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Am I am hourglass or a pear?

(85 Posts)
Gammeldragz Sat 23-Jun-18 20:06:56

I really can't tell and it's driving me mad. I've always thought I was hourglass shaped, but my thighs and hips are pretty big so maybe I'm a pear. I also can't work out if the widest part below my waist is my thighs or hips (Never entirely sure where one ends!). Please can I draw on the hive mind of mumsnet to finally get an answer?

I've lost weight and need new clothes but I hate clothes shopping and am not very good at it so I thought shopping for styles based on body shape would help...

TantricTwist Sat 23-Jun-18 20:19:54

A pear would have no waist so you're an hourglass

goose1964 Sat 23-Jun-18 20:21:18

I'd say somewhere between the two, your waist isn't defined enough for hour glass but you are well balanced top and bottom. It's a great shape

Gammeldragz Sat 23-Jun-18 20:22:44

tantric see, a lot of sites I've read said pears have a tiny waist?
goose yeah that's my conundrum... And thanks.

Candyflip Sat 23-Jun-18 20:23:02

I think you are a pear.

LoniceraJaponica Sat 23-Jun-18 20:25:47

Not true Tantric.
I am most definitely a pear, and have a 12" difference between my waist and hips.

WallisFrizz Sat 23-Jun-18 20:26:43

Tantric, I think you’re getting confused with apple shapes re having no waist. I am a pear, I have a lovely small waist, wide hips/big bum/thighs and medium sized boobs. OP I think you may be a pear like me.

Hour glass tend to have the small waist and equal sized hips and boobs. V lucky people.

WallisFrizz Sat 23-Jun-18 20:28:13

Actually second look your hips and chest look pretty equal...could be hourglass.

NoelHeadbands Sat 23-Jun-18 20:28:51

I don't think you're either one tbh.

If we were talking non-kitchen based shapes, I'd say you were a rectangle. Which sounds like I'm throwing you shade grin but I'm not, I think you have a lovely figure

Gammeldragz Sat 23-Jun-18 20:31:04

By measurement, my bust and hips are 38" and my waist is 31" but the widest part at the top of my thighs (lower hips?) is 41.5".

Gammeldragz Sat 23-Jun-18 20:32:55

noel I looked up rectangle but apparently I'm too curvy for that!
Then I looked at the Trinny and Susannah shapes and now I'm even more confused...

SheerKhan Sat 23-Jun-18 20:34:01

A pear is a small, weaker upper body with chunky thighs and a wide hip. An hourglass is well balanced and in proportion.
So I would suddenly say you are more an hourglass but it would be more defined if you were more toned.

PrettyWisdomous Sat 23-Jun-18 20:35:17

I'd say hourglass, you have a lovely figure.

AQuickWeeNameChange Sat 23-Jun-18 20:39:27

I'm not sure. Hourglass on top and pear on bottom? Whatever it is, you've got a lovely figure!

CherryBlossom23 Sat 23-Jun-18 20:39:52

You look like me! Except my waist is a tiny bit more defined when I cut down eating crap. I don't consider myself an hourglass (boobs aren't big enough), so maybe pear... well done on the weight loss, you look great!

Gammeldragz Sat 23-Jun-18 20:41:39

sheerkhan yes may be easier to tell once I've lost the last stone and toned up, but apparently it doesn't change your body shape. It's a minefield. Perhaps it's all bollocks but I was hoping for a shortcut to finding a new look/style. Also never been able to tell my colour season either!

Gammeldragz Sat 23-Jun-18 20:42:59

Oh and thanks for the compliments, I'm nearly 50lbs down and trying to get used to not hating the way clothes look on me (the few I have left that fit anyway!).

Gammeldragz Sat 23-Jun-18 20:46:26

cherry I'm hoping to see a few more inches off my waist, boobs (well, bra) are currently 34Dd so I'd say medium though they look small without a bra due to loss of elasticity (years of breastfeeding plus weight loss!).
I'm quite happy with pear, I like wide leg trousers!

Ellieboolou27 Sat 23-Jun-18 20:46:31

Pear - we’ll done on losing 50lbs, that’s amazing

holycityzoo Sat 23-Jun-18 20:51:13

I haven't got a clue but well done on your weight loss.
You look banginggrin

areyoubeingserviced Sat 23-Jun-18 20:53:48

I would say pear.
Btw you look great

Potato2242 Sat 23-Jun-18 20:57:18

Pear and your thighs are the widest gap

CherryBlossom23 Sat 23-Jun-18 20:57:46

I spend most of my late teens/early twenties very self-conscious about my "wide" (compared to my narrow shoulders/above waist area) hips and thighs... only starting to appreciate them now in late 20s.. if only I could convince myself to go to the gym more often to tone them up! grin

Gammeldragz Sat 23-Jun-18 20:57:48

Thanks. I'm still getting used to not being overweight, it's been 6 years since I was this slim and even that was for about a month before I gave up and put loads back on! Not this time, still going and I will get back into my goal jeans (bought at age 21, 6 weeks after birth of DC1!).

TheDowagerCuntess Sat 23-Jun-18 20:58:16

Pears definitely have a waist, and it's noticeably smaller than their hips and thighs. Hence the description 'pear'.

I'd say you're probably more of a pear - you look great!

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