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How to wear a maxi skirt without looking like a bag of shit tied up slack?

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TossDaily Mon 21-May-18 09:18:45

Can anyone enlighten me?

I suspect it might involve wearing it with a skintight vest, which I'm not going to do.

If I wear it with a normal t-shirt I either look

a) three days post-partum
b) in the second trimester
c) a little bit mad

How do other people make them work? I have a navy jersey one from Boden and last years pink and blue floral one from Hush. Both perfectly nice skirts in their own right, but as soon as I put them on they morph into shite.


TossDaily Mon 21-May-18 09:27:45

Is it as I suspected? It can't be done?

RockinRobinTweets Mon 21-May-18 09:33:24

I suspect that the answer is to be 6ft tall & 8 stone grin

I have one and wear it with a vest top or a floaty cami top.

MagicFajita Mon 21-May-18 09:35:33

Rib vest top, cropped denim jacket and havianas.

MagicFajita Mon 21-May-18 09:36:15

Oh , and I'm short and definitely not skinny by the way!

TossDaily Mon 21-May-18 09:36:52

Hm. 5ft 7 and a size 14. I suspect that might be the problem.

I bloody hate summer dressing...

TossDaily Mon 21-May-18 09:37:45

That sounds great until the point when I'd have to take the jacket off.

Then nope. All the nope.

MagicFajita Mon 21-May-18 09:38:56

Perhaps they're not for you then , why not sell them on ebay then buy something you love.

TossDaily Mon 21-May-18 09:40:28

I know what you mean, MagicFajita, but I really want them to work because they keep me cool without me having to get my legs out.

They should be the perfect solution, but somehow I can't feel good in them.

MagicFajita Mon 21-May-18 09:44:08

Okay , what about a stretchy shrug type thing? There are loads on ebay for a few quid.

Or some cap sleeved rib tops?

TossDaily Mon 21-May-18 09:46:14

Cap sleeve ribbed tops could work...good idea!

I think it's the bagginess of the tshirts that make them look shit. Tshirts are cut quite short and square at the moment aren't they?

Thanks for the tip, I shall definitely try that!

9GreenBottles Mon 21-May-18 09:48:19

I wear mine with cotton ballet style wrap tops. Not as cool as a vest top, but, given the weather here, I don't often overheat grin

MagicFajita Mon 21-May-18 09:53:02

Yes , they are rather short and square, I've returned lots to places like new look because of this.

Asos have some rib tops with short sleeves and a square neck. Not sure about their length but they look really nice.

MagicFajita Mon 21-May-18 09:54:45 top square neck&gridcolumn=1&gridrow=2&gridsize=2&pge=1&pgesize=72&totalstyles=33

Skittlesandbeer Mon 21-May-18 09:55:09

Ok. I’m exactly the same dimensions as you.

It needs to be a looong tank top or tshirt. Like nearly the top of your thighs long. Preferably a good amount of Lycra/elastane to increase the suck-in-ability of the maxi. The top of the maxi has to suit this, of course. Not one with loads of volume/pleats, etc.

Sometimes I layer 2 tanks, or put a slightly looser one over the tight one. Then statement sandals & necklace to take the emphasis off my middle. The colours of tops you choose can also help lengthen and blend the ‘join’ of the two pieces.

This works well with wide-legged pants as well. Hope that helps, I feel your pain!

Openup41 Mon 21-May-18 10:08:13

I wear wide skirts with fitted tops as it emphasises my waist. A loose top could make you look square.

A fitted top with sleeves?
Are you planning to tuck the top in?

AnnieOH1 Mon 21-May-18 10:11:37

A nice slouchy belt can help enhance the waist and take the eye line away from top meets skirt iyswim.

TossDaily Mon 21-May-18 10:21:34

Some great ideas here. I have a long sucky In vest from Hush I can experiment with, and I like the layering idea.

I can imagine a belt working well too!

A trip to the shops is due I think.

animaginativeusername Mon 21-May-18 10:27:34

I wear mine with linen tunic tops, full sleeved. Are loose but not baggy

animaginativeusername Mon 21-May-18 10:27:50

This might help

LanaorAna2 Mon 21-May-18 10:41:28

Put your hair into a messy bun - lengthens silhouette and thins you.

Long necklace, ditto. Flats with a bit of chunk on the sole, ditto.

rightknockered Mon 21-May-18 14:00:00

You could try knotting the t-shirt slightly, and rolling the sleeves to create a cap sleeve. I do this most of the time and much more flattering

holycityzoo Mon 21-May-18 14:55:15

Yes I think a sucky in vest would work or maybe a loose cami tucked in?
I like that look if you have a waist, unfortunately my four children stole mine and I look like a barrel if I try and tuck anything in.

TossDaily Mon 21-May-18 16:12:19

Some great ideas here - that link is great!

I do have a waist, but also a tummy withs c-section 'shelf' more of a cake and wine shelf these days

TossDaily Thu 24-May-18 12:26:45

Just wanted to say thank you for all your advice and today I'm wearing my maxi with pride!

I went to Next (of all places) and found a loose fit white t-shirt with a wide welt round the bottom. Covers up the mum tum and looks pretty good, I think.

Thanks all!

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