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Night serum/cream for hydration and 'fine lines and wrinkles'..?

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ChesterBelloc Thu 24-May-18 11:14:38

Can you lovely skin-care experts recommend me anything..? As above, really. I'm 37, normal skin (slightly oily t-zone sometimes), but with far more/deeper lines and wrinkles on my forehead than I should have due to no regular sunscreen use over the last twenty years. (Have now jumped onto the Frezyderm wagon for that). A few fine lines appearing around my eyes, too.
I tend to have more time for skincare in the evenings than the morning, so am in the market for an overnight product. As cheap as possible - I note Superdrug are doing 33-50% reductions on a lot of skincare at the moment, so was looking at Olay 3-point regenerist overnight cream & their Firm&Lift cream (both containing Niacinamide, which I know is A Good Thing).
TIA brew

LARLARLAND Thu 24-May-18 11:16:21

My recommendation is Full of Grace by Lush. It works.

ChesterBelloc Thu 24-May-18 11:27:03

Thank you, I will look it up.

ChesterBelloc Thu 24-May-18 11:33:54

Any thoughts on something like TO Buffet?

I used to have Neal's Yard Beauty Balm (majors on Rosehip Oil) which I sometimes used as an overnight deep treatment; I like it, but was thinking I should perhaps try to incorporate some actives into my routine as well - there are just too many products out there to consider!

HeyMacWey Thu 24-May-18 11:41:09

I like the TO buffet. I started using it a year ago and will continue to use.

I'm early 40's and I'm sure a combination of that and the retinoid has heloed to reduce fine lines round my eyes. My forehead is too far gone to make a difference - botox is the only thing that'll help with that for me.

I also use their niacinamide (am only if using retinoid at night) and the hada labo premium hyaluronic acid liquid - wouldn't be without this. Cheap as chips and a bottle lasts forever.

mischiefinprogress Thu 24-May-18 11:49:28

Take a look at the NeoStrata brand, excellent stuff.

violetbunny Thu 24-May-18 11:56:28

You would be best to invest in a retinol product and a good sunscreen. Far more effective for lines and wrinkles.

ChesterBelloc Thu 24-May-18 11:58:49

I now have a good sunscreen; any recommendations for a good, inexpensive retinoid that I can put on overnight?

userbored Thu 24-May-18 11:59:03

Heymacwey I've just ordered the hablab stuff.....heard great reports!
Op it's retinol and hyaloronic (sp) acid that you need lovely x

ChesterBelloc Thu 24-May-18 12:51:18

Where do you buy your Hada Labo HA lotion from? And how much is it usually? (I'm in the UK).

userbored Thu 24-May-18 13:40:30

Amazon. £12ish x

ChesterBelloc Thu 24-May-18 13:55:52

Thanks - ordered!

Remote1candles Thu 24-May-18 13:57:48

I've found that Lancome Genifique serum and day cream have made a genuine difference to lines on my forehead. If you go to a Lancome counter they will give you some samples so you can try and see if it works for you.

I also tried the Superdrug serums that were recommended as having a similar effect but sadly they didn't work for me.

Nowisthemonthofmaying Thu 24-May-18 14:04:51

I use TO Buffet on top of their marine HA, cheap as chips and seems to work well. Then just normal moisturiser on top (I like Korres Almond Blossom moisturiser which is really rich.)

Nowisthemonthofmaying Thu 24-May-18 14:06:30

As a pp said, you might want to start on the AHAs and retinols rather than just serums though if your wrinkles are that bad...

TheHodgeoftheHedge Thu 24-May-18 14:21:34

oooh I've just ordered a little sample of the Lancôme Genefique from ebay to try smile Thanks

ChesterBelloc Thu 24-May-18 16:39:09

Ok, so I've ordered the Hada Labo HA, and I'm also looking at TO Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion. My skin's not sensitive, and I'll start by using it a couple of times a week to see how my skin reacts to it.

Thanks all.

emma6776 Thu 24-May-18 20:51:31

Does anyone else find that the hado labo makes their face hairy? I’ve never had facial hair but now I look like I have blond hairs all over!

Waitingforsherlock Fri 25-May-18 07:20:29

Would this stuff work on my neck please? Or is there something better?

Beautifullymixed Fri 25-May-18 19:49:30

I absolutely bloody love the Hada labo premium hyaluronic serum - it's seriously like magic. (No hairy face though!).

I also layer it on top of the marine HA, or the Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner. AM and PM.
I also swear by the niacinamide serum - I order three bottles at a time!
I use this daily too, AM and PM.

I also adore the 2% retinoid from the ordinary - used nightly, it's fantastic.
It was out of stock when I went to order from Deciem, so I ordered the 5% in squalene. The reviews are excellent, and I can't bloody wait to try it!

My skin at 46, hasn't looked so good for ages. I have oily, yet dehydrated skin, prone to pustular rosacea, and hormonal acne.
My skin is smooth, no pimples, the scars are fading, and pores have shrunk.
Also, my fine lines are smoothed.

This time year I had a horrific cystic acne break out. It lasted for months, left horrible scars, and dented my confidence to the point where I never wanted to leave the house. I now use these staples above religiously, and also oil cleanse with grapeseed oil.
If I'm slap dash, or go to bed with my make up on - I soon regret it.
Alas, it seems I will never have skin that I don't need to work at.

ChesterBelloc Tue 29-May-18 14:45:13

I'm also loving the Hada Labo premium lotion - my skin looks all plumped up and glowy, and it's definitely helping to reduce the definition of my forehead lines and "M" between my brows.

Now I need to get to a shop to buy my TO retinol, as I don't want to pay for postage.

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