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Summer trousers

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mrtumblesmum Sun 03-Jun-18 16:07:46

Looking for some trousers (size 14, big bum and thighs, chunky ankles), preferably navy or black, perhaps khaki for the summer months. Live in Jeggings and need a change...any recommendations? Will spend ££,s for the right ones...

AgentProvocateur Sun 03-Jun-18 16:12:58

I’m wearing lovely khaki ones from M&S - £19.50. I’m so impressed, I’ve ordered four more colours. I think they’re called “lightweight cotton taper leg chinos” in their website.

HundredMilesAnHour Sun 03-Jun-18 16:13:40

I'm living in black plisse culotte trousers this summer. I LOVE them! They look chic but they're super comfy and cover a multitude of sins. They seem to be selling like hot cakes though:

Sillyshell Sun 03-Jun-18 19:59:30

Have you tried Dorothy Perkins, got some really nice ones recently in the sale.

CountFosco Sun 03-Jun-18 20:14:05

How casual do you want to go? I'm living in my Hush cropped harems at the moment.

Judydreamsofhorses Sun 03-Jun-18 20:20:05

If you like the look of the plisse culottes, but your size is sold out, they have very similar ones in Zara, Topshop and New Look.

Oly5 Sun 03-Jun-18 23:03:56

The Fat Face chinos are amazing quality, not at all frumpy

SkinniesAreOver Sun 03-Jun-18 23:06:01

I just ordered baukjen 'rhian cargo trousers' in khaki and I love them. I love the feel of them! my only complaint is that they were reduced two minutes after i ordered them.

teta Mon 04-Jun-18 08:48:31

I’m currently living in M&S cropped wide linen trousers. I have them in every colour and they’re very flattering on a size 14 short arse. Other than that Jigsaw Crocus culottes are wafty and cool.

yellowDahlia Wed 13-Jun-18 11:25:57

I've just bought the M&S linen trousers on the 'Swears By' recommendation and I'm already loving them. Swishy and comfortable. It's not even that warm today but I'm wearing them to work anyway! They'll be great for casual wear too with Birks and a t shirt. Wish they did them in black because I'm not keen on red or white - I'm a classic colours kind of gal and would spill something on white trousers within five minutes!

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