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The Ordinary Buffet or new Boots Serum

(7 Posts)
eloisesparkle Sat 26-May-18 22:06:16

Has anyone tried both ?
Which one gives the best results?
There is a huge difference in price.
Thanks in advance.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 27-May-18 06:39:39

Well they both get good reviews.

Dh is buying me the buffet with copper for my birthday as it’s ££.

Justjibberish Sun 27-May-18 08:52:59

When looking at the price bear in mind the difference in size. Boots 15ml, The Ordinary 30ml. Like a pp I'll be trying this next

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 27-May-18 09:01:49

I was looking at the price of boots serums, what the fuck?.

eloisesparkle Sun 27-May-18 09:21:27

Yes the price is shockshockshock
That's why I was asking - if Buffet is as good or better I'll use it rather than the Boots one. But if the Boots one really does help decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles I'll try it.

ThenCameTheFools Sun 27-May-18 10:47:57

I have used both.

The Boots has a better effect,IMO, but is very silicony, so the effect is great, instantaneous, but dries out skin and ultimately makes foundation etc "bobble". I use it every so often for a real smoothing effect.

The Buffet, IMO, is foul. Slimy texture (like many Ordinary products) just felt like slimy water on my skin and did nothing- and I finished a whole bottle.

I don't rate anything by the Ordinary tbh. I used Buffet/Hyaluronic/Retinoid/Vit C. I won't repurchase any and actually threw the Vit C away it was so hideous! Some people swear by it though, I guess it's what suits us as individuals!

ThenCameTheFools Sun 27-May-18 10:48:34

(serums I love and repeat purchase are Nip/Fab Dragons' Blood and Nip/Fab No Needle Fix)

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