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No idea what I should be wearing

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CaptainHarville Tue 13-Mar-18 22:19:52

I'm currently overweight. Just starting to lose it. Usually I'm a 12 these days more a 16. It means none of my clothes fit. I hate shopping because I know I'm not looking great. I'm off on a long weekend with family and friends. I need at least a couple of nice outfits to wear, not going out stuff just nice day to day stuff. I also need a coat as mine is several years old and looks terrible.

I have big boobs and my legs are mostly OK. Hold weight on my tummy. I'm early 40s

If anyone could suggest somewhere to look as I have no idea and just feel a complete frump. Would really appreciate it.

Kitchenbound Wed 14-Mar-18 08:25:30

Firstly congrats on starting to lose weight!

I like the tummy control undies - they don't make you instantly lose 2 dress sizes or whatever the ads say but for me they do make things firmer and less saggy/wobbly. Gives me a bit of confidence when im out and about.

Unfortunate news is you're going to have to start hitting the stores. Can you afford some type of personal shopper? Or do you have a good friend thats got a good eye for fashion that you're comfortable enough to go with? Having a bit of support when you're not feeling the best about yourself is a godsend. Personal shoppers will know styles etc of what will work with your body shape and a friend will know you well enough to have an idea what you'll be comfy in.

Where are you located I'll try suggest some specific shops

Laiste Wed 14-Mar-18 09:38:40

Depends on your budget.

If you feel you definitely are going to loose the weight (you know what i mean) then i wouldn't spend too much on clothes which are going to be too big for next winter. Hopefully we're heading into spring now!

Without knowing your taste ect my only advice is: I've got big boobs and stay well away from any clothes traditionally associated with supposedly hiding weight ie. tent-like because they do the opposite and add pounds!

Fletch80 Wed 14-Mar-18 10:07:22

Phase Eight do a top called 'Becca' they shouldn't be flattering for big boobs because they are high neck but they do actually work and are very flattering covering a tummy. They do the same top in different weight fabrics and colours but the basic shape is the same. I think I have about ten or eleven at the moment because they are just so easy to sling on, at this time of year I wear them with skinnies and long boots, if I'm feeling fancy then a longish necklace too. They're 20 % off at the moment at Debenhams and John Lewis.

Laiste Wed 14-Mar-18 17:41:49

Fletch those jumpers/dresses are lovely. i've bloody ordered one!

CaptainHarville Thu 15-Mar-18 02:22:58

I know exactly what you mean Laiste about not losing it but I'm much bigger than normal - been very stressed and comfort eating. I'm usually 30 pounds lighter than I am. I know what you mean about tent like. I'm not normally fussed about my boobs but at the moment I look very busty and in some tops like I'm trying to draw attention to them which I don't like day-to-day. Fine maybe on a night out.

No one to go shopping with but could do personal shopper. Do debenhams still do that? I'm in South Yorkshire.

Fletch80 that top looks fantastic so will be first thing I try on. Just hope large is big enough.

Thanks very much everyone.

Kitchenbound Thu 15-Mar-18 05:39:47

Debenhams do have personal shoppers in some stores and you can book online. Good luck i hope you find some amazing outfits!

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