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best shorts for horrid legs

(29 Posts)
IrmaFayLear Tue 12-Jun-18 12:43:06

I have grim legs.

They are short, blotchy and although I'm actually quite thin (thin, not nice and slim) my legs are pudgy.

I have previously worn cargo shorts (down to my knees) but having just looked at last year's holiday photos I look like Lofty out of It Ain't Half Hot Mum (if anyone remembers that!).

Obviously here in the UK I never wear any leg-revealing clothing, but can anyone guide me on what might be suitable on holiday?

ShatnersBassoon Tue 12-Jun-18 12:46:42

Would a skirt look better? I find they're more flattering and more comfortable than shorts.

hildabaker Tue 12-Jun-18 12:48:42

I'm hardly the best one to give advice but I did have to laugh at your description of yourself smile What I would do first is get a decent tan on your legs, I think bodies always look a bit better if they've got a bit of a tan, maybe a good self tan and not too dark.
What about cutting down jeans to just over the knees? Just a thought, anyway I expect someone will be along soon with some better ideas. Enjoy your holiday.

SavageBeauty73 Tue 12-Jun-18 12:49:36

I hate my legs so never wear shorts, only dresses.

LadySerenaCarlow Tue 12-Jun-18 12:52:21

The best tip I have seen is that you should wear shorts that cut off at the thinnest part of your leg. It works - try it!

(for me, knee length cargo shorts are a no).

littlebillie Tue 12-Jun-18 12:59:14

Shorts to the knee but not cargo they make you look wide. I got some flattering shorts in Sainsbury's Tu and pleased with the cut

These would fab with even a fake tan

IrmaFayLear Tue 12-Jun-18 12:59:40

Hmmmm, thinnest part of leg... I'm struggling to think of a contender...

Is it better to go dark or light with shorts? I'm not a fan of light colours in general, but dark seems too great a contrast with my bleached legs.

IrmaFayLear Tue 12-Jun-18 13:00:52

Sadly those shorts, littlebillie, are only in stock in size 22 and I'm barely a size 8! (You see what an odd shape I am?!)

ShatnersBassoon Tue 12-Jun-18 13:00:58

The best tip I have seen is that you should wear shorts that cut off at the thinnest part of your leg. It works - try it!

That's trousers.

LadySerenaCarlow Tue 12-Jun-18 13:08:10

I have to wear quite short shorts as my thin part is a few inches above my knees. I look much fatter in longer shorts.

Colour wise I don't know - I'd suggest your normal colours? I have olive skin and stick to black, navy, white generally. (Winter shades). If you're a size 8, I'm sure you can wear shorts!

I think Gap have lots of pairs which are fairly flattering.

LadySerenaCarlow Tue 12-Jun-18 13:08:55

No Shatners it's shorts (see Trinny and Susannah circa 1994). but it works for skirts too.

IrmaFayLear Tue 12-Jun-18 13:12:09

I may be a size 8, but my legs reflect a long heritage of needing to stand astride in a field pulling up mangelwurzels - hence the sturdiness.

Are fitted shorts better than linen drapey ones?

Ellapaella Tue 12-Jun-18 13:12:23

Personally I think shorter shirts will actually give the illusion of making your legs look longer and will probably be more flattering. I have a long body and quite short legs and have always hated shorts. Got some short chino shorts this summer though and am actually very pleased with them.
Get some decent gradual tan on and flaunt them!

Ellapaella Tue 12-Jun-18 13:12:37

Shorter shorts obvs not shirts!

Justmuddlingalong Tue 12-Jun-18 13:16:09

I look like Wee Jimmy Krankie in shorts. Regardless of this fact, I wear shorts on holiday with a 'couldn't care less attitude.' The less you worry about it, the less you worry about it IYKWIM. grin

INeedNewShoes Tue 12-Jun-18 13:17:44

OP, I have short wide legs too (they're two sizes bigger than my top half - I cannot buy skinny jeans for example as I'd need a size 16 to get my legs into them but my waist is 10/12).

I have recently realised that, contrary to my long-held assumption that I should cover as much of my upper leg as possible with shorts, shorter shorts look much better! A shortish (halfway down my thigh) dark denim pair of shorts, with turn ups teamed with a bright top and it all seems to somehow draw the eye away from my legs.

IrmaFayLear Tue 12-Jun-18 13:20:31

Jimmy Krankie grin

BusterTheBulldog Tue 12-Jun-18 13:21:41

I think shorter shorts too, I also disagree with wearing them much in the UK. I wear shorts the whole time from May - end of sept, the more you wear them the more tanned your legs get too.

I always think fat face have nice shorts, unfortunately I am massive of bum so can’t get into them! Got some good denims from Zara a year ago and still going strong!

maltedm1lk Tue 12-Jun-18 13:28:30

i would get a roomy, flowy skirt and wear these:
underneath so you feel like your wearing shorts. or some denim bermuda shorts which crop jut above the knee.

LizzieMacQueen Tue 12-Jun-18 13:35:59

Boden do a selection in varying lengths, or did last year. Can't remember the length of mine (can check tonight) but i am pleased with them.

Go with a dark colour.

bzzbeebzz Tue 12-Jun-18 13:39:09

I have awful legs, but I found the h and m short chino shorts to be the best shorts I’ve ever had

Ellapaella Tue 12-Jun-18 13:59:45

Yes I have the Boden Rachel ones in the shortest length (3) and they are great. Very flattering.

Ellapaella Tue 12-Jun-18 14:00:14

I have navy which go with pretty much everything but I mostly wear with a plain white v neck tee.

BorchesterTowers Tue 12-Jun-18 14:10:09

Just wear a skirt or a dress.

Shorts are horrible on “bad” legs. Skirts are cooler, allow greater freedom of movement and generally just nicer. I wear skirts all the time when climbing fells even. Just make sure you’ve got good plain big knickers underneath - the type that could be the bottom half of a bathing suit made for a proper swimmer ( not the decorative high cut kind).

Skirts look better and are much nicer to wear.

Bridechilla Tue 12-Jun-18 22:25:33

Must admit I'm warming to the pleated/crinkle culottes look. Not strictly shorts, but closer than a skirt.

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