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How do you look "polished"?

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happytobemrsg Thu 21-Jun-18 20:28:28

I was at a toddler playgroup this morning & saw a couple of mums looking so polished & put together. They looked so classy yet they were just wearing jeans, a plain T & sandals, minimal jewellery. Tbf they both had lovely tans as if they had just returned from holiday.

What is the trick to looking so polished? Do you have to spend a fortune? Do you spend money on certain items? What's the secret????

BillywigSting Thu 21-Jun-18 20:31:29

Healthy hair in a colour and cut that suits you, healthy nails, clear skin, nice teeth, well made and well kept clothes that fit well and are comfortable and clean.

Clothes that really fit well I think is the big one though. The difference between a well fitting and a poorly fitting pair of jeans or t-shirt is enormous

Skydiving Thu 21-Jun-18 20:33:51

I always think nice nails.
I don’t like to have artificial ones on however and struggle to keep my natural nails polished.

JessiCake Thu 21-Jun-18 20:35:06

It's all about well-behaved hair, imvho.

I can look glamorous. I can, with a LOT of effort, look quite pretty, and sexy even.

I cannot look 'polished' for the life of me. It's my hair. It's neither curly nor straight, just kind of wavy-ish, very very thick and loads of it. It doesn't suit me if I wear it down; it doesn't suit me short (looks like a loo brush). So I have to wear it messily clipped-up ALL THE FUCKING TIME. If I straighten it, it goes limp and makes me look haggard. If I rough-dry it, it looks like I've stuck mmy finger in a socket.

If I pay £30 to get an amazing bouncy blow-dry, it looks quite glam.

It still doesn't look polished.

My style is quite preppy, I'm tall and slim, so the only real thing that destroys ANY ability to look polished is my blooming hair.

I've given up fighting it now tbh.

When I see a pic of eg Carole Middleton, I realise why I will never look polished (say what you llike about their slightly safe style but the Middletons and Carole in particular never look anything other than polished). It's her HAIR: straight and sleek by nature, and well-cut obviously, but just manageable and 'neat' in a way mine has never been.

Natural-looking tan helps. (I'm ghostly pale).

But yeah. Mostly about hair.

Skydiving Thu 21-Jun-18 20:35:07

Not those tacky long acrylic sparkly things though. I just mean like shortish maybe gel extensions in one colour with a nice oval shape. Looks gorgeous but I think difficult to maintain on natural nails

mimibunz Thu 21-Jun-18 20:39:09

Grooming is key. And a simple, elegant style. As others have written, a great haircut and colour, nice nails. Simple jewellery. No track suits. Understated is the key to elegance.

venetian25 Thu 21-Jun-18 20:39:49

Yes I agree its definitely all about the hair.

Sounds like I'm in the same hair camp as @JessiCake - it can look nice with some effort but never polished!

Stansmith01 Thu 21-Jun-18 20:41:17

Good skin and good hair... I have neither of which angry

BlancheM Thu 21-Jun-18 20:41:31

You just described it pretty much. Polished goes hand in hand with chic- nothing too ostentatious, nice and simple but every item should ideally fit well and be as good quality as you can afford or find (bargains can be good if you shop well).
Good eyebrows. Clean shiny hair. Good nails.

LuxuryWoman2017 Thu 21-Jun-18 20:42:49

I think as well as hair and nails, posture is important. How you carry yourself

JessiCake Thu 21-Jun-18 20:43:38

Hello venetian grin

The most polished mum at our school gates by far has the exact type of hair that I'm talking about. Straight, sleek, easy to work with, styled in a long-ish bob that would make me look like a depressed poodle.

She has great clothes too in an elegant-but-fun style, but honestly her clothes are no better than mine!!

She looks fabulous.


thunderbirdthree Thu 21-Jun-18 20:43:48

Well-fitting clothes. Nothing tight; tight clothes look cheap.

Minimal make up. Light tan. Groomed brows which are not slug-like.

Well-maintained, nicely cut hair. Or a good messy bun.

Clean, simple jewellery.

Decent shoes.

Short, natural nails.

A warm smile and good posture.

NotTakenUsername Thu 21-Jun-18 20:44:02

Everything minimal. Less is always more. Tan - light not orange. Nails - short French not bling bling.

I maintain a woman can look polished using George or Matalan with a bit of time, thought, effort and restraint!

(I have none of these things!!)

LapsedHumanist Fri 22-Jun-18 04:34:50

Try Rahua shampoo and conditioner pus finishing treatment Jessicake.

I have hair like yours and whilst I think I look my best a bit mussed up, when I need to look polished I use the Rahua stuff. Looks blow dried when air dried.

You coukd also try CWC as a technique, makes a big difference.

LapsedHumanist Fri 22-Jun-18 04:35:20

Plus not pus!

Pus finishing treatment, bleurgh

Booie09 Fri 22-Jun-18 04:47:52

Less us defiantly more, good hair, nice tan and nails...not got any of those.

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 22-Jun-18 06:51:06

I suspect being natural is key. I saw a young woman in Aldi, immaculately put together with perfectly applied make up but too much of it & her hair was dyed black which was too harsh for her skin tone so she looked a bit trashy.

Less makeup and natural hair she would’ve looked gorgeous.

When I was in Salcombe last year the women who looked best had the natural well conditioned hair and perfect light tans, it was all enhanced but not over done, so lvl lashes as opposed to full on lash extensions.

Loonoon Fri 22-Jun-18 09:00:38

Nails, blow dry, defined eyebrows and a very light base to even skin tone, tiny subtle amount of highlight powder on cheekbones all finished off with NYX dewy fixing spray.

ProjectGainsborough Fri 22-Jun-18 09:02:41

Keratin treatment. I have the most annoying hair know to man but this gives me three months of normal person hair.

Curls can and frequently do look polished. Just not on me sad

FriendlyOcelot Fri 22-Jun-18 09:22:59

Good cut and highlights
Light tan
Well cut clothes
An expensive handbag and good quality shoes
Pearl or subtle studs, a statement bracelet or bangle
Subtle make up

FriendlyOcelot Fri 22-Jun-18 09:26:30

I’d rather pay £150 for a second hand mulberry in good nick off eBay than a so-so bag from Rebecca Minkoff for example.

Shoes must always be leather or suede.

Jewellery silver or gold or plated ok but get it cleaned.

Good skin - get a skincare routine on the go and drink lots of water.

A toned slim figure helps but is not essential.

AhHere Fri 22-Jun-18 09:28:09

Can you do a keratin treatment at home or is it a salon only thing?

ProjectGainsborough Fri 22-Jun-18 09:34:03

You can buy it on Amazon for about £30. It’s a faff and you need to sit VERY close to an open window as it’s quite chemically smelling. But it’s worth it to save about £170 of the £200 my local salon charges!

elQuintoConyo Fri 22-Jun-18 09:37:15

So pale large tattooed ladies with Rebecca Minkoff* handbags don't look polished?

This is not 'polished' this is how to look rich!

Clothes that fit, looking clean (washed hair, un-chipped nails, ironed clothes) and a smile are what to me look polished.

But then, i'd be quite happy to look like Lagertha from Vikings - especially her hair <swoon>

* i shall now google the Minkoff woman.

Confusssed Fri 22-Jun-18 09:57:23

It's all down to grooming. Grooming is all.

Always be clean & fresh
Neat nails (absolutely zero nail art)
Flattering hair cut + colour
Clear complexion
White teeth
Good perfume every day
Simple, well fitting clothes in neutral colours
One real quality handbag Vs. several cheapy ones
Always make eye contact + smile

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