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Don't know where to start - footwear, coat

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MalcolmsBrokenWalrusMoneybox Sun 11-Mar-18 16:22:05

Hello, I've been "making do" with about 15 year old trainers and newer slip on trainers that are starting to fall apart.
Ideally I am after several "pieces" of footwear, preferably that will not need replacing too quickly, and if possible, ethical, although these tend to be out of my price range I think:
Flat or very slight heel boots
Trainers (pref dark)
Smarter slip on or ballet pumps

I'm 40 and short, either a 4.5 (clarks) or closer to a 5 elsewhere.
Please help, big TIA

MalcolmsBrokenWalrusMoneybox Sun 11-Mar-18 16:25:11

Oh, I'm also after a cosy coat please.
I'm not used to spending money on myself but it needs doing, I'm sloshing about in a spare coat of my dh.
I need to look like I look after myself a bit more blush, I'm an embarrassment.

MalcolmsBrokenWalrusMoneybox Sun 11-Mar-18 16:27:14

Oh heck, sandals or summery shoes also required.

PinglePongle Sun 11-Mar-18 16:29:36

Clarks outlet online for some bargain shoes at the moment?

I always get my coats from TK Maxx and pay between £60 and £90 for a designer one but they last years

CountFosco Sun 11-Mar-18 16:32:22

I think Veja trainers are ethical. Check out, Hannah is a complete sneakerhead and features lots of small ethical companies.

BikeRunSki Sun 11-Mar-18 16:47:56

Rocket Dog do a lot of vegan shoes; not sure what their wider ethical policy is like.

ChishandFips33 Sun 11-Mar-18 17:13:31

Once you've found a couple of pairs to set you away, Visit several shops and get a feel for what suits and fits then keep an eye on eBay - you'd be amazed how many shoes are sold that are only tried on or new with tags

MalcolmsBrokenWalrusMoneybox Sun 11-Mar-18 20:38:18

Thank you all, I am online window shopping your suggestions

Ollivander84 Sun 11-Mar-18 21:12:07

I have these ballet pumps, mega mega comfy

Ollivander84 Sun 11-Mar-18 21:14:26

Oh they come in different styles too. I have those (cleo sincere) but they do cleo sass/bewitch too. Google should show you other styles, I got them off the Skechers site

pickingdaisies Tue 13-Mar-18 23:23:13

Hobbs, jigsaw, John Lewis all have sales now, good luck!

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