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Would you dupe Aldi for Jo Malone?

(17 Posts)
LanguidLobster Fri 03-Aug-18 12:57:30

Someone on chat mentioned xmas (yikes@!) and I remembered beauty advents and had a google.

Apparently Aldi are doing their first this year, with their Jo Malone dupes.

Would you buy it?

TakeAChanseyOnMe Fri 03-Aug-18 13:01:08

Their jo malone dupes are lovely scents - I haven’t owned a “real” one so can’t compare.

The “naice” restaurant I had my wedding meal in uses the Aldi ones. grin

LanguidLobster Fri 03-Aug-18 13:06:34

hmm, I wondered what the Aldi ones were like - I'll snatch up a scent next time I'm near one!

do they do quite a lemony, fresh one?

Sparkletastic Fri 03-Aug-18 13:14:14

Lime and Basil dupe is gorgeous. As is the Peony and the BlackBerry and Bay. I'm a candle ponce but I really rate them for everyday use.

CurlsLDN Fri 03-Aug-18 17:30:09

I don't get the hype about them. I'm not a candle snob, and currently have some on the go from h&m.
I have owned a number of Jo Malone ones as I got them as gifts from work. Each time I'm in aldi for my weekly shop I give theirs a sniff and they smell nothing like them! Completely different scents, and to my nose much more synthetic smelling.
Not to say they're not ok for the price, but to me the only way they are dupes is knock off packaging. If im shopping for cheap scented candles I think there are much nicer ones, albeit not in JM style packaging!

CurlsLDN Fri 03-Aug-18 17:32:11

Sorry op, I've gone off on a rant there and not actually answered your question!

No, I wouldn't buy the Aldi one as I personally don't like the scents, and think I could get ones I prefer for a similar price elsewhere. I certainly wouldn't buy it under the illusion it was anything like Jo Malone!

MsSquiz Fri 03-Aug-18 17:45:12

I have both Jo Malone and Aldi pomegranate noir candles and I love them both. I haven't tried the Aldi perfume yet mainly because I don't shop there and don't have one near to me.

For the advent calendar, I decided against the Jo Malone one last year as there are scents that I wouldn't necessarily wear so it's a lot of money to spend. I may be tempted by the Aldi version as it would be significantly cheaper

roses2 Sat 04-Aug-18 10:22:13

The Aldi perfume is an eau du toilette not eau du parfum.

I bought the reed diffuser but wasn't particularly impressed. The scent lasted a few days only.

RoseTheHatt Sat 11-Aug-18 20:15:18

I adore the Lime Mandarin and Basil hand/body wash and the moisturiser.

I used to use JM but Aldi is sooooo much cheaper. I suspect if smelled side by side the Aldi one would be slightly lime-ier but it’s lovely.

LadyMonicaBaddingham Sat 11-Aug-18 20:21:50

I had a Card Factory Pomegranate candle from a child at school and it was gorgeous. I literally can't understand candle snobbery; either y like it or you don't, surely?

Sallystyle Sat 11-Aug-18 21:21:50

The dupe candles smell nice but the throw is useless. Can barely smell a thing.

Mind you Jo Malone's candles aren't half as strong these days either.

Fabricwitch Sat 11-Aug-18 21:39:08

I'd certainly give it a go.
I have Jo Malone Wild Bluebell perfume and it smells so nice, but only lasts on my skin about 5 minutes, so have not bought anything Jo Malone since!!
They have the Aldi dupes in a not posh cafe I go to a lot, and I did pick one up to smell but couldn't really get any scent off it. I've only been in Aldi once since I heard about them and all the had was the body lotions which I wasn't going to risk with sensitive skin.
Penny's (Primark) also do some dupes in the perfumes. I have one (basil and manderin I think), which smells pretty similar to the Jo Malone one and lasts about the same length too...

ButtonMoonLoon Sat 11-Aug-18 21:46:28

I replaced my Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir perfume with the Aldi one and I honestly can’t tell the difference in the scent.
However, the Aldi one lasts LOADS longer-I find that JL wears off after a few hours nowadays whereas it used to last far longer when I first started using it.

MandalaYogaTapestry Sun 12-Aug-18 00:09:15

I love JM's wood sage and sea salt candle. Aldi's with the same name is nothing like that.

Shylo Sun 12-Aug-18 00:14:39

IMHO they smell like what they are - a cheaper knock off version of the real thing. They are good value for what they but the scents lack the depth of the JM versions ..... the diffusers last nowhere near as long, nor does the scent carry as far round the house

justaweeone Sun 12-Aug-18 10:50:41

EdWinchester Sun 12-Aug-18 11:01:37

I have got the Lime Basil fake reed diffuser in the ds loo and it smells lovely.

Only good in a very small space imo.

The candles are very unsatisfactory, but look relatively stylish. They are so cheap you can burn them for hours and not care. (I am parsimonious with burning times for posh candles - 2 hour max)

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