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I need serious eyebrow help!

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GettingStuffDoneInSlippers Tue 13-Mar-18 22:34:57

Argh, it's so frustrating.

The following cycle happens on repeat -

I get my eyebrows done, they look nice

I go back two weeks later - They do them too thin despite me repeating what I said last time - "Please don't do them thin"

I end up having to wait ages for them to grow out, and then the cycle repeats itself!

Perhaps I'm not paying enough for getting them done? But this is the going rate pretty much everywhere - about £4 (eyebrow threading)

It happens wherever I go to get them threaded sad

GettingStuffDoneInSlippers Tue 13-Mar-18 22:36:36

Just to clarify, my brows are super thick and often the brow specialist makes a side comment of them being so thick, that's why the string often breaks when they're doing it shock

ButteredScone Tue 13-Mar-18 22:38:43

Go to the first appointment then maintain them yourself. Just keep a pair of tweezers next to the sink and check them morning and evening for strays.

Hellywelly10 Tue 13-Mar-18 22:43:21

I have very thick eyebrows too. I used to be stuck in this cycle too. I've changed to waxing and go every few months. I pluck myself between. Appointments and it hurts less.

userxx Tue 13-Mar-18 22:56:02

Yep, I'm in the growing out again cycle. So annoying. I walked round looking hideous for a good few months growing them out and then she waxed them all off. I'm sticking with tweezering in future.

GettingStuffDoneInSlippers Tue 13-Mar-18 23:03:47

Thank you for the replies!

I remember reading somewhere (quite a lot), that maintaining them with tweezers isn't a good idea and you should get them done professionally?

Perhaps not smile

Mine grow at such a rapid rate, it's so difficult to keep on top of with just tweezers and I feel like that 'flawless' shape isn't the same when I just do them myself sad

MissisBoote Wed 14-Mar-18 11:40:32

Could you teach yourself how to thread them?
Lots of tutorials on YouTube and it's dead easy to do once you get the hang of it.

Zeldaaa Wed 14-Mar-18 18:54:42

I think it’s a case of finding someone you like and sticking with them. At my first appointment the lady who does mine asked me what I liked/disliked about my brows and what I wanted to achieve etc. At each appointment she asks me if there’s anything I’d like done differently. I do pay more than 4£... I’m 20£ for tint , thread, wax and plucking any remaining stragglers. I also,have naturally thick, full brows.

Cerseilannisterinthesnow Sun 18-Mar-18 10:58:07

I can’t rave about the benefit beauty counter enough I got here for my wax and I love it! My brows always looks amazing, she trims them and then waxes and always does them how I want it’s a bit pricier but so so worth it

GettingStuffDoneInSlippers Sun 18-Mar-18 15:03:38

Cers I had Benefit eyebrows done once a good few years back and they looked amazing! Thanks for reminding me - I think they're about £22 for a wax, thread around loose ends and trim?

Cerseilannisterinthesnow Sun 18-Mar-18 16:48:37

I pay £15 but I only get mine waxed she trims them before waxing them. I think it’s £22 if you want them tinted as well but I prefer to put product on them myself

Hunter007 Sun 18-Mar-18 17:40:57

I get mine done in Benefit once a month and pluck strays out myself in between

Pinklady1981 Sun 18-Mar-18 18:07:07

After years of over plucking my eyebrows were awful so just before Xmas I decided to grow them out and found a HD Brows professional to do them locally to me,check out the website. I finally now have beautiful eyebrows,well nearly,still a bit of growing to do. I pay £25 and she maps your face,waxes,plucks,treads and tints them. I also have my own ProPencil now so I can fill in until my next appt xx

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