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Mahabis slippers

(8 Posts)
WyldDucks Sun 27-May-18 21:45:00

Are they worth the money? We have a cold stone floor downstairs and I often pop outside to wrestle a small animal/child. I've just tumble dried my nice sheepskin slippers and they appear to have come unstuck!

Wallywobbles Sun 27-May-18 21:49:17

They've just had/are having a 25% off sale so I bought a pair. They're nice. But unless they last a long long time they are still very expensive.

CantChoose Sun 27-May-18 22:13:03

My husband has bought a pair and finds it really hard to get the shoes on and off to go outside. It's not as easy as it looks in the advert!
And my stepmum went though several replacement pairs from customer services until they basically told her that they were only designed for light outdoor use... she wasn't exactly hiking in them.

InMemoryOfSleep Sun 27-May-18 22:16:23

Gah, no don’t do it! I’m so sad to say they are not worth it, I got a pair for Christmas and the all the felting has worn off the toes angry I kneel down to change DS’s nappy a lot, play with him etc but I would expect them to be more robust for £75! Also I find them really uncomfortable with the soles on, feels like I’m wearing flippers, and they’re a faff to clip on- find I have to take the slipper off to clip them on. I’ll stick to my Moshulu slippers in future!

perhapstomorrow Sun 27-May-18 22:39:34

Not worth it I'm sad to say. The outdoor soles are really fiddly to attach so I never use them. They also come off too easily. Great idea but not quite there.

HappyHoppy Sun 27-May-18 22:41:42

Not worth it. I found the soles in clipped easily so flapped when walking, and they started stinking really quickly - not a problem I’d had with other slippers!

catinboots9 Sun 27-May-18 22:46:58

The lining on mine has just worn through. I was given them Christmas 2015 and wear them daily (including around the garden)
Am blimming pissed off that I can't afford to replace them at the mo.

Wallywobbles Mon 28-May-18 21:41:08

I only wear them inside but have the outside soles on permanently. I live on a farm and our outside is definitely not slipper friendly. So far no actual problems with them apart from if I'm wearing socks. I'm just not convinced they are worth the money.

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