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Repeating style mistakes

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dingodollarman Thu 21-Jun-18 12:52:50

What style mistakes do you keep making? Mine are buying cheap (non leather shoes) which look cheap and make my feet sweat (I never learn!!) and buying cheap tops (they just look, cheap!). Again, I never learn! What are yours?

thefirstmrsdewinter Thu 21-Jun-18 14:26:40

OP your post reminded me of when I told my mum I wanted a pair of (cheap) shoes but I was hesitating because I already had '100 pairs' of plastic shoes at home and they're always uncomfortable. Her reply was 'Do you think the 101st pair will be different?' Point taken, I no longer buy cheap/plastic shoes.

My repeated mistake is to get very full on about a particular item and buy it in loads of colours before I discover its fatal flaw. I've done this with clogs, a particular style of shorts, trousers and dresses. I'm ashamed to say the last time I repeat-bought trousers I actually bought two pairs of two colours. blush

Items like trousers are difficult to get right so I always fear I'll regret getting just the one pair, and sometimes it does work out. I bought two of the perfect pair of skinny jeans and have worn them to bits. It's just too hard to predict which items are useful in multiples and which are redundant. And of course if you have multiples of everything it's almost impossible to wear them all before they go out of style.

dingodollarman Sat 23-Jun-18 13:28:30

Haha love this mrsfirst - will try and bear in mind when purchasing things whether the 101st item of something will solve my problems!!!

HildaZelda Sat 23-Jun-18 15:25:34

I've finally copped onto myself and admitted defeat as regards the colour mustard. I've had to admit that while I love it, sadly that love is unrequited and mustard definitely does not feel the same way as me. In fact it does me no favours at all. I MAY get away with it on my bottom half, but on my top half it's a definite no-no.

dingodollarman Sat 23-Jun-18 16:25:38

Haha hilda I love baby pink and khaki...neither do anything for me! Doesn't stop me but I should really know by now!

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