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Casual shoe confusion

(4 Posts)
ElizabethinherGermanGarden Tue 13-Mar-18 06:59:28

I have bought this dress, back in Feb when it was sunny and I was full of the joys of spring. I have now realised that bare legs and nice shoes make it freezing, even though the dress itself is quite warm.

Any suggestions what shoes/tights I could wear with it? Or do I just need to leave it in the cupboard until I can bear bare legs?

JosephWearsNoPants Tue 13-Mar-18 07:07:38

because of the shade of blue im inclined to say wait until its warmer.
would it work with mustard opaques and brogues and a chunky knit cardi in brown/taupe or navy? 🤔

Viviene Tue 13-Mar-18 07:16:32

Or opaques in the colour if the shoes in the photo, brown shoes and a white cardigan.

ElizabethinherGermanGarden Tue 13-Mar-18 07:29:44

I like the idea of mustard. I bought teal and purple tights as an experiment but neither really works.

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