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Nooo! Brown dye turned jet black - opinions?

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LemonLadybird Mon 11-Jun-18 14:54:37

Arghhhh!!! My roots were horrendous and I'm expecting a baby very soon, I can't afford to keep getting my roots done now I'm on mat pay and I wanted an easy colour to maintain for the first 6 months as I'll be so busy. I was a lovely silver grey to start, then I had a crisis of confidence so stupidly dumped a light brown on which made my hair like straw. Then my black roots started growing and looked bloody awful against the brown so I thought I'd try a semi permanent dark brown (28 shampoos) and match the roots a bit more - total disaster! It looks like a black wig, and it's so matte sad It's so so dark.

My confidence is completely gone and I've not used a box dye in years as I know they never really work so I feel v stupid for being so spontaneous. I should've done a strand test but Im an idiot. The black has flecks of purple in which look awful. What do I do sad I just wanted to feel nice and confident before my baby arrives but it's done the total opposite! Any way to either fade it or go to an actual brown colour? The problem is I can't afford to strip it etc etc as I just wanted an easy colour I didn't have to think about! Sorry for the rant, and thank you for any help.

SluttyButty Mon 11-Jun-18 15:08:29

A bottle of good old head and shoulders on dry hair and massaged in, then washed off stripped some of mine out. I used a brand, can't remember which one but it was a posher name, anyway their number 4 dark brown made my naturally dark brown hair go almost black. The shampoo helped enormously.

MikeUniformMike Mon 11-Jun-18 15:12:02

Wash it. Anti-dandruff shampoo like Vosene or a cheap shampoo will do. Apply shampoo two or three times. If your hair has already been coloured, the colour will linger, but it will go quite quickly.

endthefarts Mon 11-Jun-18 15:40:48

In the pics you’ve posted your hair actually looks loads better in the after photo where it’s dark - it looks really healthy whereas it looks dried out in the before pic. Are you sure it doesn’t just need a bit of getting used to?

Katescurios Mon 11-Jun-18 15:43:46

Johnson's baby shampoo, for something that advertises as gentle it does a bloody good job of stripping hair dye.

ggirl Mon 11-Jun-18 15:45:04

don't panic , it will lessen in darkness in a week or so
it probably looks worse to you than others
I had same experience except salon dye
I used Head and shoulders for a week every day and it was fine.

Littletreefrog Mon 11-Jun-18 15:45:08

I think it looks nice but if you don't get some head and shoulders on it.

ggirl Mon 11-Jun-18 15:46:07

you can buy colour stripping stuff in boots if you're desperate

BarbaraOcumbungles Mon 11-Jun-18 15:49:17

I also think it looks a million times better in the after photo 👍🏼

Rainydaydog Mon 11-Jun-18 15:50:07

I agree it looks nice in the picture.

TroubledLichen Mon 11-Jun-18 15:50:09

I think it looks lovely. But if you don’t like it I second the head and shoulders advice.

TheWitchwithNoName Mon 11-Jun-18 15:51:25

I prefer your new colour too smile

LemonLadybird Mon 11-Jun-18 16:12:32

Ah you lovely people, thank you for saying it looks nicer now that's so kind! I just feel so ugly! It was extremely dry before and the roots looked terrible - I looked so unkempt! My roots are black and I've not been my natural colour for years so the fact it's gothic black rather than "natural" has freaked me out! The picture is more flattering than real life. I'll try using head and shoulders to make it a little less harsh, but is there anything I can do to tone down the "purpleness?" Got a horrid feeling I'll be left with that kind of reddish tone which took years to get rid of. You live and learn!!

Thank you again smile

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Mon 11-Jun-18 18:35:26

I think it looks great. You're young and gorgeous enough to carry off any colour.

That said, I've gone too dark before and felt like you. I just felt like the colour swallowed me up! What helped massively was darkening my eyebrows and wearing darker eye make up and a bit of bronzer just to balance it out. Try wearing bolder colours as well

It will fade quickly, use a decent clarifying shampoo or Head and Shoulders as recommended.
Once it's faded any redness can be neutralised with a blue toner. If you can stretch to it, try Charles Worthington Colour Plex toning blue shampoo for brunettes; gets rid of red orange tones giving an more a shy brown and also repairs damage.

In future if home dying opt for dark ash blonde. Dark blonde is essentially light brown and the ash will avoid red tones.

SunshineOutdoors Mon 11-Jun-18 18:38:22

Don’t use colour stripper, it will go orange and then when you recolour it will go a lot darker anyway, ime. I think it looks good.

EmmaC78 Mon 11-Jun-18 18:40:25

I like the after colour too. It looks absolutely fine.

CallarMorvern Mon 11-Jun-18 18:56:30

I also like the colour, sometimes going dark can seem like a shock, but don't use colour stripper, it may will go orange.

neveradullmoment99 Mon 11-Jun-18 19:06:02

crushed vitamin c tablets and andi dandruff mixed and leave on. see you tube for how long. it does work.

XiCi Mon 11-Jun-18 19:06:08

Seriously, it looks a million times better darker. It suits your skin tone better and looks healthy and shiny

neveradullmoment99 Mon 11-Jun-18 19:07:49

I like it better darker too.

SundayGirls Mon 11-Jun-18 19:13:29

At least it’s one colour all over and I promise it looks far better than the other colour even if you feel it’s a bit too dark!

I would do... nothing. Don’t try & strip it (at least not with anything harsher than head & shoulders or baby shampoo). Just leave it, it’ll fade a lot in a fortnight. Concentrate on conditioning as improving the shine will help.

For the future, I have found anything that says medium brown is dark brown in reality, light brown is medium brown etc etc. I’m a light brunette but use a dark blonde colour as that turns out light brown, Iyswim.

But the new colour looks great on you and actually I’m quite jel smile as I’d love to be a proper dark brown. It looks a bit like Michelle Keegan’s hair in your pic!

Candlelight123 Mon 11-Jun-18 19:19:00

I Think it looks nice! It's a lot better than the 'before' pic. Don't worry OP it's just a bit of a shock, keep washing it, the harshness of the dark will fade.

CallarMorvern Mon 11-Jun-18 19:57:22'll be far easier to manage with a new baby, if your roots are black anyway.

donaldtwerp Mon 11-Jun-18 20:03:40

Pure vitamin c powder (not effervescent) mixed with Vosene, put on dry hair, and massage in well, cover with a plastic bag and leave on for an hour. Then wash out and use more of the same on wet hair. Lather up and leave for 20/30 mins with a shower cap on without rinsing. Again rinse though all colour will have gone.

BlossomRain Mon 11-Jun-18 20:05:10

I much prefer it darker from those photos but it’s hard to tell if it suits your particular face and colouring without seeing your actual face. I wouldn’t worry though I’m sure it looks good

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