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Invisalign cost

(45 Posts)
squiz81 Sun 18-Mar-18 14:15:33

I went for an invisalign consultation yesterday. There was an open day offer of £400, once that had been deducted the quote was £3800.

I know prices vary from person to person depending on amount of work etc but i wondered how this compares to what other people have paid.

It is a reputable place, diamond level invisalign provider, and that price includes everything including final retainers.

MadisonMontgomery Sun 18-Mar-18 15:11:24

That seems about right- mine was about 3k all in.

squiz81 Sun 18-Mar-18 15:34:06

I think 3k was more the price i was hoping for! £800 on top of that seems a lot.
I really want nice straight teeth though grin

squiz81 Sun 18-Mar-18 15:40:53

Were you pleased with results madison ?

Sedona123 Sun 18-Mar-18 15:51:42

Sounds about right. Mine was £4200. I'm on my last few weeks, but am very happy with the results already.

squiz81 Sun 18-Mar-18 16:00:21

Thanks sedona thats good to hear.
My husband thinks I'm crazy to pay it...bit then he has perfect teeth, so he probably doesnt get it!

squiz81 Mon 19-Mar-18 07:24:06

Bumping - anyone else had it done?

ivebeenanddoneit Mon 19-Mar-18 08:42:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

squiz81 Mon 19-Mar-18 11:57:04

Thanks, thats good to know. I was just worried in case the price had been inflated to accommodate the open day offer iyswim!
There are places advertising it cheaper, but i dont know if they'd be as good!

I8toys Mon 19-Mar-18 13:48:12

Mine was £4000. Finished at Christmas and constantly smiling. I love my teeth!

squiz81 Mon 19-Mar-18 16:01:42

How long did yours take l8toys ? I'm so excited to get straight teeth!

MadisonMontgomery Mon 19-Mar-18 19:47:44

Yes I’m really pleased with it - I have a giant toothy smile so it has made a noticeable difference and I get a lot of compliments. It was a bit of a faff with taking the trays out every time I wanted to eat or drink, but definitely worth persevering.

I8toys Mon 19-Mar-18 21:04:46

Started in October 2016 and they came off before Christmas last year but had to have ones correction so took about 3 months longer. You start to notice a difference even after a month.

CharlieBoo Mon 19-Mar-18 21:21:37

I am on tray 3... mine has cost £3500 and I need 28 alligners in total.. it’s a lot of money but I’ve hated my teeth for ages...

frazzledtired Mon 19-Mar-18 21:27:24

I looked into this and was quoted £2800. My cousin is a sales manager for them so I think it helped it he sent me to someone he knows and is good but I still was so shocked.

frazzledtired Mon 19-Mar-18 21:27:49

He also said it would take 18-24 months

JamMakingWannaBe Mon 19-Mar-18 21:28:47

As an adult (30s) I just got white braces - both the tracks and the wires. You could hardly see them and I think they were quicker than Invisalign as well as being half the cost - £1,100 v £2,500 (roughly).

IdblowJonSnow Mon 19-Mar-18 21:29:49

Mine was cheaper but a while ago. Has full on braces and then the clear trays at night. Mine have since moved around a lot and are no longer straight. Beware of this! But they don't look as bad as they used to so I guess still worth it. Might be worth asking what would happen if they move back, although my dentist pooh poohed that when I asked him and I can't face going back.

IdblowJonSnow Mon 19-Mar-18 21:30:36

Similar price to jam making.

windygallows Mon 19-Mar-18 21:32:42

Mine were pricier at £4800 but I'm at a top notch orthodontist so paying for that and the swish offices!

squiz81 Tue 20-Mar-18 21:56:51

idblow after invisalign they fit a wire behind your teeth, top and bottom to hold them in place. That stays there forevwr. Plus you get a retainer to wear at night. So hopefully they can be kept straight!
Thats bad your dentist poo-pood that. I thought it was well known that teeth moved back! Thats why so many people have to get braces again as an adult! I would go back...maybe you could get a retainer for free!

squiz81 Tue 20-Mar-18 21:59:28

That is so cheap jammaking way ive not heard of people getting train tracks for less than £2500!
Where i got the quote for these braces train tracks were only £200 cheaper.

Thebirthdayparty Tue 20-Mar-18 22:12:53

I wore tracks as an adult and the orthodontist wouldn’t put a permanent wire behind my top teeth. I think these are mainly used when a gap has been closed but also hygiene issues arise from the wire. . He put it behind my bottom teeth and gave me a night retainer for the top. Despite using this nightly, my teeth have moved. He told me they would move a certain amount but they have moved quite a lot. They are a lot better than they were but it is something to bear in mind.

calzone Tue 20-Mar-18 22:15:19

We paid £4K for ds’s teeth with Invisalign.

ComeOnGordon Tue 20-Mar-18 22:20:04

I paid about 3000€ & it took 15 months. It’s made the world of difference to my confidence to smile in photos & I don’t instantly hate every photo. Well worth it in my opinion

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