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Help me look amazing - I have a month

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onemonthtoawesome Sun 17-Jun-18 19:43:45

It's my best friends' 40th next month. She's pretty glam and has one university aged child, I am much less glam and have primary school aged children. I'm grumpy and frumpy basically. My nails looks crap, my skin and hair are dry and my skincare routines are a bit patchy. I haven't seen a lot of our mutual friends since we were all young and fab and I want to give the vague impression that I've not changed much blush

I'm going to restart 30 day shred to firm things up and really clean up my diet. I'm good with that kind of stuff but what do I do with my hair/face/nails? Should I get eyelash extensions? Do things with my eyebrows? Get gel nails? What can I do to make my skin look as good as it can with a month to spend?

Please help! smile

PhilODox Sun 17-Jun-18 19:47:32

Forget gel nails- spend that money on a top of the range moisturiser, and use morning and night. Cut all sugar out, drink two litres of water a day (no fizzy drinks or coffee or squash).
Go to bed early- spend a week making up for years of lost sleep- try being in bed by 9:30 each night.

PhilODox Sun 17-Jun-18 19:49:23

Do get a brow tidy (or do it yourself) but don't get anything radical! You only have four weeks to grow them back.
Don't go for eyelash extensions, really, just don't. She already knows what you look like!

Brendatheblender Sun 17-Jun-18 19:51:37

Can you get booked in for a good cut and colour?

Agree with PP, eat well, drink lots of water, good skincare and early nights.

I’m sure you will look fab whatever you do smile

Flaminglingos Sun 17-Jun-18 19:59:52

Wear what you feel comfortable in rather than a new outfit which could be uncomfortable.

Drink loads of water

Weekly face & hair masks

Good cut (and colour if affordable)

Eyebrow threading

makeupmaven Sun 17-Jun-18 20:00:51

I disagree with the other poster - I think if you get any treatment done, it should be eyelash extensions. I had them done a few times and, without fail, everyone would be like 'Oooh, you look so fresh and lovely, what's your secret??'. I'd get them every month if I could, but I do like my lashes to breathe in between.

Other than the eyelash extensions, I would recommend a good hair trim, sleep as much as you can, lots of moisturiser, drink lots of water and perhaps invest in a good gradual tanner (I like Bondi Sands Tanning Milk) for a bit of glow. Nails trimmed and neat, get a nice gel manicure if you fancy. If you dye your hair, make sure the roots are done - if not, don't bother getting it coloured for the sake of one event.

Hope you have fun! smile

Tentomidnight Sun 17-Jun-18 20:29:44

Get your brows done (shaped and tinted)
Haircut and colour, weekly deep conditioning treatment at home.
Gel nails a couple of days before.
Lots of water and sleep.
Gradual tanning mousturiser on arms and legs every other day.
And your secret weapon... a new bold lipstick to suit your colouring wink

halfwitpicker Mon 18-Jun-18 02:46:06

Low carb for a month.
No alcohol or caffeine.
Loads of veg, nuts, salmon, gallons of water.
Fake tan.
Manicure /pedi.

Candyflip Mon 18-Jun-18 02:51:49


feesh Mon 18-Jun-18 03:13:01

HD brows and LVL lashes (not extensions) will make you look naturally more groomed without it being obvious.

And I certainly wouldn’t spank loads of money on a moisturiser - that’s the one thing beauticians say to not spend loads of money on as a moisturiser is a moisturiser is a moisturiser. I’d spend the money on acids instead.

BangingOn Mon 18-Jun-18 07:30:42

OPI Nail Envy helps my nails but taking Silica supplement has really transformed them. Now I just lightly buff and they look fab.

Definitely a hair cut and make sure no visible roots, a blow dry the day of the party will make you feel good.

onemonthtoawesome Mon 18-Jun-18 08:26:42

Thanks for all the suggestions - some things here I never would have thought of. For some reason I hadn't thought of more sleep so that's an easy cheap thing to do. And excellent idea to get a blow dry on the day of the party.

AnnabelleLecter Mon 18-Jun-18 08:39:51

Hair cut
Teeth whitening
Skin- water, steam room
Diet should help nails and skin
Relax as much as possible
New clothes that fit well and make you feel and look amazing

Loonoon Mon 18-Jun-18 08:54:12

The thing you can do that will have the biggest impact is to have your brows shaped (and dyed if they are fair or sparse). Good brows lift and brighten the whole face. Also add a toner that contains Glycolic acid to your skin care regime. It will remove dead skin cells and make your skin fresher.

If money isn’t a concern there are lots of other things you can do including a hair cut and highlights. Do it two weeks before the event so it has time to settle down. If you aren’t good at styling your own hair a blow dry on the day. Also a nice manicure/pedi of whatever sort you favour. I used to love lash extensions until I had a bad reaction to the glue - pink eye is not a good look!

I am very vain so I would also top up my Botox and have a very light fake tan to remove my blue tinge before the event but I realise these are niche preferences!

Flexoset Mon 18-Jun-18 09:02:54

I would get my teeth whitened and also be tempted to get botox.

Also a professional blow-dry on the day of the party (and maybe a practice run with the blow-dry beforehand, to make sure you like the way they style it).

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