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Denim jacket - where did you find one?

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ASplendidMoomin Thu 07-Jun-18 14:43:18

Just that, really. Looking for something good quality and not too smart. Maybe Levi’s, maybe not. Ideally online as can’t be bothered with shops as have a 20 week old baby. Size 14. Normally a fan of Jigsaw, J Crew, Arket etc. Thanks!

Ellapaella Thu 07-Jun-18 14:49:06

I got mine from next about 2 months ago. Nice, partly fitted lighter denim.

Ellapaella Thu 07-Jun-18 14:50:16

Should say I don't often shop in next but had a voucher from someone for my birthday and one denim jacket is the same as the next really.

TSSDNCOP Thu 07-Jun-18 14:51:21


Firstaidnovice Thu 07-Jun-18 14:51:22

I have the next one too! I don't think I've taken it off since I bought it. I found it hard to find an unembellished or ripped jacket in a mid denim. It's got just enough stretch in the denim to make it really comfortable

Sonotkylie Thu 07-Jun-18 14:52:28

Gap but it took a long time to find ...

Strongbeatsskinny Thu 07-Jun-18 15:03:57

I brought mine in Monsoon this year love it.

CointreauVersial Thu 07-Jun-18 15:05:23

Not very helpful, but I found mine in a charity shop.

Originally GAP, it's the perfect fit and denim wash. I wear it all the time.

They are "classic" items, so it is worth a look.

Ellapaella Thu 07-Jun-18 15:18:23

The next one

Jessi79 Thu 07-Jun-18 15:38:50

I bought a second hand Levis jacket on ebay for £11 and I absolutely love it - it's the best denim jacket I've ever had. Worth a look if you don't mind second hand (I washed mine straight away I have to admit!)

QueenOfTheAndals Thu 07-Jun-18 15:40:52

I got a really nice LOGG one from H&M for about £20. Lightish wash, slightly cropped and fairly fitted as I don't like oversized jackets.

bingohandjob Thu 07-Jun-18 15:40:53

I got a lovely Gap one on eBay for under a tenner. Really pleased with it.

TheHandmaidsTail Thu 07-Jun-18 15:43:48

Next. Dark denim with a bit of stretch.

zolaaa Thu 07-Jun-18 16:52:12

Got an amazing Levi’s one in an outlet in America. About £30. Love it! Although only helpful if you happen to be heading there on hols!

TuTru Thu 07-Jun-18 17:07:25

Top Shop and Matalan

Timeisslipingaway Thu 07-Jun-18 17:09:41

I got a nice one from H&M, It's fitted but stretchy, comfortable, just the right length it was £30 I think. H&M usually comes up trumps for a denim jacket for me.

kiabella Thu 07-Jun-18 17:13:27

Pull&bear for me. Got it a few weeks ago on ASOS, was only £20! I ordered 8 different ones and it was the best quality denim and the cheapest!

Littlechocola Thu 07-Jun-18 17:20:37

Lidl’s of all places! Picked it up for teen daughter but kept it. Nice dark denim.

thedevilinablackdress Thu 07-Jun-18 17:23:52

Monki (part of the h&m, cos etc. group)

Really good quality denim, made from organic cotton.

Snitchesgetcandy Thu 07-Jun-18 17:59:13

I also got a second hand Levi’s one on eBay, if you’re not after something fitted then the men’s ones sell for a lot cheaper than woman’s ones. I’m a 12 and a small mans fits me

ferrier Thu 07-Jun-18 18:02:58

Another vote for Next. I wasn't expecting to get one I liked there but it's just the right balance of stylish but not odd for someone my age (I hope).

ASplendidMoomin Thu 07-Jun-18 19:17:35

Wow, thanks everyone! V helpful.

rightknockered Thu 07-Jun-18 19:25:32

Levis, but not from Ebay, from the Levis store, I have to try on to get a good fit for my shoulders.

FredSheeran Thu 07-Jun-18 20:16:32

GAP, with one of their endless 40% off codes.

Gurraun Thu 07-Jun-18 20:35:22

Ellapaella - where are your trousers from?

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