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How to make perfume stick to me?

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WhyBeDennyDifferent Sat 17-Mar-18 10:00:11

I’ve got some lovely perfumes but I’ve given up wearing them as the smell vanishes after 30 minutes. I’ve tried spraying on top of moisturiser hoping that might create more of a base, but nope!
What am I doing wrong?!

Bouledeneige Sat 17-Mar-18 10:04:01

Its still there its just after a while your nose becomes accustomed to it so no longer registers it as a new smell. Like the fact you dont often notice your nose in your sight even though its always there.

So dont keep spraying more on! check with friends - they will tell uoi if they can smell it.

IFancyASliceOfCake Sat 17-Mar-18 10:04:15

Might just be that the perfumes you’re wearing don’t have good longevity? Not all perfumes do.

Or are they EDT rather than the stronger EDP? Sometimes that makes a difference.

Things I do to improve the projection and longevity of perfume:

Moisturise all over and spray on my body before getting dressed.
Spray perfume in my hair.
Spray on my scarf or clothing.
Spray on your lower body (good for the summer! Spray on backs of knees and the scent seems to linger and rise during the day).

IFancyASliceOfCake Sat 17-Mar-18 10:05:10

But also agree with Boule - sometimes you just can’t smell it on yourself after a while.

WhyBeDennyDifferent Sat 17-Mar-18 10:05:58

I’ve asked DH and other family members to smell me and they can only smell a faint whiff, as if I’d sprayed it on hours ago.

What are some long lasting perfumes? I’ve gone through loads already!

FlibbertyGiblets Sat 17-Mar-18 10:08:04

Are you using eau de parfum or eau de toilette?

EDP is long lasting (more expensive)
EDT short lived (cheapo by comparison)

LuxuryWoman2017 Sat 17-Mar-18 10:11:49

Most perfumes don't stick on me either, I have checked with people. The only ones that seem to are the cheaper Next and M & S ones. Chanel, forget it, I may as well spray water on. Very annoying as I love scent.

Armani Si is the only one I've found that people can actually detect on me.

CantChoose Sat 17-Mar-18 11:25:21

I have the same thing and get slightly irritated even people insist I've got used to the smell looking at you Jo Malone lady
I have quite oily skin and I think it might just slip off to be honest. I tend to aim more for my clothes than skin now and that has solved it for me.

PerfumeIsAMessage Sat 17-Mar-18 13:28:35

Longevity depends on lots of things, amount you put on, if it's an Edt or Edp or a cologne (Jo Malone etc) where you spray it. Also if you are wearing something spicy/gourmand/oud etc or something citrussy.

I spray on the outside of my wrists and where my neckline meets skin.

PaperRockMissile Sat 17-Mar-18 14:34:13

As PP said it is probably to do with the quality of the perfume.

Eau de parfum is far longer lasting and therefore more expensive.

Perfume like most things you get what you pay for.

Next time you are in a department store that carries high end perfumes pick an expensive eau de parfum and spray it on you with the tester as you would apply in real life - same places and same quantity - and see what happens.

PaperRockMissile Sat 17-Mar-18 14:37:14

For quality high end perfume I am taking about ranges like HERMÈS 24 Faubourg Eau de Parfum and not Jo Malone or M&S.

I've found Tom Ford perfumes are quite long lasting as are Creed - but Creed scents really aren't everyones cup of tea.

LibertyBlue Sat 17-Mar-18 14:43:16

Good suggestions here to make Perfume last longer. Also if you look up a Perfume on fragrantica, it will give you a longevity score (and a sillage score) which is quite telling.

Someone mentioned Jo Malone - they are notorious for having poor longevity which makes it difficult to justify their high price tag.

JDSTER Sat 17-Mar-18 14:57:49

I love some of the language associated with perfume. Silage, longevity, projection
<sorry not helping OPblush>

CantChoose Sat 17-Mar-18 15:09:18

Yes, liberty - the lady at Jo Malone et really cross with me when I said perfumes don't last long on me so i said I'd come back a bit later if I thought it had lasted ok. Probably as she knew it wouldn't! She was very rude and patronising about it though.

WhyBeDennyDifferent Sat 17-Mar-18 15:44:18

I had no idea about the differences blush
That does make sense though, I have some edp and they do seem to last a bit longer. Still not as long as I’d like though!

IFancyASliceOfCake Sat 17-Mar-18 15:53:29

I don't think its true that only high end perfumes are strong, though. There are some beast-mode cheaper perfumes. It depends what you're in to?

WhyBeDennyDifferent Sat 17-Mar-18 16:00:27

I quite like a musky sort of coconutty smell in winter. I have the santal 33 which is nice and probably the best sticker I have.

I’d love a citrussy/grapefruit smell for summer but those scents don’t even touch the surface on me.

JMAngel1 Sat 17-Mar-18 16:56:43

Try rotating fragrance each day - your nose won't get as used to a smell - so I wear Maitresse one day then Heavenly the next and repeat. I also spray more on my clothes and hair as they retain the smell better. Also bring with me for a top up after lunch - gives me an energy boost too.

IFancyASliceOfCake Sat 17-Mar-18 16:57:58

Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude springs to mind for a strong, musky coconut fragrance.

D&G Light Blue? Classic, fairly strong citrus fragrance. Available fairly cheaply.

The other thing I find helps with longevity is layering.

I 'layer' with a body lotion from the same perfume line OR a cheap lotion or body spray scented with one of the key notes in the perfume I'm wearing. I use Nivea vanilla body lotions to amp up some of my gourmand and oriental perfumes and a cheap rose body lotion and rose EDT from the Body Shop to boost my rose perfumes, for example.

Chanelprincess Sat 17-Mar-18 17:43:40

The other thing I find helps with longevity is layering.

Agree that layering definitely helps a lot with longevity, even with Jo Malone fragrances.

WhyBeDennyDifferent Sat 17-Mar-18 17:55:25

Thank you, looking forward to smelling a lot smellier now smile

picklemepopcorn Sat 17-Mar-18 18:03:25

I believe serious layering involves using the shower gel, then the lotion then the EDP, then using EDT to top up later in the day. You shouldn't top up with EDP because the new scent clashes with the old scent (or something). I'm going back a long way in my product training, though.

WhyBeDennyDifferent Sat 17-Mar-18 18:06:20

So it’s worth getting the gift set of a perfume then?

TheSaviorsAreNonU Sat 17-Mar-18 19:50:26

Spray it in your hair. Head upside down and spritz.

OCSockOrphanage Sat 17-Mar-18 20:15:55

Denny, very very sadly, you need to know that citrus smells don't last, on anyone, anywhere in the world. That bright burst of sharpness is very shortlived. Promise it's not you; the fragrance industry would love to find a way of keeping that crisp burst and making it last. It just doesn't.

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