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Preloved Mulberry bag - fake or not?

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Uniglo18 Thu 22-Mar-18 14:44:08

Just saw a Mulberry bag in my local charity shop for £10. How do I tell if it's a fake or not? I've checked the lining, it seems genuine and the material is real leather. I've looked inside the lining & t here's a metal tag with a number engraved in it.

I've not bought it yet, I'm hoping it's still there after I've checked with you lot. Thanks

SD1978 Thu 22-Mar-18 14:45:44

If you like it, I’d buy it- althiugh someone else probably has by now! Then determine authenticity. If not- £10 charity donation. If so, then a bargain!

SilverHairedCat Thu 22-Mar-18 14:48:56

Google the tag number, they usually produce them all with the same fake number, and it's often online.

QueenOfTheAndals Thu 22-Mar-18 15:17:18

For a tenner I'd buy now and ask questions later!

Uniglo18 Thu 22-Mar-18 15:35:04

Ok but I can't get to the shop until tomorrow now. Lesson learnt for next time. Thanks everyone.

JaneEyre70 Thu 22-Mar-18 15:41:39

One of my mums friends got a genuine LV handbag from a charity shop. The helpers in there assumed it was fake, so put £5 on it.

StylishMummy Thu 22-Mar-18 15:48:23

@Uniglo18 join Mulberry Swap & Sell - it's a group on Facebook, the admin check all the bags before they're listed so you'll be able to compare fake to genuine

Uniglo18 Thu 22-Mar-18 17:05:42

Thanks I'll be at the shop tomorrow bang on 9:30am. Fingers crossed it's still there. One thing that crossed my mind was that the bag had a flap with the emblem but no clasp to lock it iyswim. Is this normal for Mulberry bags? How would you keep your stuff from falling out if you knocked your bag over?

sportyfool Thu 22-Mar-18 17:07:17

Charity shops aren't daft , they take items to the local retailers to check authenticity . I would expect it to be fake at that price but if it's leather it's still a good price .

DuckBilledAardvark Thu 22-Mar-18 17:12:20

Mulberry have been around for a long time so there are lots of variety of bags. All of mine have had some kind of clasp either magnetic or a stud thing. (Although one of them is a fake and used in the dressing up box!)

AgathaMystery Thu 22-Mar-18 17:15:07

Also mulberry sometimes make 20 or less of a special item. These can have 'standard' items missing. Ie: I have a Bayswater that I purchased at Shepton Mallet with no cloche that is 100% genuine. My friend has one with no metal feet. You really have to know the brand.

Laska5772 Thu 22-Mar-18 17:15:22

Comparing a real and fake Mulberry website

list of some fake serial numbers on this site

Laska5772 Thu 22-Mar-18 17:16:51

My Mulberry Effie (definitely genuine and over 10 years old doesn't have a serial number , not all of the older ones do..)

JDSTER Thu 22-Mar-18 17:42:08

Let us know the outcome OP

GladAllOver Thu 22-Mar-18 17:44:52

A well-made leather handbag for £10.
If it's in good condition then it's a bargain regardless of who made it.

JoJoSM2 Thu 22-Mar-18 17:48:13

I've had Mulberry bags before and don't recall them having serial numbers. I suppose they must be pretty easy to fake as the quality is relatively poor.

Uniglo18 Thu 22-Mar-18 17:49:28

Damn it I wish I bought it when I saw it. I'm feeling very silly for walking out of the shop empty handed!

HeyRoly Thu 22-Mar-18 21:52:20

I can tell between real and fake by the font they use for the serial number. I've looked at a lot of real and fake bags on eBay grin

So if you can post a photo of the serial number, I could probably tell you.

Uniglo18 Thu 22-Mar-18 21:54:35

HeyRoly thanks if it's still there tomorrow I'll try to discreetly take a photo and post it here.

longtompot Fri 23-Mar-18 14:28:31

Did you buy it OP?

sportyfool Fri 23-Mar-18 14:33:44

Did you get it ? 🙏🏻

Uniglo18 Fri 23-Mar-18 18:03:53

Sorry guys it's gone..! 😢😠 was it one of you lot who bought it..?! 😉grin

Uniglo18 Fri 23-Mar-18 18:05:43

Lesson learned. I think it was a fake because the tag had a serial number beginning with 02 which I think is one of the fake ones someone linked to above.

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