd(20) was so disappointed with Sephora, yes, they had beautiful products, but no cheaper than in the UK.
(QVC sell Tarte, and you can try for 30 days and return if you don’t like it)

fleuriepeninsula Sat 11-Aug-18 07:48:17

There’s no Sephora in Islington. They withdrew from the U.K. in 2005!

NameChangedAgain18 Sat 11-Aug-18 08:04:20

I like the Tarte cheek stain - QVC doesn’t sell that particular product.

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