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Micropigmentation top up looks wonky

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mishfish Tue 17-Apr-18 12:57:45


I had my first ever micropigmentation session 3 weeks ago and they looked amazing. I’ve gone for the top up today and I’m convinced they’re wonky at the centre where the gap it. It looks like one is dead straight and the other slightly slanted and bigger. I didn’t notice whilst I was there as I have horribly sensitive eyes and they took ages to adjust after the bright light being over me whilst they were being done.

I have phoned and left a message to ask if they could call me back and explained what I think they look like but I’m wondering if this could be swelling distorting them slightly?

When I first had them done they were massive and went down in size after a week ago. She was really going to town with one side and I did find it A LOT more uncomfortable than the other one.

Please can I have some reassurance whilst I wait to hear back??

mishfish Tue 17-Apr-18 13:00:30


thethoughtfox Tue 17-Apr-18 13:50:30

They look a teeny bit different but that will be deliberate. They are not supposed to be identical because it's unnatural. They are supposed to be sisters, not twins. Don't worry!

lexi873 Tue 17-Apr-18 14:50:44

They look slightly different in the middle like you say but nobody’s eyebrows are dead symmetrical?
If they were both identically squared off they’d look too fake I think.

mishfish Wed 18-Apr-18 20:14:12

Thank you. I went back and she showed me the measurements and re drew some of the stencil on to show it’s all on point- but did make a few hair strokes longer which has made a very positive difference. She said to give it 3 weeks and see how i feel then- I think it was mainly the shock of such dark eyebrows again after they had healed so beautifully!

blueskyinmarch Wed 18-Apr-18 20:16:54

I know nothing about micropigmentation, i just wanted to ask if they dull down a bit after a while? They look like you have used a Sharpie to draw on eyebrows at the moment.

mishfish Thu 19-Apr-18 21:57:50

Blues- they go right down! They’re really dark at first but the pigment fades by up to 50%. I chose the lighter of the two inks that go with my skin tone- when the first session healed it was barely noticeable that there was a tattoo there but it made such a difference to my face. This will fade! I’ll post a pic in a week or so

Queenio24 Thu 19-Apr-18 22:20:12

I think the left one looks like it is at a slightly different angle to the right, is that what you mean?

Neweternal Thu 19-Apr-18 22:28:04

The shape looks even enough. I do this treatment remember there is swelling they need to settled calm down and forget about them until they heal. Personally I don't like the shape they are done and the strokes look very heavy is this supposed to be hairstrokes, ombré or powder? It look like machine work as opposed to microbladding am I correct? Let them fade, as I say definitely not the shape I would have chosen but they are even so relax and let them settle.

mishfish Thu 19-Apr-18 22:32:22

It was the gap I was talking about. She did go over a few hair strokes to make them longer at the front

@new I have naturally big brows but gappy- I can’t imagine there was any other shape to be honest!

mishfish Thu 19-Apr-18 22:36:29

Tuesday evening- they are the machine ones

Queenio24 Thu 19-Apr-18 22:39:35

They look fine to me in the second picture

Crunched Thu 19-Apr-18 22:49:32

Big difference tonight.
They look great.

Neweternal Thu 19-Apr-18 22:50:26

They are fine, wait for a fortnight and judge. The technician can do nothing anyway, she cannot ho over them for a month for insurance reasons. I think the shape and style below would of been better (just my opinion). You seem happy with them, don't worry about the gap.

Neweternal Thu 19-Apr-18 22:54:42

Actually your new photo shows the shape better looks like the swelling is gradually going down. The shape is not bad at all in second picture. Heavy hairstrokes but they're fine, relax!

Neweternal Thu 19-Apr-18 22:56:38


mishfish Thu 19-Apr-18 23:03:48

Thanks everyone!

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