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Quick Jewellery "Research" Questions !

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Whizzz Sun 20-May-07 17:07:44

Q1) When you buy jewellery, do you look for matching items i.e. earings and/or bracelet and/or necklace OR do you just look to buy one specific item ie a pair of earrings or a necklace etc ??

Only because I am going to make some stuff for a school fair & I've not really considered making / selling sets - just wondered what the MN consensus was

Q2) Are bag charms & mobile phone charms still 'in' ?

Q3) What is your fave colour(s) for jewellery ?


chonky Sun 20-May-07 17:10:44

1) Generally just buy the one item.

2) Nooooo

3) Blues/ greens with silver.

Whizz - do you have a website with your jewellery on? I'm always on the look out for new sparkly things

CODalmighty Sun 20-May-07 17:11:04

i dont look for sets but cna always be talked around..

i liek bag charms

fabe olours are blues

Whizzz Sun 20-May-07 17:17:54

Chonky - I do have a very basic website with a few pics on but as its just a hobby I prefer to make things to order its if you want to take a peep. I'm also happy to take feedback on what people think of the website

chonky Sun 20-May-07 17:18:20

will take a look

fireflyfairy2 Sun 20-May-07 17:19:46

1) I usually buy bracelets. Don't care whether they match anything I already have

2) I don't have a phone charm but I did buy MIL one from the kids on mother's day and she likes it.

3) Turquoise, natural colours, usually colours that will go with anything

BettySpaghetti Sun 20-May-07 17:22:07

1. tend to buy individually (usually necklaces)

2. I don't know anyone who has either

3. Silver with either greeny-blues, browns or purple

chonky Sun 20-May-07 17:23:21

The jewellery's gorgeous and really reasonably priced (a shop in my town sells lariats for £45!!!!!!) I'll drop you a mail r.e an order, I love the seaside necklace.

Hilllary Sun 20-May-07 17:24:54

1) One specific item.

2) Erm dont know never liked them anyway

3) Rubies and Diamonds or Saphires and Diamonds. White Gold.

Nbg Sun 20-May-07 17:25:56

Not bothered about sets unless its something really nice.

I like plain simple stuff like one colour stones and things.

JulietFarkinBravo Sun 20-May-07 17:25:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JulietFarkinBravo Sun 20-May-07 17:26:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

chonky Sun 20-May-07 17:40:41

whizz, have just mailed you with an order

JackieNo Sun 20-May-07 17:49:00

1) I tend to buy one item - I rarely wear matching sets, and tend to wear either necklace or earrings anyway, not both together.
2) Don't know - I like the idea, and if you make the fastening quite dainty, could you use them as interchangeable pendants on a cord or chain, if you don't want to hang them from a bag or phone?
3) Neutrals - clear, grey, black. Generally with silver. I like the turquoise colours, and greens, but find that neutrals go with everything.

Whizzz Sun 20-May-07 19:45:46

oo thanks - these are good !
Any more comments ?

FrannyandZooey Sun 20-May-07 19:48:17

1) just one item

2) I don't know, they are not something I buy

3) green, red, deep pink, turquoise, black

Dior Sun 20-May-07 19:57:45

Message withdrawn

Whizzz Mon 21-May-07 16:34:08

Thankyou all - it's useful as I'm suprised how popular natural colours / browns are.

Peronally I like shades of purple, but I seem to be in a minority

Any more views ??

bristols Mon 21-May-07 16:39:24

Definitely necklace and bracelet sets. Unless it's stud-type earrings with a necklace otherwise I think it's a bit too much all together.

I like bag charms, myself.

I'm into things on cords or ribbon at the moment. Like some of the others, I like neutral shades.

Off to have a look at your website now...

MrsBadger Mon 21-May-07 16:42:57

I never look to buy sets - have bought one or two that were reduced/cheap, but wear the earrings and the necklace seperately.

bag and mobile charms are out as far as I'm concerned but what do I know?

I like jewellery in creams, brown, greens and rust/oranges because they're the colours of clothes that best suit me and I tend to wear jewellery as part of an outfit.

afraid I can't get your website to load though

bristols Mon 21-May-07 16:47:00

Love the website. Reckon I'll have an order for you but I need something different to that on the site. Would that be OK?

Need advice, am wearing a dress with quite a deep v neck. Which style necklace do you think would be best? I'm thinking the lariat style but I'm not sure. Whizzz and Mrs B, help!

Whizzz Mon 21-May-07 16:51:35

With a shorter lariat style, you could maybe tie it higher up with longer 'dangly ends' ??(thats a techincal term)

bristols Mon 21-May-07 16:56:03

Don't blind me with science! How long would it be, then? I would want the dangly bits to be on my skin rather than over the fabric so that you could see their beauty. (I can see from the website that it will be beautiful)

bristols Mon 21-May-07 16:57:44

I wouldn't want it tied too high as I have a thyroidectomy scar which gets really irritated by jewellery.

Whizzz Mon 21-May-07 16:57:59

- the ones I generally make are 65-70cm long, but I can do any length. I fancy making some that are totally beaded (ie no thread on show).....
Drop me a mail if you like

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