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Estée Lauder DW light / lancome teint idole

(10 Posts)
eggsandchips Wed 25-Apr-18 23:21:21

Has anyone tried either Estée Lauder double wear light or lancome taint idole - liquid not cushion? If you have oily skin what were your thoughts? Thank you

NotExactlyHappyToHelp Wed 25-Apr-18 23:26:20

I tried the Lancome last year. It was lovely and made my skin look really glowy but it transferred like crazy. Also gave up much quicker than my regular DW.

I’ve been thinking of repurchasing but if I did I’d definitely get a setting spray/loose powder to keep it in place.

NotExactlyHappyToHelp Wed 25-Apr-18 23:41:06

Worth mentioning that I am hugely oily so if you’ve not got a ‘looks like I’ve been plunged into a chip pan’ face like mine you may not encounter the same issues.

Girlwiththearabstrap Thu 26-Apr-18 08:09:41

I prefer teint idole, I find it lasts quite well with a decent primer - I have normal/dry skin though. The shades seem to suit my skin better than DW light too. I really liked DW light for summer though. I wore it in the American South last summer and it.felt fine.

eggsandchips Thu 26-Apr-18 09:16:08

I'm oily as in stick head in chip pan esqe confused - currently using the cushion TI but it's pretty heavy - but the lightest shade is good for me.

I always have problems getting a light enough shade. Some get darker as the oil produced throughout the day on the skin.

Hmm..I think I'll maybe try a sample of each and see what works best - no one here has said either option is crap yet though smile

uberqueen Thu 26-Apr-18 12:34:30

Teint idole for me but I have very dry skin so suspect DWL better for you . I have both .

Tisgrand Thu 26-Apr-18 13:33:30

I've tried loads of foundations over the years; always come back to ELDW Light. I've always had very greasy skin and its the best, I can't be arsed to reapply /touchup during the day but with the DW light I don't need to. It helps that I found the perfect shade for me. I've often had friends remark on how good my skin is, they're always surprised when I tell them its my makeup as its not at all thick or cakey on me; I like a natural finish. I always apply with clean fingers though, tried sponges /brushes but warm fingers seem to blend it best. HTH.

WhereAreWeNow Thu 26-Apr-18 13:36:57

I've recently started using the ELDW Light. I like it. It's much lighter than the ELDW but it has pretty good staying power. I still get shiny/oily but it's easy to blot away and the make up is still in place underneath. The choice of shades isn't great though. I haven't tried the Lancome so can't compare. I did try a sample of a Lancome long lasting foundation (might have had 24h in the name?) recently and didn't like it as much as the ELDW.

WhereAreWeNow Thu 26-Apr-18 13:38:48

If you have trouble finding light enough shades, you might be better with the full ELDW as there are so many more shades. You can just use a small amount and mix it with a bit of moisturiser to get a more sheer effect if you don't like the full coverage. The ELDW Light doesn't have particularly light shades. I got 1.0. There's also a 0.5 but I think it might be a bit pinker.

eggsandchips Sat 28-Apr-18 15:45:16

Got the lightest DWL. Thanks all. Boots have got the bonus thing going with Estée Lauder at the moment too 😊

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