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Clarins tan drops - any tips?

(49 Posts)
WipsGlitter Wed 11-Apr-18 18:49:37

Am planning to put one drop in my moisturiser on Friday morning. Apply to face / neck / back of neck and sweep to décolletage.

Am worried it's going to look noticeable / have white bits like badly applied fake tan / be streaky / orange!!!

Why did I even buy it?? 😂😂

Elffederico Wed 11-Apr-18 18:53:58

Watching grin

Fullfatlatte Wed 11-Apr-18 19:12:28

I purchased the Clarins Radiance glow booster drops (Face) for the first time last year & I fell in love with it. I started with just 1 drop each time then 2 when I was on holiday. You won’t get streaks or lines. There is a knack to the positioning of your cream before you apply the drops though otherwise the drop/s slip between your fingers. I loved it so much I purchased another one after holiday. I’ve not tried the body one though but guess it’s similar. You won’t be disappointed. I’m fairly pale & found it was just perfect for me to adjust. Enjoy 😀

DianaT1969 Wed 11-Apr-18 19:30:19

I have celtic skin and 2-3 drops doesn't produce any streaking. I used to mix it with moisturiser in my palm but some seeped away. Now I mix it with a finger in the lid of my moisuriser pot. Not sure if there's a better way? Don't be afraid to try 1-2 drops. It isn't drastic.

Honeycake50 Wed 11-Apr-18 19:56:14

Love this, I use 3 drops then 2 the following night for the week. I add to my night cream in the palm of my hand then the drops, mix together in the middle of my palm - nothing escapes, then apply to face and neck. No streaks and very subtle, not a waste of money, a great purchase!

chloechloe Wed 11-Apr-18 20:10:52

It's idiot proof so don't worry, even my DH manages grin

I agree to go with 2-3 drops (I'm pale, MAC NC20 and do 3). Just 1 drop is unlikely to show up.

I do like the PP - a blob of night cream in the palm of my hand and then drop the drops on top and mix with my finger.

For the idiots among us (me!), there is a dropper on the base of the bottle which dispenses one drop at a time. I never realised until I ranted on here how impossible it was to shake the drops out!

Doobigetta Wed 11-Apr-18 20:11:08

Top tip- you press the bottom of the bottle to release the drops. Took me bloody months of shaking the fecking thing to work that out.

WipsGlitter Wed 11-Apr-18 20:31:55

Is it better to use it at night or the morning? I'm not going anywhere on Friday so was going to do morning.

littlepill Wed 11-Apr-18 20:33:36

I use these - 3 drops and I apply to morning moisturiser. The Clarins self-tan products are the best, they are really very good! No orange!

chloechloe Wed 11-Apr-18 20:33:50

Morning is fine too, it really is so streak free that you don't need to worry about going stripy during the day!

eloisesparkle Wed 11-Apr-18 21:30:16

I use the body one - 3-4 drops on my body lotion for my legs and arms.
It takes the edge off the whiteness smile
Otherwise I use Sally Hanson in the summer.

AhAgain Wed 11-Apr-18 22:08:10

I use them and love them. I mix with my moisturiser on my palm. Quickly learnt to wash my palm thoroughly aftwards - or you get a yellow patch there grin

Sammysquiz Wed 11-Apr-18 22:26:16

It’s good stuff, gives a very natural tan. The body one is exactly the same as the face one, but is far cheaper per ml.

Artyfarty555 Thu 12-Apr-18 08:42:27

I bought the body serum but haven't used it is so awful that no limbs have been on show!!
But, does anyone use the body serum on their face as l bought it to do both, hopefully as a money saving idea! But now too scared it'll not work. Anyone use it to do both and have any tips? Thanks

lurkingfromhome Thu 12-Apr-18 09:01:42

It doesn't work at all on me - have no idea why. I think it produced a very subtle effect the first few times and then had absolutely no effect whatsoever, even when I was putting about 15 drops in. Grrrr. It's such a good idea, I was quite cross that it didn't work for me.

brogueish Thu 12-Apr-18 10:37:22

I found that the strength varied depending on what I mixed it with. Haven't used them for a while but I think adding drops to serums or face oils worked better (for me) than creams. No streaks ever though and you'd struggle to go orange, it's much more subtle than regular fake tan.

Chanelprincess Thu 12-Apr-18 11:32:58

It doesn't seem to work for me with Trilogy rosehip oil, but I love it with cream. It gives a very subtle effect you can build up and definitely no streaking.

WipsGlitter Thu 12-Apr-18 11:40:15

I'm excited to give it a go tomorrow!! Will update you all!!

Sammysquiz Thu 12-Apr-18 18:15:47

Arty it’s fine to use the body one on your face, it’s the same stuff.

Artyfarty555 Thu 12-Apr-18 19:45:28

Thanks Sammy, l did wonder if the strength is different so wasn't too sure how many drops to use, but it seems quite a light tan colour so fingers crossed it should be ok.

VladPutin Thu 12-Apr-18 22:39:27

I binned mine. Reverted to saint tropez

WipsGlitter Fri 13-Apr-18 07:48:26

First coat applied! Went for two drops. Hands thoroughly washed.

BanyanTree Fri 13-Apr-18 08:31:54

I used this last year and was very impressed with it. I am going to buy the body serum too after I use up my 2 bottles of fake tan I have lying around. I totally defluffed yesterday and I am going to do a few days of scrubbing then start off. By mid next week I aim to get the skirts and sandals out before it rains 3 days later

littlepill Fri 13-Apr-18 15:19:07

You inspired me to re-open mine and it looks great! Very subtle. I used it with Clarins glowy moisturised thing. The body one is great, too - I tried two, one is the white moisturiser, the other a brown souffle type thing.

Hmm is it time to order more products? I have a bad Clarins habit!

eloisesparkle Fri 13-Apr-18 15:24:45

Which is better the brown soufflé tanner or the white cream one?
Also what is the glory stuff called ?

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