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Breast reduction

(81 Posts)
brownbeauty Mon 06-Aug-18 22:45:08

Has anyone had or is considering a breast reduction.
I'm currently 38G n soo uncomfortable..
I have pimples n sores under my armpits from where the wire bows out n pokes me all day..
I get terrible underboob sweat..
I hate the massive beige or white or black bras I get to choose from.
Just basically sick n tired of being eyed up n talked to at chest level..
The back n neck pain r on another level.

I have money saved..
Just looking for reassurance and
a few kind words by ladies who have been thru the procedure..
many thanks

Ollivander84 Mon 06-Aug-18 22:54:29

Stupid question but have you been measured? I wear pretty bras and they're comfy, no digging in and am a 32K

husbandbloodyhusband Mon 06-Aug-18 22:55:40

Best thing I ever did. Cost £5000 2 years ago.

FashionFoodLaughs Mon 06-Aug-18 23:04:17

I had one on the NHS 15 years ago as I had radiating back pain that built up throughout the day, awful posture (suspected curvature of the spine) and cosmetically dreadful. They were down to my knees at 18 yo! Had to keep my weight stable for 2 years before op was agreed to. One of the best things I’ve ever done! Recovery was quite hard (about 6 weeks, don’t rush it, no lifting or raising arms above head), stitches removed wasn’t pleasant and obviously still have scarring but the benefits have been immeasurable. Able to wear pretty bras and tops, no back pain or shoulder dents, self confidence...I could go on. Go for it!

littlepeas Tue 07-Aug-18 10:58:33

I had one in January - no regrets, it has made a huge difference. I am much more comfortable and look significantly better too. I was very lucky with recovery and back on my feet very quickly (surgeon said I was unusually quick), so prob can’t advise realistically there. I was wearing a too small 30HH before (suspect I was closer to a JJ or even a K) and am now a 30FF/G - sounds big still, but they are fab and neat. Very pleased!

MissMarple11 Tue 07-Aug-18 12:06:28

I had one last year and like the others it's the best thing I've ever done. Went from a 32g to 32 c/d. It's honestly life changing. I can't comment on nhs operations but I think it's difficult to have that now. I went private and it was £4400.

bingewatcher Tue 07-Aug-18 12:17:34

I would love one but I'm going to try breastfeeding dd and hope that shrinks them im a 38G to I complain daily.

BlingLoving Tue 07-Aug-18 12:22:38

Mine changed my life 15 years ago. If you can afford it, and you want it, you should go right ahead and get it done. I have never regretted it for one single second, scars and all (although the scars really aren't that bad). I was young so have subsequently gained weight and my breasts are quite large again (also surgeon didn't take enough off at the time and while he offered to do a minor second procedure, I didn't want to do anything more). I often try to think what they'd be like now if I hadn't had the surgery all those years ago.

It's an incredible feeling no longer basing every decision on what to wear on my breasts.

Polestar50 Tue 07-Aug-18 12:36:26

Watching with interest. Have had massive boobs for years. I am breastfeeding at the moment but planning to have a reduction once he’s weaned.
I know 3 people who have had reductions (all privately) and they all say the same as PPs above. Recovery is painful and quite long but life is much better and more comfy and they have absolutely no regrets.

Hesperatum Tue 07-Aug-18 12:40:41

Had a breast reduction 6 years ago at Laderma in Prague. Excellent result - no pain. Cannot praise them highly enough. Look at their website.

UnapologeticallyUnhinged Tue 07-Aug-18 12:55:31

I had mine 2 years ago after waiting on NHS list for years. Now wish I'd taken out a loan and done it years before. I was 32J and had numerous back problems and was constantly on opioid painkillers for this. painkillers, only mild back issues (damage was already done!) but the best thing is SLEEPING ON YOUR FRONT! not needing to sew your shirts between the buttons, not doing the 'curving of the spine/boob manipulation dance' to fasten your coat up etc. I went back to work after 2 weeks and have never looked back. My boobs do look weird as I still have lots of breast tissue around my arm pit area and the scars are terrible (but I knew that as I always keloid) but I don't care. No more spots/ sweat/shoulder indentations. JUST DO IT! And good luck!

hamsterwheel Tue 07-Aug-18 13:55:22

I am a 31JJ and it doesn't matter if I loose weight they never go down! My only worry is that a friend said if I did get it done I would end up horribly pear shaped (I have a natural hourglass figure). I am. 5ft 7amd weigh 11stine and wear a size 12-14. Did you worry about becoming pear shaped? What size did you go to? Can anyone recommend a surgeon? Thanks!

hamsterwheel Tue 07-Aug-18 14:03:46

I meant a 32JJ.....!

