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Sandals - cool but also comfortable

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astoundedgoat Fri 16-Mar-18 18:23:01

I need sandals for this year - they need to be granny levels of comfortable and although they will mostly be worn in the back of beyond where fashion fears to tread, I will also be in London and want to be suitably on point.

For context, my style is ripped boyfriend jeans, Whistles stuff, Stan smiths, platinum shaggy bob (currently pale pink actually!). In the summer abroad it's denim short shorts, short plain smock dresses, maxi skirt/crop top.

Birkenstocks? Saltwater? Were saltwater only cool 2 years ago or are they timeless? I have pretty glittery Zara sandals for "good" wear - I need everyday cool. Budget about £60.

Please help!

AnyFucker Fri 16-Mar-18 18:26:23

Gotta be Birkenstocks

Timeless cool comfort and would go with your look

astoundedgoat Fri 16-Mar-18 18:34:16

Thank you - I think maybe you are right. BUT I just saw these on En Brogue's Insta and think they might fit the bill. I don't do much colour, but I love green...

AnyFucker Fri 16-Mar-18 18:38:46

They won't be as comfortable as Birkies

Cheaper though

Squ1ggle Fri 16-Mar-18 20:27:12

My birkenstocks shred my feet every time I wear them ☹️

JaneEyre70 Fri 16-Mar-18 20:29:46

That's really funny, I was looking at some boots today in a boutiquey style clothes shop and they were Oak and Hyde. Loved the look of them. I've fallen out of love with Birkenstock - they are really hard to wear in and don't last very well anymore. I like those, OP.

pickledparsnip Fri 16-Mar-18 20:34:28

I absolutely love those OP. In fact I'm going to get myself a pair for this Summer. I do like Birks, and have been wearing them since my teens, but they kill my feet to begin with and they always end up honking. Plus they are fucking expensive. Mine never seem to do more than one year.

AnyFucker Fri 16-Mar-18 20:58:23

I cannot wait for the weather to improve enough to wear sandals

winterisstillcoming Fri 16-Mar-18 21:00:38

I love Birkenstock Mayara. No toe post.

goose1964 Fri 16-Mar-18 21:14:05

Birkenstocks need to be broken in as the footbed forms to your foot. Wear them around the house for around 2 weeks before going anywhere in them,once they've formed they're so comfortable

Ofitck Sat 17-Mar-18 06:05:36

Last year i got rose gold Arizona birkenstocks with an extra soft/squishy footbed and they are amazing. I didn’t think birkenstocks could get any better!

I really don’t get saltwaters, sorry.

zippyswife Sat 17-Mar-18 06:16:33

Love the sound of your style OP. I live in birkenstocks in the summer but I might give your green ones a go- love them.

cece Sat 17-Mar-18 06:31:39

I have loads of Birkenstocks in lots of different colours. Go for yellow - it goes with everything.

MandrakeLake Sat 17-Mar-18 06:33:17

I like my saltwater sandals and they last forever but they aren't granny comfortable.

BrandNewHouse Sat 17-Mar-18 06:40:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Uniglo18 Sat 17-Mar-18 07:25:31

I'm a fitflop fan, I 've got two pairs and they're seriously comfortable. I've never tried birkenstocks so I can't comment on them but I can work for miles in my fitflops.

LoremIpsumMum Sat 17-Mar-18 07:31:45

Fitflops. Choose your style carefully- some are awful (i hate a toepost personally).

AgathaF Sat 17-Mar-18 07:32:18

Birkenstocks are really uncomfortable for me. Fitflops on the other hand - bliss.

Fannyfanakerpants Sat 17-Mar-18 07:36:54

I loved my birkinstocks but my puppy ate them last week so I need new sandals. I'm hesitant to get another pair as they took a whole summer to break in and I'm not sure I can bear it.
Are saltwater really uncomfortable? I really like the look of their yellow ones.

Mumtothenipper Sat 17-Mar-18 07:37:07

I love my moshulu saddles. Usually last at least 2 summers and get pretty heavy wear. Super comfy and affordable. Looking forward to treating self to a new pair this year.

londonista Sat 17-Mar-18 07:43:03

FitFlip sandals are always comfortable and are becoming uber stylish. I have about 7 pairs!!! grin

TheChineseChicken Sat 17-Mar-18 08:15:01

This thread has started early this year! I've come the conclusion that this is a fruitless mission

MayFayner Sat 17-Mar-18 08:53:55

Saltwaters aren't uncomfortable as such but they're very, very flat, so if you're doing a lot of walking on pavements they can kill a bit.

funmummy48 Sat 17-Mar-18 09:04:29

I love my fit-flops but they fart when I walk in them. The family refuse to walk with me when I wear them. 😬

ItsAllDoomAndGloom Sat 17-Mar-18 09:17:06

So happy to see this thread.

Have tried Birks once but my feet are shredded by normal shoes so not sure we were ever going to get on. Not sure whether to give the soft ones a go...

Moshulu and Fitflop both look good!

I've also found Ugg shoes / boots to very comfortable and quite stylish recently, worth a look.

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