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Can anyone recommend a hairdresser in SE London?

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Snakie Sun 11-Mar-18 12:53:41

As above please. I need a new hairdresser and would really appreciate recommendations.
Thanks in advance.

500BusStops Sun 11-Mar-18 16:39:30

If you’re anywhere near Herne Hill I’d recommend Myla and Davis. I’ve seen a few stylists there over the years and all have been great, they are also friendly. Florence Welch apparently used to get her hair done there! Sadly I no longer live nearby and have yet to find as good a hairdresser 🙁

affectionincoldclimate Sun 11-Mar-18 16:52:31

Depending on your budget. But if you want to have seriously amazing hair this guy has a private studio in West Dulwich. The only word of warning I'd have is that once you see him you'll never want to go to a salon again. grinHe's amazing.

SpiritedLondon Sun 11-Mar-18 21:04:43

Oh god why did you have to post that link for Mark Anderson ... looks amazing. Guess I need to start saving!!

Snakie Sun 11-Mar-18 22:02:37

Thank you both. I’m nearer Greenwich. But I’ll look into these.
Mark Anderson does look good, but not exactly the kind of place you can go every 6 weeks for a regular trim eh!

affectionincoldclimate Sun 11-Mar-18 22:45:10

@Snakie Here is the thing with Mark. I don't see him every six weeks. No way. His haircuts just grow out into another great haircut. I swear after 6 weeks or so people ask me if I've been to hairdresser again as my hair just morphs into another great cut. I see him every 10-12 weeks and only because I have bleached hair so he touches up roots. Sometimes he doesn't cut because hair is good as it is so it's just colour.

@SpiritedLondon I went to see him 9 years ago as friend insisted. Never looked back. It's bit like a hair church. You convert and then evangelise grin If you're local I strongly suggest you go. And his studio is AMAZING.

thefirstmrsdewinter Mon 12-Mar-18 17:42:38

@affectionincoldclimate ok so having looked at his website I have to ask, do normal folk have their hair cut by Mark or is it sleb/model types? Do you know is he all about the pretty hair or does he enjoy doing more directional stuff as well? So many questions!! grin

I'm on the lookout for a hairdresser to help me wrestle my sense of self back into place (tall order I know). After my last hair disaster I'd almost rather shave my head than go through that again.

DianaT1969 Mon 12-Mar-18 20:23:32

I haven't been, but Mark's website looks very directional. As soon as I grow mine out a bit and have some spare cash, I'll go to him. I've done the high street. Worth a try!

smeerf Tue 13-Mar-18 01:14:15

I go to Daiva's in Greenwich, best stylist I've had was Olga. They always have appointments, the salon is nice and i haven't been disappointed with a cut there.

affectionincoldclimate Tue 13-Mar-18 23:55:43

He did many many years of hair styling at runways and magazines. Now he's focussed on "normal" clients as he retired from the high life so to speak. So plenty of normal clients. I'm not a sleb wink
What he does incredibly well is work with YOU. So basically he gets the sense of you as a person, what your hair routine is, what you do every day and how your hair can look fabulous every day. Having worked on editorial and runway stuff he also gets something that I've never had any hairdresser grasp as well: how your hair will frame your face and how the cut will "behave" when you've left and try to style it yourself. This was my biggest bugbear in the past and I just don't have that with him because he gets it right.
He has been refreshingly honest with me where I turned up with a hairdo idea and he'd say: No. that won't work for you. Your hair won't fall that way, it's too thin and the fringe would annoy you as you always sweep hair from your face. No, I wouldn't cut layers as this side of your face is slightly rounder and it'll make your face lose definition. Etc. These are the little details and technical knowledge is what makes all the difference between just any cut and an amazing transformational cut.
I have very thin hair and I used to endure my own hair for years. When I met him, he somehow managed to make my limp thin baby hair into my best feature.
As for sense of self - that's what he does. He worked with my hair when I was pregnant and then with a young baby to give me an easy but still edgily swishy yet practical bob and two weeks ago he gave me the most amazing short cut that gave me exactly that: my sense of self. Basically he works with YOU not your hair . I can't praise him enough because as far as hair goes, he's the maestro.
Ps. Check his testimonials.

thefirstmrsdewinter Wed 14-Mar-18 00:46:35

@affectionincoldclimate bless you, that's really helpful.

