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Intro to moisturising & basic make-up advice wanted

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TheMShip Thu 22-Mar-18 15:03:16

Inspired frightened by the thread in Chat on 'aged a decade in a day' ... I went to look in the mirror. Ack. I'll be 39 this year and my skin is starting to show it. I'm pretty good about enough water & sleep, but I have never done a face cream/moisturising routine before.

What should I start with? What are some easy to find, effective, and inexpensive products? Should I go for a tinted moisturiser? My skin is of the blindingly-white variety, are there products with SPF that don't smell like cheap sun cream?

I currently wear no make-up most days. What are one or two products that would be a) easy to apply, b) easy to wash off at end of day, and c) make the most difference to me not looking exhausted and washed out?

Deathraystare Thu 22-Mar-18 16:03:34

I am sure you will get lots of good advice on here. You can either put someone on (tinted Moisturier or foundation with built in SPF - Boots no7 do a tinted moisturiser one, I think Nivea might do too. Bobbi Brown does a cream rouge/lip cream that would be nicely natural (depending on colour). I use all sorts of creams from Nivea and Bodyshop to Decleor. I would suggest going to a branch of Boots that allows testing and go along and see what cream feels nice and is age suitable .

Deathraystare Thu 22-Mar-18 16:03:53

Something NOT someone!!!

Shadow666 Thu 22-Mar-18 16:10:30

I feel your pain. I tried watching some YouTube tutorials and they all use so many products. One I watched put on 7 different products and that was before she even started with make up.

For me, I started with some Cc cream, dab on a little powder. Some eye shadow, mascara and lipstick. I then gradually started adding other things.

Sweetheart Thu 22-Mar-18 16:19:01

I use No 7 lift and luminate foundation which is very light and like a tinted moisuriser which evens out my skin tone.

I brought this suncream after seeing it recommended on here - it is very light and smells amazing - not like suncream at all.

I've also just started using Clinque moisture surge which I love.

I've been switching between The Ordinary and Nip & Fab for my skincare but you would have to figure out what works for you there. It takes a lot of trial and error!

I don't go out without at least concealer, blusher and mascara on.

Sweetheart Thu 22-Mar-18 16:20:24

Oh also I use the Sanctuary hot cloth cleanser which I love - I think Superdrug do their own cheaper version and sometimes a bit of Soap and glory vitamin C facewash (which is probably a no no on a S&B board)

horseknickers Thu 22-Mar-18 16:39:30

I use the Clinique 3 step routine which my knackered 43 year old skin loves and doesn't take long to do! I've just got Clinique's BIY pigment drops that you mix a tiny bit into your normal moisturiser to make a customised tinted moisturiser. You can add more or less depending on the coverage you need and it means fewer steps when it comes to putting makeup on. I use a translucent powder over the top if I'm feeling shiny - currently an ASDA one. Mascara is an essential for me or people start asking me if I'm ok but I don't think it's worth buying a high end one as they all seem about the same to me, currently using a Bourgeois one which is good. I also use a light coloured bronzer - rimmel atm, or blusher - Boots Natural Collection which is very cheap - if I'm looking especially tired as it brightens my face up. I don't spend more than 5mins in make up as I have a toddler who likes jumping on me!

TheMShip Thu 22-Mar-18 19:01:24

This is great! Everyone says style and beauty is a good bit of mn. Thanks! I'll try some options and maybe visit the beauty counter this weekend.

Jasmineandsunshine Thu 22-Mar-18 19:23:59

Tinted moisturiser would be good to start with, foundation gives more coverage but also makes your face a uniform colour all over which can look flat, which is why people then put on contour, highlight etc to bring dimension back.
I would try tinted moisturiser, concealer, mascara, maybe a natural highligher (shimmer not sparkle or glitter) and a lip colour of your choice to start with.
Be careful where you put the highlighter as it will emphasise any fine lines so stick to the top of your cheekbones avoiding bringing it down towards your under eye area.
Brand wise I prefer loreal, maybelline and bourjois though rimmel also do good mascara, eyeliner and lip products and revlon do good lip products too.

Bel04 Thu 22-Mar-18 19:47:59

People will recommend you a lot of expensive products but you don't need to spend a lot of money. Boots do their own creams/lotions. £1.50 for 100ml they have a lovely cucumber one with uv filters. If you get the occasional spot/blemish I'd steer clear of these creams because they have an ingredient called paraffinum liquidum. If you are worried about any spots go with Amie's Morning Light face cream. It's 100ml for £4 in Waitrose or off of Amazon. As far as washing your face just use a face wash in the shower cause it's the easiest way to go about it. Olay and again boots own brand are nice and gentle and not over drying. They're also bother very cost effective.

If you want something easy to apply I'd avoid foundation or tinted moisturiser and just go with powder. Creams with pigment are a faff and you have to blend them and they can look cakey or streaky etc.

Most toners don't do anything but if you want to take the skin care a step further getting a physical (st ives) or chemical exfoliant might be an option. I'd start with just a simple cleanser and moisturiser first though smile.



If you have dry skin, using normal honey from the shops as a face mask will make your skin feel unbelievable good. It's surprisingly easy to wash off with water. If you have oilier skin you might like to use a clay mask, don't spend a lot of money on these. The main ingredient is kaolin which is very cheap. I wouldn't spend more than 5 pounds on a clay mask.

Have fun!!!

Bel04 Thu 22-Mar-18 19:50:28

Also, invest in an eyelash curler if you don't have one. X

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