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MN Vogue Vol 83

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DryWhiteagainW Sat 07-Jul-18 21:40:35

It’s swealtering but we’re not sweaty......still trying to look chic in the heat. Join us for frivolous, friendly fashion chat and holiday prep. Following on from here

DryWhiteagainW Sat 07-Jul-18 21:45:08


DryWhiteagainW Sat 07-Jul-18 21:45:47

And then I remembered that I was having a blood test this morning shock

DryWhiteagainW Sat 07-Jul-18 21:47:48

And a very happy birthday Mara

OneNightTimeMenaceStrikesBack Sat 07-Jul-18 22:00:36

just marking my place. it's still so so hot here, really struggling in the humidity still so haven't been posting much but i'm lurking as always!

shopafrolic Sat 07-Jul-18 22:30:59

Thanks Dry
Such a good day. Sunshine, friends back from a month in sicily with tans and lots of chat. Happy days.
Back tomorrow xo

Fairylolly Sun 08-Jul-18 02:37:42

Very happy with these two sales purchases:

Pink heels

GR boots

DryWhiteagainW Sun 08-Jul-18 07:21:05

Great buys Fairy, especially love the stunning boots

Everyonelovessparkles Sun 08-Jul-18 07:37:15

Thanks for the new thread dry. Shame about the red dress.

Lovely shoes fairy, the pink jimmy choos are fab!

I look forward to seeing the Rixo dresses mara. Shame about the N&T one as I thought that was really pretty.

Sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather one. This heat is exhausting.

Had a day of summer fairs yesterday, think we might be heading to the coast today if we can be bothered....

OneNightTimeMenaceStrikesBack Sun 08-Jul-18 09:47:25

it is exhausting everyone honestly, i think it's because i have health issues anyway and they are being aggravated by the humidity. Of course, I don't begrudge anyone out enjoying the good weather, I wish i could be enjoying it in the same way, just my body won't let me!

Stokey Sun 08-Jul-18 10:02:24

Morning all and thanks for the shiny new thread, Dry

Great purchases Fairy

You inspired me to have a browse & have ended up buying some Stella sandals. Bit of a steep price point for me but I'm hoping they'll be the black daytime sandals I've been after.

It's going to be the jinx that starts the rain, isn't it?

libertyonhertravels Sun 08-Jul-18 10:31:21

They are great sandals Stokey. Very versatile and very you.

Fairy those boots are gorgeous and the Choo's look very wearable.

Thanks for the new thread Dry.

I've been shopping too - Juliette Hogan shirt and these velveteen jeggings in dark moss which I love so much I'm already thinking I'll get a second pair as long as they wash ok.

One I'm not a fan of humidity either so you have my sympathy - London is particularly difficult in the heat I think.

Happy Birthday Mara cake cake cake

Shop I do remember the crazy sunnies day with you and Sleep. Was so much fun.

shopafrolic Sun 08-Jul-18 12:23:39

Stokey I LOVE those sandals for you. So good. I hope they are perfect.
Lib it was fun wasn't it? I keep looking at your links whilst in my bikini and forgetting you are in a different climate. Nice leggings.
DH and I did a private yoga class outside at home this morning - was so nice to do something together. Felling very smile

shopafrolic Sun 08-Jul-18 12:23:50


MarshaBradyo Sun 08-Jul-18 12:58:20

Thanks Dry flowers

Love all the links Lib, Stokey and Fairy, love some good sales buys

I don’t suppose anyone knows a nice place to buy linen napkins and table cloths? Can’t see much on the Liberty site hmm need some lovely stuff for my summer entertaining outside grin

QueenCyan Sun 08-Jul-18 13:52:27

Hello all! Where has the week gone? Can’t believe I haven’t posted all week but I do love a shiny new thread!

I’ve been doing some buying and returning as I didn’t really have enough things work appropriate in this heat. Although saying that what I have bought isn’t work appropriate either grin.

QueenCyan Sun 08-Jul-18 13:54:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

QueenCyan Sun 08-Jul-18 13:58:19

Loved this but returned it as sadly sat on my waist in the wrong place

QueenCyan Sun 08-Jul-18 14:00:09

Bought this from JL. Sent dh a photo and he loved it and made me buy it. Haven’t yet tried with nude underwear so need to check as black totally showed through.

QueenCyan Sun 08-Jul-18 14:01:47

loved this but felt like a witch in it!

Have also bought more silver saltwaters as my old ones are very worn down. New ones are so much for comfortable!

QueenCyan Sun 08-Jul-18 14:04:45

lib love the trousers, can I come and stroke you? And stokey love the sandals.

FedupNagging Sun 08-Jul-18 21:26:54

Ooo lovely new thread, thanks Dry

We landed in time for the match yesterday then a party then another do this afternoon so I feel like I need another holiday! Most worn outfit was this Hush dress with silver gigi's and minimal silver jewellery.

Can I also recommend Nyx - not a brand I've used thus far but hurriedly purchased for the holiday this in sparkle nude - brilliant! Glides on, stays on and looks great with a tan.

Stokey I love your SM sandals and so perfect for you.

Lib nice shirt - lots of lovely things on that website; reminds me a little of Jigsaw.

Queen that is a perfect holiday dress and lovely colours.

We had a quick look in some shops but the only purchase was this knit from Mango

I had armfuls of tops & knits in Massimo dutti but despite there being 5 members of staff, (one serving but that involved lots of returns etc) the other 4 were wafting about and chatting so after 5 minutes with no acknowledgement never mind the possibility of being served, I left. (Just to be clear, I did put the items back, not actually left with them grin )

Belated happy birthday Mara wine

shopafrolic Sun 08-Jul-18 21:28:28

Nice links QueenC
I saw a black Hush dress but then realised I really don’t need anything else.
Right Voguettes. I am pre holiday stress down. I leave 3am ish on Friday. Have so much to do. Tell me your pre holiday body / face and hair tips please. My hair is like straw since having highlights - i’m Struggling to get it into good condition and am worried as the sun is breaking it......

QueenCyan Sun 08-Jul-18 21:39:37

shop I have no hair advice really but there must be some sort of deep conditioning treatment you can use? Or maybe put something on it before going in the sun/pool. Pretty sure the m&s summer beauty box had hair stuff. If we’d had more time I coukd have sent it on. I book a pedicure and eyebrows to be done before holiday and usually eyelas tint but my eyes have been so sensitive lately I’m a bit scared to do it. Other than that I don’t do anything special.

QueenCyan Sun 08-Jul-18 21:43:28

Think it was this shop.

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