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How to Look Expensive (in the summer)

(999 Posts)
diamondsandrose Fri 11-May-18 15:27:05

Please can we resurrect my favourite EVER thread, but with a summer twist?

I think I'm pretty stylish in cooler weather but struggle in the heat.

I know the usual drill ..natural fabrics, linen cotton silk in neutral colours. Light tan courtesy of gradual tanner. Tan real leather sandals. Straw or heavy cotton beach bag. No gaudy colours or prints. No bra strap showing under vests.

But I still feel I don't look as good as I could if I tried a bit harder! I get freckly and I think that stops me looking expensive!

Please tell me your tips and stories of fab expensive looking stylish people you've seen on holiday

IwankaTramp Fri 11-May-18 15:39:02

Personally I think mainly covered up looks more expensive with clothes that drape and skim in a pared back colour scheme.

Definitely tan accessories too with no bling.

Plain, thin strap thong sandals. No logos on any clothing.

Basically a bit of a White Company vibe.

Brittanyspears Fri 11-May-18 16:10:47

Freckles are lovely OP

BrightonCalling Fri 11-May-18 16:15:23

I think its a skin thing too.

Im really pale and go freckly in the summer. I never feel "expensive" on summer days although nights are ok.

lisam78 Fri 11-May-18 16:50:23

My favourite thread too OP! Placemarking, I'll add my thoughts later once DS football practice is finished.

mimibunz Fri 11-May-18 16:58:31

Freckles are great! They give the impression of spending time dining al fresco and leisurely walks along the Rue de somewhere....

wildgarlicflowers Fri 11-May-18 17:03:38

I have been trying to nail this for years, getting there slowly but will enjoy more tips...

I have added expensive sun glasses to the list, not too big or small and no sparkles of any kind.

Lip gloss with said glasses or a touch of lipstick

An expensive non sparkly bronzer for the face

A big floppy hat or boater

Together with neutral shades of linen.

Non matching but relaxed bag

Light spritz of something like hermes summer range

Definitely upsize the dresses as the french do, so it drapes elegantly rather than any kind of tight clothing looks decidedly uncool in the daytime.

TheHonGalahadThreepwood Fri 11-May-18 17:05:16

Ironed clothes. All year round really, but lightweight summer fabrics look terrible all creased and crumpled.

No cheap flip-flops or obviously-came-free-with-a-magazine sunglasses.

Freckles can look great, by the way, and definitely don't look whatever the opposite of "expensive" is!

Agree with more covered up often looking better. One huge thing to avoid is sunburn. Skimpy outfits accessorised with agonisingly painful-looking red, burned skin (especially on the thighs, cleavage) looks terrible as well as being a recipe for skin cancer. Sunblock all the way!

Bugjune Fri 11-May-18 17:05:28

Agree about it being a skin thing too, nothing looks as expensive and chic as even, tanned, shiny skin.

I feel like such a pleb with my inferior pasty pallor.

Moominfan Fri 11-May-18 17:08:55

Simple nails no nail art or anything blingy

ChinUpChestOut Fri 11-May-18 17:13:44

The trouble with linen, is that it crumples and creases and while you may look cool, elegant and fresh when you leave the house, by the time you get where you're going, I you look more like a tea towel. For that reason, I rarely wear it.

My contributions would be:

Hair up, or in low ponytail if long so that your hair doesn't stick to your neck or face

A light tan

Definitely not too tight clothing

White. Like white trousers and a bright coloured top of some kind. I love the white trousers/jeans, flat tan sandals and a flowy top look.

Non-furry legs

Sunglasses. Pretty much any sunglasses - they all seem to add something to a summer outfit.

Handbags with bamboo handles just scream summer at me looking lovingly at my pink shopper with bamboo handles.

CoffeeOrSleep Fri 11-May-18 17:18:03

Oh glad to find you all!

I'm debating a change as while I managed the ethos over winter, I struggle in the summer.

I need to get over the mental block of it not being worth it to spend money on summery clothes as the weather is so crap for most of the time.

Linen shirts - worth buying or will I just look a creased mess?

I also need to buy some shorts that are "decent".

