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Kelly Brooks floral crop top and maxi skirt

(7 Posts)
Penguinbeaver Mon 12-Mar-18 22:01:47

Anyone know where it’s from please?

DianaT1969 Tue 13-Mar-18 07:50:24


Penguinbeaver Tue 13-Mar-18 12:58:09

Apologies photo attached.

CAAKE Tue 13-Mar-18 13:04:50

Where's it from? The "Muriel's Wedding" island set, that's where.

FauxFox Tue 13-Mar-18 13:05:30

It looks pretty similar in shape to this but a different pattern...

FauxFox Tue 13-Mar-18 13:09:24

Or palm print here
Oh no wait I found it - it's Boohoo here

Penguinbeaver Wed 14-Mar-18 08:29:17

Thanks FauxFox

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