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Has anyone got very thick earlobes? Which causes problems with earrings?

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newfunahead Wed 18-Jul-18 22:37:40

My daughter has had her ears pierced 3 times now and they have never healed properly! I was told to get it done with a needle which I have done! And we used body bars instead of earrings and they seemed ok! We have now put earrings in and the holes have gone bad again and I'm pretty sure it's because the ear lobes are too thick for normal earrings!

I've just cleaned them and they are bleeding a lot sadsad has anyone else had this? Should I take the earrings out and put the bars back in? She's going to cry coz it's going to hurt!

Has anyone else had this?

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elephantoverthehill Wed 18-Jul-18 22:41:50

Have you considered it might be an allergic reaction? Not everyone can have pierced ears. How old is your Dd? If she is going to cry a lot, why would you put her through this? confused

newfunahead Wed 18-Jul-18 22:51:20

I thought maybe it was an allergic reaction when her ears were pierced before but now I'm thinking it's because her loves are thick! My dd is desperate to have pierced ears and considering this Is the third time we have had them pierced I don't want to have to take them out again if I don't have to as she would be very upset

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BeeFarseer Wed 18-Jul-18 22:53:29

I have thick earlobes and can't wear the hoop closing kind of earrings, or some studs unless the posts are long. I've also never had bleeding from too-small earrings, only from reactions to the jewellery.

I've had a lot of piercings too.

How old is your daughter? How new are the piercings? If she's had them done three times in the same place on the ear, that's a lot of trauma to the tissue. The healing time is likely to be longer each time, so if you've changed them after 6 weeks it's probably too soon.

What metal are the earrings made from? You need titanium.

You'd be better off going to a piercers for proper aftercare advice, but depending on how old your daughter is, I'd take them out altogether and let them heal over. If she's an older teenager it's still your call but maybe try changing to titanium bars and leave them - leave them! - for at least three months. Clean ONLY with sterile saline. You can make it yourself with boiled water left to cool, and add enough salt so it tastes like tears.

Alabasterangel6 Wed 18-Jul-18 23:01:07

I’ve had ear piercings recently and the help on here was brilliant.

They take way way longer to heal than you think - 3-6 months is usual, not the 6 weeks they spout at Claire’s. As pp have said, you should be getting a titanium labret not a standard earring. The back is flat and the front screws on and they stay in for months until healed. Months!! I’m allergic to just about every metal going but the titanium labrets haven’t irritated me once.

Bleeding says they are our too early and need to be left with the with titaniums in place

kikashi Thu 19-Jul-18 12:30:15

Yep - just coming on to say titanium as well. I have thick lobes I had them pierced with a needle in the days before guns and the jeweller said he had never seen such thick lobes. My right ear took about a year to heal and now 46 years on it still crusts over sometimes! I can only wear titanium and silver in them - not base metals or weirdly even gold for any length of time.

My youngest DD has also had this problem with one ear and has given up now and just let it close over. No amount of turning earrings, using aftercare solutions etc seemed to work.

Ahoora Wed 15-Jan-20 19:26:59

Why don't you try silicon stoppers instead of regular earring backs?
They let you adjust the tightness of her earrings.
Here's a link to them.

I'd also mention that bleeding, crusty ears or itchy ears are the sign of allergies.
I'd recommend you read these.

LuckySarah Fri 07-Feb-20 19:03:00

Hey, if you need earrings with long posts for thick earlobes, you should check out this site... They do only that:

NowWhatUsernameShallIHave Sat 08-Feb-20 03:12:32

Titanium posts
And definitely give 6 months to heal
Make a saline solution with sea salt water and douse both sides daily and then dab with a good quality tea tree oil
Otherwise don’t touch or turn jewellery

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