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Do you use a changing bag plus handbag or just changing bag?

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NameChangeCuddleBums Thu 21-Jun-18 02:49:39

When using a changing bag do you use a separate handbag?

My baby is 8 weeks old and already I would love a handbag despite having a changing bag I like. Just wondering what others do.

Thanks for reading.

LM1970 Thu 21-Jun-18 02:56:59

Both if on a day out. Can’t be arsed getting baby puke/poo on my phone and keys or purse (bitter experience, in front of a client from work!)

ReturnofSaturn Thu 21-Jun-18 02:58:54

I just use a regular medium-large sized handbag with a long strap so it can go over the pram.
Easily fits in my wallet phone etc plus couple nappies, wipes, bottle, spare onesie

forgotpassword Thu 21-Jun-18 02:59:27

I always have both.

frasier Thu 21-Jun-18 03:02:18

Used both. Nappy bag which stayed on the buggy handlebars most of the time and an across body bag for my phone, keys, purse.

happymummy12345 Thu 21-Jun-18 03:37:11

Always both. Changing bag is for the baby. My bag was my own bag.

PalePinkSwan Thu 21-Jun-18 04:23:39

Across body bag for my phone, keys, money, tissues.

Changing bag for baby stuff (I use a normal backpack for that).

When you go to baby groups etc you won’t want to carry the changing bag around the room with you, but you also don’t want to leave your cash and everything at the buggy.

RememberToSmile1980 Thu 21-Jun-18 04:37:49

I have both. Over the body bag for my keys, purse and my own things. Changing bag with baby stuff. I hate only having the changing bag as sometimes I just leave this in the pram in the car and just replenish with nappies and spare clothes etc.

hiptobeasquare Thu 21-Jun-18 04:53:45

When I had one baby I used a Longchamp tote as my changing bag/handbag. Now I have two I used a changing bag backpack.

KingIrving Thu 21-Jun-18 05:03:19

Of course you need a hand bag.
A nappy is for nappies, soiled clothes, leaking bottles, plastic bag and later snack.
A nice handbag is there to reming you that you are a woman and not just a mom!

daisiesinherfootsteps Thu 21-Jun-18 06:05:15

At 8 weeks I had a separate handbag and changing bag.

By the playpark/soft play years I realised that the best solution is a small over body bag with valuables in and a rucksack for the rest. The rucksack gets abandoned in the corner and you need to be handsfree and able to climb equipment. I only use a proper hangbag on nights out or special occasions now.

PotteringAlong Thu 21-Jun-18 06:13:13

I’ve never used a changing bag, just a big handbag.

BendydickCuminsnatch Thu 21-Jun-18 06:18:06

One or the other. Change bag can be a handbag. Wipes and nappies; pouch with phone, keys, money; couple bottles; pouch with a few toys I’d nevessary; pouch with few snacks if necessary. Maybe a Sunday and sunscreen. Nice and organised, easy to find everything!

BendydickCuminsnatch Thu 21-Jun-18 06:18:34

Sunhat. Not Sunday.

Raines100 Thu 21-Jun-18 06:26:02

Big handbag only (except for my first baby, when we spent a fortune on a snazzy changing bag that I ditched after 3 months).

Clevs Thu 21-Jun-18 06:34:26

I have both.

SaltySeaBird Thu 21-Jun-18 06:40:40

By DC2 I had a nice backpack for when I was with my children and a leather one for when I am solo. I slip a slim clutch bag into either with my keys, phone, wallet.

The children’s bag has nappies, wipes, clothes, toys. My backpack takes my laptop, magazine, work stuff, on the go make up bag. It’s very quick and easy to switch the clutch bag between them, or take it out if I only need minimal stuff.

Iceweasel Thu 21-Jun-18 06:41:41

Neither, small backpack only. Didn't need bottles though as I was breastfeeding. So just a jumpsuit, couple of nappies, couple of nappy bags, and baby wipes. Purse, phone and keys. Couldn't imagine juggling two bags and a baby.

Iceweasel Thu 21-Jun-18 07:16:54

A nice handbag is there to reming you that you are a woman and not just a mom!
I have never used a handbag, only a cotton across body bag or a backpack. I am still a woman.

catinasplashofsunshine Thu 21-Jun-18 07:22:32

Kim that's insane! I never owned a handbag before I had dc1 at the age of 30! This did not cause me to forget I was a woman with periods and breasts and so on, even when I was also not a mother confused

At baby groups I kept cash, and keys in my pockets, just as I did in other situations before having babies.

I definitely never took two bags about with me even when I was childminding 3 under 2.

INeedNewShoes Thu 21-Jun-18 07:29:27

I very quickly started using just one bag for everything. Either one of two: a nice looking changing rucksack (all the compartments are handy) for a day out, or a small bottle-holder bag that fits on the pushchair handle and I can just cram in one spare outfit, two nappies, small pack of wipes, water for both of us plus usual purse, phone, keys.

NameChangeCuddleBums Thu 21-Jun-18 08:09:48

Thanks so much for all the replies; it’s great to hear other people’s views.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a cross body bag? Pre baby I was carrying a small Cambridge Satchel Company bag in red/pink but fancy a change.

Thanks again.

Yokatsu Thu 21-Jun-18 09:02:32

Something like this in whatever worked at the time.

Eww who keeps soiled nappies in there bag!

PalePinkSwan Thu 21-Jun-18 09:14:54

@Yokatsu - if you use reusable nappies then you’d flush the dirty liner so the poo is gone, there’s just be wee on the nappy and you’d keep that in a sealed wet bag until you get home. No worse than keeping a wet babygrow in your bag.

Yokatsu Thu 21-Jun-18 09:17:34

Oh of course that makes sense my bad!!!! blush

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