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What to pack for a cruise?

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QueenOfIce Sat 21-Apr-18 21:46:16

I'm 40, Apple shaped largish norks not comfortable with my arms out and hate my stomach.

What on earth do I pack for a cruise in the Caribbean?! I'm a jeans and a cashmere jumper with flats person outside, at home I'm a yoga pant hoodie sort. Not stylish at all I love my jumpers!

Linen trousers are on the list but no idea what else, I don't really like t shirts I find they cling in all the wrong places.

I have no idea what suits me..can I just wear different coloured bin bags?!

Mamaohana Sat 21-Apr-18 22:50:01

It does vary between cruise lines but if you are going on a family friendly type cruise, Royal Caribbean, ncl, Disney etc you probably won’t find it any smarter than your average all inclusive holiday. Avoid ripped denim, slogan t-shirts, jogging bottoms, hot pants, football shirts but other than that I’d pack lots of shorts and vest/cami tops for daytime and some summer dresses with pretty sandals for evenings. If there is a formal night you may wish to take a more dressy outfit but on some cruise lines this is optional- I’ve been at dinner in a cocktail dress with my husband in a tux and the next table the family are in t-shirts and Bermuda shorts, but nobody cared because the cruise line stressed that they wanted everybody to be comfortable and happy on holiday so formal gear was strictly optional.

Dilligaf81 Sat 21-Apr-18 23:34:54

Everything there's no baggage limit!

TantricTwist Sun 22-Apr-18 00:05:49

The only cruises I've been on, you need an evening or cocktail dress and DH needs a formal suit and dinner suit / tuxedo depending on the night.
They let you know if it's formal or informal but it requires a suit none the less.

QueenOfIce Sun 22-Apr-18 13:05:45

I definitely won't be wearing camis or vests given my ample chest and flabby arms!

Shirt dresses maybe?! I have a short body 5ft 8 and all dresses/jumpsuits that have those elastic or sown in waists look ridiculous on me.

For formal nights I'll be wearing some nice tailored trousers and a top of some description and heels, it's the casual clothing I can't figure out. confused

Madonnasmum Sun 22-Apr-18 17:58:25

Search for Jane Mcdonalds cruise programe when she went to cuba. Although shes lost some weight, she does wear outfits suitable for mere mortals.

NellMangel Sun 22-Apr-18 18:09:54

What about cropped trousers and tunic tops/longer line tops?

Dunno what your budget is like but I saw some nice linen blend trousers (long length and cropped) at asda,default,pd.html?placement_id=GRGTOP&config_id=GRGTOP&strategy=PWBAB&product_id=GEM610948&parent_item_id=G006003534

SubtitlesOn Sun 22-Apr-18 18:16:44

Clothes in different sizes cos people eat and drink loads

Or elastic waists

Have a great time


Sarahconnor1 Sun 22-Apr-18 18:19:52

It really does depend on the cruise line. The dress codes differ hugely between them

CraftyGin Sun 22-Apr-18 18:20:20

Something for the formal evening - I take a long dress, DH his dinner suit.

I like to wear summer dresses, with maybe one set of shorts/tee shirt

I don’t do the gym, but will pack a couple of swimsuits.

Footwear is according to your excursions.

Itsallpropaganda Sun 22-Apr-18 18:30:52

As other posters have said, it depends on the cruise line. We have done mainly casual cruising, where day time wear is no different to what you’d wear for any beach holiday. Evenings I’ve lived in assorted linen trousers and a nice top/sandals, and taken one long dress for the formal
night which as it was sleeveless, I wore with a thin bolero style cardigan from M&S. Bear in mind that although it’ll be hot outdoors, in the evening you’ll be in air conditioned dining rooms/bars anyway, so you won’t have to worry about keeping cool. I tend to buy a lot of “floaty” pastel/floral print style tops and wear them over a vest top if I want something cool (as in temp not style 😂)

QueenOfIce Sun 22-Apr-18 19:40:14

We're going on Royal Caribbean, as for formal nights I'll be avoiding those if at all possible and the photographers!

Sarahconnor1 Sun 22-Apr-18 20:10:14

Royal Caribbean are pretty informal so wear what you are comfortable in. Formal nights are easy to avoid and so are the photographers smile

Fairyliz Sun 22-Apr-18 20:24:03

Ah please don't avoid formal nights they are so much fun. Its fabulous seeing all of the women dressed up in their lovely clothes.

It doesn't matter what shape or size you are, put on a sparkly dress and some lippy and feel like a movie star in the fantastic dining room.

I have been on several RC cruises and there is no 'perfect' people on them just ordinary people enjoying a wonderful cruise.

On a side note ebay is a great place to buy cruise dresses for a reasonable price.
Which cruise are you going on?

QueenOfIce Sun 22-Apr-18 21:30:01

Fairy we're on the Bahamas cruise, I am very formal at work I want to be on holiday and not have to wear formal(ish) clothing, I want to relax! I don't think it's the tux and ball gown formal type though so my 'nice' evening wear might work anyway I have some lovely tailored stuff I can wear just struggling with the casual clothing.

I even look shit in a maxi dress, I'm a size 14 and just seem to look like a box on sticks!

QueenOfIce Sun 22-Apr-18 21:30:57

Lord, awful punctuation sorry!

Wh0KnowsWhereTheT1meG0es Sun 22-Apr-18 21:50:36

We've been on Royal Caribbean, formal nights aren't that strict, or you can avoid them altogether by using the buffet that evening. I hate dressing up, it's the last thing I want to do on holiday, but don't really want to miss dinner so I go for a plain jersey dress or similar (usually maxi so I can wear comfy shoes or sandals) and it's fine.

Daisymay2 Sun 22-Apr-18 22:00:46

I am shorter than you but also a size 14. I have tended to take cropped linen trousers and linen tops. I have just bought a long linen shirt from Next outlet, which I will be wearing with skinnies or linen trousers.
I burn easily so I tend to make sure I have more long sleeved stuff than camisoles. Don't forget that it is breezy at sea, so can be quite cool , so cardigans or similar are useful.
Sunhat or head covering
Really comfy shoes/sandals are essential for shore excursions. I haven't been on RC but on P&O there is a promenade deck , so I always take trainers and suitable clothes etc and do a couple or three turns before breakfast.
Formal nights are fun!
Also its worth having a lanyard and put your cabin card on it so it is always to hand. I leave my handbag etc in the safe.
We have taken backpack or similar for excursions, and refillable water bottles, wet wipes.

CartoonsAndVodka Sun 22-Apr-18 22:13:13

You're my height but slimmer, so I'd try Boden. The Katie and Carey tops would suit an RC cruise. Richmond trousers are a lighter alternative to jeans, especially if you turn up the cuff to make them cropped.

I also bought a thin cotton tunic to wear over swimmers - good for getting to and from the pool.

And I spent a lot of time on the roof top running track and seaplex chasing my kids (both spots had amazing views on our boat) so active wear and sneakers were a must. Perfect for breakfast and lunch in the buffet too. wink

QueenOfIce Mon 23-Apr-18 06:02:06

Thanks cartoons I like those! I also like the Rachel chino, not sure about the cropped part but if I get the long length they may just work?

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