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I need incredibly comfy black work shoes

(24 Posts)
StillMedusa Tue 20-Mar-18 21:24:40

Just changed jobs and I will now be outside, walking up to 10 miles a day in all weathers. I need black, sturdy but light and comfy shoes..probably lace up and must have some arch support. Work will supply shoes but say no one wears them as too heavy.

Two days in and my usually comfy boots are already rubbing me so need something asap. Any recomendations ?

Bejazzled Tue 20-Mar-18 21:31:46

Gabor and Reiker are very comfortable shoes for all day wear.

Knittedfairies Tue 20-Mar-18 21:34:12

Google shoes for nurses; plenty there.

only39p Tue 20-Mar-18 21:37:00

I walk about 10 miles or more per day in my job and I wear shoes/boots from M&S Footglove range. So comfy hardly know I'm wearing them. Have been wearing them for years.

Thebluedog Tue 20-Mar-18 21:38:44

Reiker shoes are comfy, and Sketchers do some smart black trainers as do Eco

Acopyofacopy Tue 20-Mar-18 21:40:15

Doc Martens. Birkenstock do shoes as well as sandals.

happystory Tue 20-Mar-18 21:42:29

Interested to know all your jobs that entail all this walking!

senua Tue 20-Mar-18 21:44:25

Clarks' Un Loop. A bit ugly but so, so comfortable and hardwearing.

MissWimpyDimple Tue 20-Mar-18 21:44:50

Traffic Warden?

biggirlknickers Tue 20-Mar-18 21:45:46

I have Clarke’s Funny Dream for work. Super comfy and supportive. (Not great for icy pavement though as the grip is minimal.)

BikeRunSki Tue 20-Mar-18 22:02:54

What kind of outfit will you be wearing - smart/Officey - Clark’s Hamble Oak brogues are usually the answer to this type of query. Scrubs - Clark’s Unloop often come up.

SealSong Tue 20-Mar-18 22:04:33

I was just going to say Clark's Funny Dream, so comfy. True there is not a lot of grip though.
If you need something more substantial, have a look at Keen Presidio. Great arch support and fab for wide feet.
Or check out Fly London shoes and ankle boots.

SoMuchToBits Tue 20-Mar-18 22:09:52

I have Hotter "Sugar" shoes in black. They are touch fastening rather than lace up, but I walk to and from work in them and then spend 12 and a half hours mostly on my feet, walking around. They are very comfortable, don't rub anywhere.

StillMedusa Tue 20-Mar-18 22:11:15

Misswimpledimple Correct!!!!
Absolutely flattened with exhaustion tonight (and my previous job was very active!)

Thank you all for the suggestions... going to google them all now!

shoelaces Wed 21-Mar-18 08:13:22

Please update us with what you get and if they live up to the task? V interested to know. smile

SilverHairedCat Wed 21-Mar-18 08:16:28

Have a look at Magnum. Police and military boots are likely your best bet. Or walking boots.

Are they supplying your boots as PPE or as uniform? If PPE, they need to be cut for purpose. You could ask to go to the supplier, often someone like Arco, and try on different footwear.

Also, on a tangent, have a look to see if you qualify for any tax allowances for buying your own footwear, cleaning your uniform etc.

twelveangels Wed 21-Mar-18 08:20:37

Loving my Pavers brogues. Recommended on here. They're very sturdy.

Mulberrysilk Wed 21-Mar-18 08:26:56

Doc Martens, but they'll need breaking in.

StillMedusa Sat 24-Mar-18 00:43:55

Silverhairedcat The supply all uniform and will supply shoes...however they said the supplied ones are heavy and no one likes them , so I'd rather get my own!

I'll have a look at all suggestions here... thank you everyone!

nerofire63 Sat 24-Mar-18 01:08:27

I got some online, I think on ebay really cheap. They are lightweight with a bit of a flat platform. There is no brand to them. Be sure to check on ebay as well!

TwoHatsTooMany Sat 24-Mar-18 01:11:59

Karrimor shoes/walking shoes/hiking boots.
Warm, waterproof sturdy and lasted me during over a year of 12 hour shifts being on my feet and doing more than 30,000 steps per shift.
Get some gel insoles and it's like walking on clouds, I say this as a chunky bird too so a lot of weigh on my feet!

Babyiwantabump Sat 24-Mar-18 01:13:15

Im a health care professional and often spend 12 hour shifts running around on my feet all day . Fitflops have been my saviour!

Uniglo18 Sat 24-Mar-18 02:37:05

Fitflop have arch support and a memory foam insole with extra cushioning so very comfortable. I've got two pairs, high top sneakers for spring & skater shoes for summer. They're much more comfortable than Clark's which I now find too hard on my feet.

Uniglo18 Sat 24-Mar-18 02:38:36

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