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Nail colour inspiration please!

(27 Posts)
Cheesymonster Sun 05-Aug-18 19:25:57

I'm getting gel nails for my holiday and for the first time am getting a gel pedicure also. But I have no idea what colour(s) to go for!

Shall I play it safe and have pale pink so the regrowth isn't so obvious (which drives me nuts til I can soak it off)? Or a bright colour as it's for holiday?

Am I supposed to get matching fingers and toes? Or would different colours look ok?

Can you post pics of your nails for inspiration please?

AlisonS13 Sun 05-Aug-18 19:35:30

I always go for a coral type of shade.
The regrowth on toes doesn't bother me as much as it did (mainly cos the eyes don't work as well as they did! )
I just find coral a happy colour and since I only use it on holiday - I catch a wee glimpse on my toes and I always smile 😁

Tiggytico Sun 05-Aug-18 19:59:41

Here's mine.... currently on holiday waiting for the mini disco to start!

Tiggytico Sun 05-Aug-18 20:02:24

Gosh!! Didn't realise I had cankles! Must be the heat!

Macarena1990 Sun 05-Aug-18 20:19:51

I normally play it safe with coral/brights in the summer, but fancied a change this time so went for a dark purple. Still looks summery, suits my fair skin and goes with everything!

Cheesymonster Sun 05-Aug-18 20:27:56

That's a great colour Tiggy!

Also wondering what would suit my v pale skin. I think a lot of brights look better with a tan sometimes.

AlisonS13 Sun 05-Aug-18 21:40:53

Love that colour Tiggy
Just remember "Chua Chua wah, Chua Chua wah!
Loved the mini disco songs. (Not really)

Polkapjs Sun 05-Aug-18 22:04:43

Lobster roll is ace by Shellac. I’m very pale too

Tiggytico Sun 05-Aug-18 22:12:16

Alison; we are chi chi wa veterans!

happymummy12345 Sun 05-Aug-18 22:20:10

I used to have acrylics but my wonderful nail lady has since helped me grow my own nails instead.
Personally I don't like bright colours and always go for more pastel shades with glitter or foils.

Polkapjs Sun 05-Aug-18 22:21:43

I know that song! But from Germany so only in German! Is it a big holiday song?

MrsLucas Sun 05-Aug-18 23:56:51

Think it's Spanish? Once spent a torentially wet Easter weekend near Cadiz with a couple of hundred seriously pissed off Spaniards - this was the only thing that cheered them up - they all joined in, climbed on chairs etc.

DryHen Mon 06-Aug-18 07:37:26

I've found with some pink gels that they change colour to a more coral/ peach tone after a day or two in the sunshine.

Tiggytico Mon 06-Aug-18 08:53:25

Can't beat a bit of chi chi wa!! 😂

AlisonS13 Mon 06-Aug-18 21:41:05

Love it 😁

Kokoloco Tue 07-Aug-18 07:06:32

I sully go for a bright pinky red like rimmel red ginger on my toes and something paler or more neutral on my fingers but this year I may go for a pale wash of shimmery pale gold on my toes for a change. Doesn't show up so much if it gets knocked. I next do some pretty good nai polish i have found, with good staying power.

0hCrepe Tue 07-Aug-18 07:13:44

I’ve gone for a pearly pale pink on my fingernails which I’ve been pleased with and haven’t got bored of and a very bright pink on toes for the fun holiday bit!

beautynail Tue 07-Aug-18 10:38:19

where2now Tue 07-Aug-18 14:05:56

I'm also wandering the same, I'm Asian but I have tanned so so much already in the London heatwave before I even go on holiday. Wandering what did Laura would look good on very tanned skin?

OhMyGodTheyKilledKenny Tue 07-Aug-18 14:08:38

I only do my toe nails and they are currently very similar to Tiggy's . Look great with a tan!

DoveGreylove Tue 07-Aug-18 14:18:22

For the manicure I would recommend:
CND Shellac "Romantique" is such a lovely colour to have on holiday as it's a very very pale pink and regrowth isn't very noticeable smile

Or OPI Gel nail polish is also beautiful in the colour "Bubble Bath".

Then for toes go with something bright grin

Cheesymonster Tue 07-Aug-18 18:49:21

Ah yes I was looking at bubble bath, very nice (pic from Pinterest, not my nails!)

Am leaning towards bright colours and then get them redone in a pale nude when I go back to work.

JDSTER Tue 07-Aug-18 19:18:06

I like tropix by shellac for toes. It’s a coral/pinky colour. Similar to lobster roll, as above, but a bit more coral and I think it suits my relatively pale skin.

Cheesymonster Sat 11-Aug-18 07:51:44

This is what I went for

Cheesymonster Sat 11-Aug-18 07:52:24


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