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Gradual tanners makes me look dirty! Suggestions?

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margaritasbythesea Sun 10-Jun-18 08:05:37

I know there have been a lot of threads about fake tan, but I haven´t seen this specific problem.

I´m a redhead and tend to redness on my chest and arms and I want to see if a fake tan would improve how it looks.

All gradual tanners make me look like a need a good wash, including many I have seen recommended here as great for pale skin.

I am not sure if there is a real difference between a gradual tanner and a fake tan but if there is, is there a fake tan you think I should try?

BillywilliamV Sun 10-Jun-18 08:11:25

I would wear a high factor sun cream to protect from redness and stay pale and interesting. Red heads arent ever going to look natural with a tan. Embrace your paleness, its lovely.

TheOnlyAletheia Sun 10-Jun-18 08:15:19

I’m strawberry blonde and freckley and really like the st tropez express tan. It’s the most natural looking tan that I’ve used for my colouring and because you wash it off after an hour, it doesn’t smell. It doesn’t streak either.

Those gradual tanners make me look grubby.

TheOnlyAletheia Sun 10-Jun-18 08:21:45

If you’re pale any “imperfections” are magnified by pale skin. We’re not all Tilda Swinton 😉 I’m pale but prone to blotchy redness which is much more noticeable on pale skin, plus freckles, which gives an uneven skin tone, so a light tan evens it out.

margaritasbythesea Sun 10-Jun-18 08:23:38

Thanks for the recommendation TheOnlyAletheia.

BillyWilliam - the redness I have is nothing to do with exposure sun unfortunately. It is just the colour of my skin.

wiccamum Sun 10-Jun-18 08:27:58

I’m the same, pale skin and red hair, but not “flawless” ethereal skin 😒. I use the St Tropez stuff you put on in the shower. I use the light’s fab and just evens everything out

margaritasbythesea Sun 10-Jun-18 08:28:50

sun exposure

haverhill Sun 10-Jun-18 08:30:02

Yes, very pale strawberry blonde her and the St Tropez shower one is subtle and glowy.

haverhill Sun 10-Jun-18 08:30:21


Bluesheep8 Sun 10-Jun-18 09:21:45

Try Avon glow enhancer gradual tan in the fair shade. It's the best I've found for my pale Celtic skin.

margaritasbythesea Sun 10-Jun-18 09:46:36

Thanks I shall work my way through these, probably from cheapest to most expensive!

PalacePalacePalace Sun 10-Jun-18 14:11:41

I'd also suggest skinny tan - tan and oil. Light natural colour on my pale skin. Easy to apply and no streaks.

margaritasbythesea Sun 10-Jun-18 17:49:06

Thanks. I will have a look at that one too.

Wonderwine Sun 10-Jun-18 17:51:30

Can someone explain how the St Tropez one you put on in the shower works?
Does it make the shower tray and towels brown?

haverhill Sun 10-Jun-18 19:03:08

It sticks to your wet skin, you wait about 3 minutes and rinse it off. No staining of any kind.

Whatififall Sun 10-Jun-18 19:09:31

I’m a pale redhead and I use Fake Bake Flawless Darker. It’s great for my skin tone as it has a red tone to it so it looks natural on me.

That sounds weird and I’ve probably not explained it well.... but I’d recommend it. I get the darker one as I’m so white I find medium tones make no difference to my skin colour, or they tan me to just a whiter shade of pale. Darker makes me look lightly tanned.

margaritasbythesea Sun 10-Jun-18 20:25:22

Interesting Whatififall. I would never have thought of that.

Could anyone who suffers from red skin comment on whether it does improve the appearance significantly?

TheOnlyAletheia Sun 10-Jun-18 21:37:18

Yes, totally disguises the red flushing on me.

margaritasbythesea Sun 10-Jun-18 22:06:16


margaritasbythesea Wed 13-Jun-18 09:35:17

Can I ask another question about the St Tropez shower stuff, please? I have just used it and am now wondering when I need to repeat it. There is n colour change yet and am not sure what to expect.

Neither did the patch test produce any change in colour after 24 hours.


HildaZelda Wed 13-Jun-18 10:11:36

Even though I have dark hair and brown eyes I am very pale skinned. The only gradual tan that works for me is Dove in the darker shade. Believe me, I've tried them all.

GingerLDN Wed 13-Jun-18 17:14:02

The only thing that works for me (super pale and blotchy) is Bondi Sands gradual Tanner. If you’ve already tried it ignore me but if not maybe give it a go. The st tropez in shower tan was horrific on me!

Moonkissedlegs Wed 13-Jun-18 17:16:49

I like the Hindu Sands liquid gold gradual tanner, the one that's like an oil but the gradual version. With a mitt, it's nice and gives a nice colour and smells nice too. Nice!

Moonkissedlegs Wed 13-Jun-18 17:17:20

Oh it always autocorrects to Hindu Sands! Bondi!

HughLauriesStubble Wed 13-Jun-18 17:18:41

It took me about 5 days of daily use to build up a noticeable tan with the st Tropez in shower. And then every 2 days to maintain. Fab stuff but I hated the hassle of waiting 3 minutes in the shower, cold and bored grin

I'm using dove summer glow at the mo as it's less faff.

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