UnapologeticallyUnhinged Tue 07-Aug-18 14:29:16

@hamsterwheel I have put weight on since then due to steroid treatment for something else but yes I would say I'm now pear shaped. I wasn't last summer though I was a 12/14 and was in proportion. They took just over 3lbs of tissue which made them. 32C/D but now am 34E which is still small to me. My areoles were reduced and my nipples are now perky and small! They are super sensitive now too which is weird! Even though I'm a different shape I have an almost pain free life now so that's worth all of it.

UnapologeticallyUnhinged Tue 07-Aug-18 14:36:52

I should add my boobs don't look as weird now as they did. I spent years wearing men's jumpers/wearing my hair long and down over them and I hated them so much I couldn't stand it when I glimpsed them in the mirror getting changed. Now I whack them out for my girl mates to see how great they are! I would NEVER have done that before. Now I have bikinis for the first time in my life (age 40!) the only thing to be aware of is when you get measured as a say, 34D after its a bit different because the breast tissue lies in different places. Also it was a good year before I could do underwires but M&S have great post surgery bras in lovely colours and fabrics. ALSO I went out last summer WITHOUT A BRA ON! I may be 40 but I have the boobs of a 20 year old wink

littlepeas Tue 07-Aug-18 14:54:11

hamster I am 5ft 6in but a similar weight and dress size. I suppose I am a little more pear shaped, but certainly not 'horribly' so, and I still look better overall. I think in reality I was pear shaped anyway, as I have narrow shoulders and a narrow ribcage and I feel far more suited to my new look, than I did to the booby look I had before.

littlepeas Tue 07-Aug-18 14:55:40

I am very happy to recommend my surgeon if anyone is Midlands based - she was absolutely fantastic.

BlingLoving Tue 07-Aug-18 15:47:58

Hamster, I think the trick is to be sensible about how much you take off. If you still want a good hourglass, don't get them to give you an A cup breast afterwards! grin (Although, do be careful as this is how I landed up with larger breasts than I wanted - my surgeon was being TOO cautious not to make them too small and the result was breasts that were still bigger than I wanted them to be).

I think the overwhelming message from responses here though is that you might not have a perfect body, or perfect breasts, after the surgery. But the relief of no longer having massive breasts that impact your self image, your posture, your pain levels etc is worth it. I think the problem comes when people think a breast reduction means they're now going to be perfect. It doesn't. It removes a major problem and ultimately, for everyone I've ever spoken to afterwards, any other small issues are irrelevant in that context.

Oh, and yes, even though mine are now quite large again, they're still perky!!! I pas the pencil test every single time.... wink

hamsterwheel Tue 07-Aug-18 15:49:22

This thread is making me so happy! I have been on and off the idea for over 5 years now. I am happy to travel anywhere for the right surgeon. That's is what makes me most nervous, getting the right person, oh and the pain and scarring!

BlingLoving Tue 07-Aug-18 15:49:44

UnapologeticallyUnhinged if you can afford it, I would highly recommend finding a chiropractor. Walking, standing and lying funny for all those years will probably have had a long term impact on how your spine moves/ is positioned. A chiropractor would probably be able to help you get this more correctly aligned and may well have a significant improvement on any long term pain.

littlepeas Tue 07-Aug-18 16:25:38

I've pm'd you the details for the surgeon I used hamster, good luck making your decision.

mydogishot Tue 07-Aug-18 16:50:21

I had one on the NHS 17 years ago.
I was getting severe chest pains and the weight was affecting my heart.
I was a 36JJ.
A KILO out of each boobie and a 36C when I woke up!
Was great.
Have now gone up to a 36E but still better than it was!

UnapologeticallyUnhinged Tue 07-Aug-18 17:34:37

@BlingLoving I have been having adjustments for that but after 20+ years of carrying all that weight around they said there's only so much they can do. My posture has improved so much as I no longer have constantly dropping shoulders and a curved back (I used to have to rest them on my desk when no one was looking for a respite!) and I still sleep with a maternity pillow (no kids-it's just comfy and I'm used to it!)

The pencil test! I forgot about that! I used to be able to put a pencil CASE under mine! And I always wore expensive well fitted bras right from puberty.

The benefits FAR outweigh any amount of scarring or pain (which I didn't think was bad at all so please do not let that put anyone off!) it is honestly the best thing I have ever done, just wish I'd done it sooner.

Oh yeah and another a single gal I have noticed I no longer attract Mummy's boys as much! Ha!

Westfacing Tue 07-Aug-18 17:42:31

Best thing I ever did, over 20 years ago, when I was 40.

I still pass the pencil test!

MyFavouritePlace Tue 07-Aug-18 17:56:01

Is it too old to do one in your early 50s. I'm 30G but my frame is quite small. I'm terrified of the pain and scarring. I don't think my skin heals well as I've 2 c-sections, the last one 10 years ago, and I still suffer the occasional twinge in that area.

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