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How can I elevate my look?

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applespearsandraspberries Tue 24-Apr-18 14:44:24

40 years old, Live in skinny jeans, billowing top to hide the bulging tummy (half a stone overweight), a Cardigan and superga - feel really dowdy. school runs mean I have to wear a practical waterproof too! How can I elevate my look?

DaisyChainsForever Tue 24-Apr-18 16:09:48

Some funky footwear? A brightly coloured/patterned waterproof jacket? Do you want to change your whole look or just add a few new pieces?

EmpressJewel Tue 24-Apr-18 18:36:45

Something hair related eg a fab cut or colour, hair accessories or you tube tutorials for quick and easy hair styles.

DragonsAndCakes Tue 24-Apr-18 18:42:37

Decent coat helps. Do you have a buggy to push too? I don’t any more and try to keep my (slightly dreadful) anorak to really wet and windy days as I can use an umbrella otherwise.
Even if you can’t use an umbrella, you could wear a more stylish coat on dry days.

Ski40 Tue 24-Apr-18 18:47:21

Accessories.. a nice handbag/sunglasses/watch/scarf?
A nice perfume (always makes you feel better!) and glossy hair.
Nice nails if you can 😊
Oh and they say if you know you are wearing gorgeous underwear you feel and walk different! Worth a try! 😁

TERFousBreakdown Tue 24-Apr-18 18:48:27

Goodness gracious! I live in skinny jeans and t-shirts. And I wear them to work in a serious profession, as a manager.

When I need to make it semi-acceptable: add smart trench coat and heels.

A tad more serious: white blouse and blazer with the above.

For actually 'business' business I'll default back to corporate drone uniform. That literally happens on about 2 days a year.

DianaT1969 Tue 24-Apr-18 19:13:57

You could ask on the 'dress like a Parisian' thread for advice. Botemp on there is really helpful. Perhaps follow some Parisian bloggers. I bet they manage to look good on the school run and it seems to involve a capsule wardrobe of mainly neutrals, very little patterned fabrics, that all go together and looks effortless.

BlueEyedWonder Tue 24-Apr-18 19:22:59

A silk scarf?
A decent leather cross body bag?
A trench coat or a waterproof?
A cashmere sweater?
A good haircut and colour?
A new lipstick?

namastayinbed Wed 25-Apr-18 06:32:07

Cardigans always make me feel frumpy - replace with khaki, biker denim jacket.
Change skinny jeans to boyfriend ones.
Good haircut and nails if funds allow.

Mulberrysilk Wed 25-Apr-18 08:17:40

There nothing wrong with your clothes. Grooming will elevate your look. Hair, nails, subtle make up and a some jewelry will make casual clothes look considered rather than thrown together.

Mulberrysilk Wed 25-Apr-18 08:17:51


Openup41 Wed 25-Apr-18 08:38:35

New hairstyle
Unsure if you wear make up but lipstick always makes me feel pretty and 'finished' even when I dress casually

namastayinbed Cardigans make me feel frumpy yet I have three. I buy the smallest size so they are fitted. I much prefer fitted blazers for work.

MrsMariaPolouvicka Wed 25-Apr-18 09:05:00

I think it's the cardigan. If its a thin knit style you're wearing just for extra warmth, I'd swap it for a sweatshirt, with or without a t-shirt under depending on temperature. Or a hoodie with a zip if you like wearing something open.

There's a whole range summer looks here (personally I think Hush is crap quality, many on MN will disagree, but their styling is great)

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