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What's your favourite bar soap?

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MillieAndObi Sun 10-Jun-18 19:00:29

I'm looking for a sulphate-free, non-animal tested bar soap. I like Aveda products but can't find any bar soaps on their site.

Bryna Sun 10-Jun-18 19:04:28 particularly the lemon one!

MillieAndObi Sun 10-Jun-18 19:06:12

Ooo thanks Bryna - perfect!

8FencingWire Sun 10-Jun-18 19:08:11

Diptique rose. I justify the price with the fact that it doubles up as a bathroom freshener 😂, but it is stupid money.
Same goes for Coco Chanel soap.
I save £2 coins for them.

KeefBurtain Sun 10-Jun-18 19:13:33

I still use carbolic bar soap - I love the smell so much!

squiz81 Sun 10-Jun-18 19:15:24

Last one i bought that i loved was from a little independent seller i found on Instagram they are called meandmoosoaps (sorry not sure how to link to instagram) i got the tea tree one and it made such a lovely creamy lather

GullsHelp Sun 10-Jun-18 19:17:08

The Gardener from lush !

IHaveBrilloHair Sun 10-Jun-18 19:17:36


MillieAndObi Sun 10-Jun-18 19:19:49

Gosh that diptyque rose soap is expensive - does it last well? I don't mind treating myself if it lasts!

RustyBear Sun 10-Jun-18 19:28:16

Stonesfield soap - especially the bumblebee soaps

greeneggblueegg Sun 10-Jun-18 19:44:44

Wow, there's a Coco Chanel soap?!

45Degrees Sun 10-Jun-18 20:06:03

Suma soap is one I return to time and time again.
Cruelty free, palm oil free, SLS free, no plastic wrapping, and made in the UK.
£1.69 a bar! My favourite is the cinnamon and orange.

Givemeabreakt Sun 10-Jun-18 21:33:51

Little soap company lavender. It is so soothing.

LapsedHumanist Sun 10-Jun-18 22:13:42

Faith in Nature Pineapple and Lime

LapsedHumanist Sun 10-Jun-18 22:15:40

You know Aveda is owned by Ester Lauder and that EL test, right?

LondonGin Sun 10-Jun-18 22:16:35

L’occitane shea butter

eggncress Sun 10-Jun-18 22:19:14

Rustic home- made olive oil soap which I bring back from Greece.Is great as a shampoo too

TantricTwist Sun 10-Jun-18 23:16:29

I love Scottish Fine Soaps esp the soaps in the tins they do
Scottish Fine Soaps

PlantsArePeopleToo Sun 10-Jun-18 23:18:31

I'm not really s bar soap kind of person tbh as I find they dry out my skin.

I do however like The Body Shop soaps and the Lush ones although Lush is a bit pricey.

PlantsArePeopleToo Sun 10-Jun-18 23:19:49

Forgot to say my favourite Lush soaps are Honey I washed the kids and sultana of soap.

I used to love Porridge but they discontinued it 😔

MumofBoysx2 Sun 10-Jun-18 23:23:02

I love lush soap! Smells so amazing.

TantricTwist Sun 10-Jun-18 23:27:18

And they have this lovely new Oatmeal Range Oatmeal Range

1Wanda1 Mon 11-Jun-18 06:36:02

The Diptyque Rose one is amazing. It lasts me a good couple of months.

A less expensive but still lovely one is the Roger & Gallet range - you can get them in larger M&S branches. I love the one called Jean Marine Farina - really fresh and reminds me of holidays.

JustGettingStarted Mon 11-Jun-18 06:39:27

My husband uses Dr Bronner. I use the Dr Bronner's liquid because it brings back happy memories of when I lived in Berkeley.

I'm going to check out the bar soap. If the packaging has crazy Dr Bronner philosophy on it, that's a bonus.

MillieAndObi Mon 11-Jun-18 06:39:36

Oh wow thanks everyone. I want to try them all grin

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