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New Blogger Luludumas

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User160 Thu 24-May-18 20:53:58

Bren following the Instagram bloggers thread.....and see lots of new mummy bloggers coming up. One I follow is Luludumas, anyone else following? What surprises me is how quickly someone like her has gone from being a follower to posting an occasional blog but doing loads of stories and now getting press invites - they all seemed to go to see Chicago last night - free gifts from Wynser, Wyse and even now m&s!

User160 Thu 24-May-18 21:29:08

Anyone else know this blogger?

Paintbox Thu 24-May-18 21:42:08

Just looked at her, she’s so generic instagrammer, looks exactly the same as dml40, clts, the fashion lift, my fashionable 40’s etc etc etc

Thingsthatmakeyougoummmmm Thu 24-May-18 21:53:45

I followed her for short while but then stopped as it's just like the others, very very expensive clothes which are not achievable fir most people. I love 40plusnotgivingupyet and 40notfrumpy.

User160 Thu 24-May-18 21:55:04

Her stories started very gently but I think she is now trying to copy Kat Farmer! I’m jus amazed at how quickly things are happening for someone so ‘generic’? Is it because she is close to London, nice house and Instagram friendly lifestyle, enough money to have Chanel handbag and huge wardrobe to get started?

User160 Thu 24-May-18 21:56:19

Will have a look at those 2 bloggers. It’s the stories that get me - so busy with meeting, cocktails and press days!

User160 Thu 24-May-18 22:29:02

Has anybody seen shedreamsofgucci? I quite like her attitude but recently her posts have included - lots of VERY expensive purchases, hiding from her cleaner and forgetting she had yet another pair f Gucci shoes she had forgotten about! Who are these women?!

brieandcrackers Thu 24-May-18 22:30:32

Just had a look - am intrigued as to what she's constantly looking at to her right grin do like her style though!

User160 Thu 24-May-18 22:33:56

Yes she has a good sense of style. She doesn’t sound like I thought she would....impacted another dmbl40 or clts Home Counties type!

User160 Thu 24-May-18 23:30:46

Brieandcrackerd can I ask which other accounts you follow?

CocoAndRose Fri 25-May-18 01:54:45

Urgh I just looked at her Instagram page. Yet another rich, smug Hush wearing 'instamum'

nipersvest Fri 25-May-18 14:18:54

i like 40plusnotgivingupyet and stealmystyle40, they've been doing tall mum/small mum try ons and comparing how the outfits look.

I've started following a few scandi fashion bloggers, one called use less, she's on you tube too, quite interesting if you're into the capsule wardrobe idea.

brieandcrackers Mon 28-May-18 19:05:24

Sorry for late reply!

Most of the mum accounts I follow are outside of the UK (Courtney Adamo, Taza, Sherri Bemis) but UK-based bloggers I follow are THTMM, a few Youtubers (Kate Murnane, Louise Pentland etc) and a few others like The Darlings.

None of them are particularly fashion-focused though - I mainly follow for the cute family content smile

HeyDolly Mon 28-May-18 19:26:39

Never heard of her before. Had a quick look at her Insta and nothing is really grabbing my attention

I like Kate from Wears My Money

I used to like My Fashionable 40s but have gone of her Insta a bit now.

Growingboys Mon 28-May-18 20:11:40

I don't so much as hate follow as 'get annoyed by' follow some of these, including Lulu whatshername and also Ladyofthemanor77 - does anyone else follow her? Find her slightly annoying, possibly the bragging username as she seems to have a massive house and enjoy pointing this fact out. Also I think she is awfully thin.

I also follow she dreams of gucci but haven't formulated a view on her. Will do so now.

HaHAHA to the pp user160 who pointed out THIS:
It’s the stories that get me - so busy with meeting, cocktails and press days!

So busy and important these ladies are!

shedreamsofgucci Mon 28-May-18 22:28:07

Please keep it kind ladies. I’m just a Mum trying to share a bit of fun and humour & hopefully make someone smile once in a while x These threads can be really hurtful to read when you are the butt of the joke & who knows what battles anyone is fighting behind the squares.

User12336788 Mon 28-May-18 22:31:05

Luludumas obviously doesn’t like Mumsnet ‘negativity’. Everything is all shiny shut in mc instamum land,

User12980765 Mon 28-May-18 22:47:40

Anndddd..... she had deleted loads of ‘negative’ comments! Used to like her now REALLY disappointed that she is al about the instamum stats!

nipersvest Tue 29-May-18 09:27:37

@shedreamsofgucci I've been enjoying the try on sessions where the 4 of you go out shopping together x

shedreamsofgucci Tue 29-May-18 10:07:01

Ahh thank you nipersvest - Helen & Abi are much better at it than me!! I just go along for the food ☺️

Fabellini Tue 29-May-18 10:08:03

I’ve followed the threads about Instagrammers as well, I’ve been very interested about the discussions around disclosure and transparency regarding adverts, paid content, and #gift.
This thread though......just a bit bitchy.

FANTINE2 Tue 12-Jun-18 10:00:53

Re Luludumas et al.
Is anybody else getting really sick of reading about the lives of these wealthy women, who are becoming more and more wealthy by accepting gift upon gift.
It struck me the other day, Luluwhatsit, accepting a free watch for her hubby, who already has loads of watches, but I think he will like this one so much! If he has loads, why are you accepting it? Just greedy imo, and oh there is a 15% discount for you plebs you are not as fortunate as me.
And she seems to be trying to impersonate DMBL40, down to the same mannerisms etc.
Oh and WhatKathydidnext, a teacher who seems to spend more time in Zara, than in the classroom! When do you do your marking?
Sorry, rant over, going to unfollow. They are all so shallow!!

MrsSnitch Tue 12-Jun-18 16:49:25

If you think the people you follow in social media don’t have a lifestyle you chime with then DON’T FOLLOW THEM


Can’t bear the whining that X is too rich or Y accepts too many gifts or Z goes to too many lunches. If I was in the position to enjoy all those things you bet I’d be all over it! So would most of us if we are honest. And as for “too wealthy” - there’s a target market, if the stuff they promote is too pricey for you then move on and find someone else

Mercurial123 Tue 12-Jun-18 17:04:24

Most bloggers rich or with more modest budgets are pretty dull promoting something they've been paid to say is amazing. I don't get the hate on here you don't have to read them. I don't.

FANTINE2 Tue 12-Jun-18 20:28:01

As i said, I am going to unfollow!!!

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