Jozxyqk Fri 11-May-18 17:19:02

Good skincare is essential. If you can nail foundation etc in the heat, all credit to you but I never could. Easier to go without IMHO, I only do mascara & lip colour, sometimes blusher. And YY to a restricted colour palette for clothes - neutrals plus one co-ordinating colour that suits your skin tone looks chic & is less hassle for putting outfits together. I'm naturally pale though - in summer I just about manage to get dark enough for the palest high street foundation shades. And I tan all blotchily, not a good look.

wildgarlicflowers Fri 11-May-18 17:22:47

If you go for the linen and cotton mix it does not crease so much, and certainly not crumpled.

Vintagebeads Fri 11-May-18 17:24:16

I am tall and pale and hate summer and dressing for it.grin
Looking forward to suggestions.
For me a good white tee and wide leg trousers are a staple,i have a metalic pair of gladiator sandals that looks nice without looking blingy .
I avoid pure linen trousers they never look nice after ten minutes just a rumpled mess.

Jozxyqk Fri 11-May-18 17:27:19

Ah yes, no nail art. TBH these days l just look after my nails & frequently reapply hand cream. They're on the long side but neat.
Always wear a hat when it's sunny, & SPF daily. Can't stand sunburn & nothing ages you more quickly.

ChanandlerBongsNeighbour Fri 11-May-18 17:31:52

My (dream) summer work wardrobe would consist of simple crisp white t shirts or camis (definitely not the cheap and see through looking kind). Paired with lightweight tapered trousers (currently loving olive green!). Real tan leather accessories. I've got a gorgeous straw hat that I got last year around which I have tied a gorgeous silky scarf in a neutral print! Hat goes with everything and makes the summer 'look' for me! (As well as being super practical! So far I have worn it with my hair in a loose-ish chunky side plait.

wizzywig Fri 11-May-18 17:33:12

Drape n skim, drape n skim. Love it

zippyswife Fri 11-May-18 17:36:32

Vintage- I’m tall and pale too- - redhead and freckley! Really embracing it for the first time in my life at 40! Feel almost like an unusual species in shorts with no (fake) tan but I actually think it’s quite striking (could be deluded!!).

I agree flat leather tan sandals are a winner. I had to ditch mine as they were looking shabby. Has anyone found any worthy ones this year?

I try to keep it simple. I wear simple dresses which are slightly over sized and not showy. Shorts with a comfortably loose tee. And stay to neutrals- navy/blue/white/grey...

My skin is weirdly the best it’s been in years and I think a virtually no make up look if you can is best. And a relaxed hairstyle. I’ve stopped straightening the hell out of mine and instead go wavy. I think the overall look is more relaxed pared down and put together.

halfwitpicker Fri 11-May-18 18:19:24

Dresses. Summery dresses. They look far better than shorts IMHO (but I guess it depends on who is wearing the shorts. Tailored one can looks great) and for me feel more put together.

Also don't show too much skin. And the skin you show should be tanned and lithe, if you can manage that.

Easier to look expensive in winter I find, a good coat covers a multitude of sins.

halfwitpicker Fri 11-May-18 18:21:02

I need some new sandals methinks. Gorgeous leather ones. Preferably gold woven in.

Laquila Fri 11-May-18 18:23:34

Use a facial sunscreen that doesn’t make you look greasy or shiny - the best I’ve found is Bioré Mild Care Milk SPF30.

As a general rule, the more skin you show, the less chic you look, IMHO...but that shouldn't stop people from wearing what the heck they want!

JacintaJones Fri 11-May-18 18:32:12

Alabaster skin.

Honestly, if a woman has flawless, creamy skin in the height of summer I think it looks more 'expensive' than any degree of tan.

Short, buffed nails and understated gold jewellery. I think you can get away with semi precious stones in the warmer months when amethyst, turquoise and peridot really come in to their own.

Crew or boat neck cotton t shirts with cigarette trousers.
Unstructured cotton or linen blouses paired with long, fitted maxi skirts.

Minimal make up with a bold lip in a bright hue.

Tantay Fri 11-May-18 18:33:59

Rule No. 1 for the summer look if the legs are out cover up the top (arms and chest) and vice versa. Agree that covering up definitely looks more expensive...chanelling my Asian heritage here as never see that side of my family with too much skin on show.

I love the crisp whites and tan leather, but also a splash of colour can be striking and can set an outfit off. I usually have a bright nail polish on my toe nails. I used to go with neutral polished but realised you can be a bit too dull with colour.

Tantay Fri 11-May-18 18:35:09

Agree about the porcelain skin - absolutely love it! Very jealous of my English Rose looking friends.

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