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Help me find an outfit - breastfeeding friendly

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Smarshian Mon 25-Jun-18 07:33:41

I'm attending a wedding with my DH and newborn ds this weekend (he will be 2 weeks) and desperately need help finding an outfit.

I'm happy with dress/playsiit/skirt and top combo but it needs to be breastfeeding friendly and cover the top of breast while feeding. I have a large bust and would feel very exposed in just a wrap style or v neck that you pull down - especially as he has been cluster feeding in the evening so I may be feeding for long periods of time.

I am currently around a size 14, my bump has pretty much gone down now just a bit wobbly all over!

Please please help me!
Thanks in advance

Angie169 Mon 25-Jun-18 07:51:19

I cant help with the right thing to wear as I haven't been in that situation , but could you express some just before the service and bottle feed him ?

Mokepon Mon 25-Jun-18 07:54:03

Try ASOS, lots of reasonably priced maternity stuff. I had a dress that had a thinlayer underneath and a wrap on top which you sort of pulled to the side so kept you covered up.

HeyMicky Mon 25-Jun-18 07:57:39

I would look at a high waisted full midi skirt and a boxy vest top.

Skirt will hide a lot of tummy and you can pull the vest up to feed; wide straps will accommodate bra straps. You could wear a little cami underneath as well if you wanted for even more coverage without being too hot.

AlecOrAlonzo Mon 25-Jun-18 07:59:57

Have a look on Scarlett and Jo. There's loads of gorgeous, FB friendly outfits.

If you are on FB join Can I Breastfeed In It? Which is a brilliant group where women share all sorts of bf friendly outfits. They have a selling group too.

SprinkleOfInsanity Mon 25-Jun-18 08:02:24

Tiffany Rose has lots of beautiful nursing dresses

FusionChefGeoff Mon 25-Jun-18 08:10:36

Definitely the skirt / double top combo - so one top gets pulled up whilst the underneath vest gets pulled down - cheap ones are good so they are easy to stretch down. That leaves a small window for boob to poke out but leaves everything else covered.

Probably quite a jazzy skirt with black top half or are you prone to leaks??

FusionChefGeoff Mon 25-Jun-18 08:12:49

Skirt like this??

FusionChefGeoff Mon 25-Jun-18 08:14:17

Floaty top easy to lift up and good coverage

PeachesandPie Mon 25-Jun-18 08:15:04

Second the can I breastfeed in it Facebook group, always great ideas on there. Also websites like silkfred have a section on there of bf friendly clothes.

koalab Mon 25-Jun-18 08:15:37

Join the can I breastfeed in it Facebook group. There will be loads of ideas on there.

FusionChefGeoff Mon 25-Jun-18 08:16:17

Or this top - I wore these on a work trip to somewhere very hot and they are super flattering, very easy to wear and nice and light so you won't melt with an extra layer underneath

Lindtnotlint Mon 25-Jun-18 08:25:25

Very flattering and totally discreet to nurse in.

agatha45 Mon 25-Jun-18 08:55:49

What about this combination: (Navy top, Cornflower Skirt)

or this dress (with light vest inside)

I've worn similar to events while breastfeeding.
Hope you have a lovely time!

AnnaJahvs Mon 25-Jun-18 20:51:01

I do not know if someone has already posted this but I purchased this for my brothers confirmation and it was perfect!
Extremely easy to BF in, perfect for the heatwave and I felt dressed up for once!

Catscatsandmorecats Mon 25-Jun-18 20:51:43

Try - I got a lovely dress which is nursing friendly, covering the top of the boob too, for a wedding a couple of weeks ago. I ordered four or five so I could try them all on and choose my favourite, returns were easy for the ones I didn't choose. What I find most difficult about finding nursing friendly clothes is that it's very hard to physically go shopping for them and see what they are like so ordering loads and returning worked well for me.

Good luck and enjoy the wedding - and congratulations on your new DS

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