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Give me a new hair cut (picture included)

(54 Posts)
Newlooknamechange Tue 22-May-18 09:26:49

I'm a mum of two young boys in my early 30s. So I need something easy to maintain! I usually just rough dry it.

I've almost always had the same, long, thick blonde hair. But I feel I am too old for this now and want a more 'grown up' look.

I once cut it shoulder length but found it very high maintenance as it would just flick at the shoulders!

Any suggestions? Its very thick at the back and thin at the front.

smellfunny Tue 22-May-18 09:35:42

I'm so jealous of your hair! Maybe you could go for a Lob or add some more layers? Fringes always end up being high maintenance for me so if avoid those... I think restyling your hair into an updo would work best though - your hair is lovely!

SluttyButty Tue 22-May-18 09:43:22

God I'd leave my hair as it is if I had yours and I'm 50!

The shorter my hair is the harder work it is painfully growing it back after lopping about 4" off earlier this year

Newlooknamechange Tue 22-May-18 09:46:56

Thanks smellfunny I did think about a lob. But I just don't want something that's high maintenance.

What do you think about a graduated Bob. Longer at the front and shorter at the back? Or are these hard work?

SandunesAndRainclouds Tue 22-May-18 09:51:12

I had hair your length, but finer. Chopped above my shoulders but in a similar style to the pic on the left.

Oh my god what a pain in the arse. Maybe because it’s fine but it looks an absolute mess unless I straighten it.

How about adding some low lights to break up the blonde? I’d do that rather than losing length when you need minimal effort.

WTFsMyUserName Tue 22-May-18 09:56:35

Lovely hair OP. Keep it while you still have nice, thick hair. And you're only early 30s! That's still young in my book. Only when it starts going thin and rats-taily should you worry about doing anything else with it. What you have is a very versatile hair style, easy to wear up or down and classic so it won't date. Have you considered getting a blunt fringe to give yourself a change from the usual? I think you have the right face shape for it.

Roystonv Tue 22-May-18 10:03:06

Do not fiddle with your lovely hair most would give their eye teeth for it and 30 is a mere strippling enjoy it for as long as you can

SugarMiceInTheRain Tue 22-May-18 10:07:42

I'm late 30s and regret cutting my hair from the length yours is to shorter. Have tried several different shorter styles and they are all far more work. I'm growing it out again and am only going to have it short when I start to look witchy with long hair! grin

Newlooknamechange Tue 22-May-18 10:11:10

So its true- shorter hair is higher maintenance!?

I'm just so bored of this long boring teenager hair.

I have to say it is easy to style being this long and easy to put in a bun.

peoplearepeople Tue 22-May-18 10:15:33

I would say just have a few inches off and have a very long bob with a few highlights/lowlights to make it more interesting. Keep it fairly long though. I had hair a bit longer than yours at the start of this year and just having those inches off made a huge difference in how more stylish and fresh I felt without having to do too much faffing to make it look good. When it was really long I just used to tie it back all the time to be honest. smile
Don't fall into the trap though of thinking that just because you are now a parent you need to go really short. You really don't, and I've seen so many people do this and then feel frumpy and much older.

SleepFreeZone Tue 22-May-18 10:16:31

I like the long graduated bob. It’s not such a change that you couldn’t grow it out again really easily.

Newlooknamechange Tue 22-May-18 10:26:31

sleepfreezone I like the idea that it might be easier to grow out a long graduated Bob.
At least it would still be longer at the front then

Komorebi Tue 22-May-18 10:29:07

I would kill to have hair like that! shock
It definitely doesn't look boring but very healthy

clumsyduck Tue 22-May-18 10:29:28

It's crazy how we get bored of our hair styles , sometimes I think people should stick to what suits . Your hair is gorgeous !! You would be mad to cut it !!!!

Also early 30s isn't old !!!

Tissunnyupnorth Tue 22-May-18 10:31:23

Absolutely georgeous hair. Doesn’t need anything at all! smile

Shiftymake Tue 22-May-18 10:32:18

I have the same type of hair as you OP, and it is a pain the shorter it gets. I have grown mine back out again wink

AuntyJackiesBrothersSistersBoy Tue 22-May-18 10:36:22

Leave it! LEAVE IT, I tell you! Please. It’s lovely.

MrsPMT Tue 22-May-18 10:39:02

Your hair is gorgeous! I would definitely leave it envy v jealous

Newlooknamechange Tue 22-May-18 10:41:15

Thank you for your compliments haha
I still fancy a change tough! If I get something done I will be sure to post an update picture.... Although I can't decide what yet!

CountFosco Tue 22-May-18 10:43:27

You have very beautiful hair. But you also have a lovely face shape and would suit a pixie if you wanted a drastic change. It's not a lot of work day to day (wash then roughly shape with a bit of product on your fingers and leave to air dry) but needs cutting every 5-6 weeks. I have never found growing out an issue but I have a good hairdresser who restyles it regularly as it grows so I work my way through different styles during the process. Stops you being bored with your hair but is not for everyone.

dotdotdot12 Tue 22-May-18 10:50:47

What about a jolly willoughby length?

dotdotdot12 Tue 22-May-18 10:51:05

Holly not jolly 🤦‍♀️blush

Newlooknamechange Tue 22-May-18 10:55:24

dotdot ooh yes I do like Holly Willoughbys hair!

SandunesAndRainclouds Tue 22-May-18 11:39:10

Willoughby’s hair is styled to within an inch - I bet it doesn’t look like that without a hairdresser!

Shorter hair is definitely high maintenance. I can’t wait until mine grows below my shoulders again.

Newlooknamechange Tue 22-May-18 13:43:42

That's true, I'm sure it is sandunes
I wonder what all these celebs look like when they don't get their hair styled to perfection!

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