I've worked with hairdressers myself and there are very unstarry sleb hairdressers and then there are the kind who make you feel like they're slumming it between sleb appts. I last had my hair cut by someone who made me feel really small and old and I'm not doing that again. You can feel so vulnerable you know? Sad but true.

Deffo taking the plunge after hearing about your experience. Many thanks for replying! grin

affectionincoldclimate Wed 14-Mar-18 20:54:39

@thefirstmrsdewinter you're most welcome. Good hair is a life force! And he's a down to earth Glaswegian with a gorgeous accent and wicked sense of humour - no airs and graces. You'll enjoy the cutting chat as much as the haircut.

MrsSchadenfreude Wed 14-Mar-18 22:44:12

Kate and Kim at CTRL Hair on Kennington Road (Waterloo end) are both good.

NoSquirrels Wed 14-Mar-18 22:46:20

In Greenwich I love The Curious Comb. Selina the owner is fantastic at cutting - never ever a bad haircut- but the other stylists are great too.

thefirstmrsdewinter Wed 14-Mar-18 23:48:37

@affectionincoldclimate I've emailed for an appt. smile

affectionincoldclimate Thu 15-Mar-18 18:59:09

@thefirstmrsdewinter excellent! Let me know what you thought. But I can promise you, you'll love the result.

AppleTree0915 Thu 15-Mar-18 19:20:06

I was just about the suggest The Curious Comb too!

thefirstmrsdewinter Mon 26-Mar-18 19:15:01

@affectionincoldclimate I saw Mark yesterday afternoon. I'm so grateful for the recommendation, I can't thank you enough. He's warm and approachable and has a brilliant positive energy and sense of humour.

As you said, the primary focus is on who you are as a person and what your feelings are around your hair and your sense of self. Before he even touched my head we had a long chat about hair but all kinds of other things too. Mark's approach is very different to the usual 'bring a photo' experience, much more lateral and three-dimensional.

The studio is comfortable and cozy and my appointment flew by.

I'm really thrilled with my hair; it's exactly what I wanted and worth every penny. I've already had friends ooing and ahhing over it. smile

affectionincoldclimate Mon 26-Mar-18 20:45:24

@thefirstmrsdewinter Fantastic! I'm so so pleased. He's a real find isn't he? I'm really delighted and kudos to you for trying him as you were only going on my word. Hail Mumsnet and hail good hair!

thefirstmrsdewinter Mon 26-Mar-18 23:05:31

@affectionincoldclimate well you did a great job speaking in words that made sense to me. After all it's not just about a 'good' haircut (that means different things to different people), when you told me what he did worked for you on multiple levels, including a personal emotional level, that kind of tipped the scales. So thanks very much for that. smile

We can talk such a lot of nonsense about fashion and beauty and what it all means but I think we're all looking for that amazing feeling you get when it comes together in just the right way.

I'd love to know if anyone else has made an appointment on the strength of your recommendation.

BagelGoesWalking Tue 27-Mar-18 01:14:45

Oh jeez, @affectionincoldclimate, I usually pay about £30 quid at my local hairdressers and now I feel the urge to throw another £100 into the mix grin

Might save up to get it done there in the autumn. DD18 will be going to uni (fingers crossed) and I'll definitely be needing a mood boost for that, and any many other, reason(s).

Lanclain Tue 27-Mar-18 19:45:43

I can recommend Aqua in Crofton Park - buzzy hairdressers with experienced staff who really know what they're doing. They did me a fab restyle into a pixie cut today

affectionincoldclimate Tue 27-Mar-18 22:54:26

@BagelGoesWalking it's an investment for sure. But so worth it. Go for it! grin

dontcallmelen Wed 28-Mar-18 15:57:40

@affectionincoldclimate I’m saving up to make an appointment, my hair is a bit of a mess at the moment, it’s quite long but with quite a few unwanted layers, sort of hangs without much shape or style.
You have reassured me that he is not to sleby or intimidating.
@thefirstmrsdewinter your haircut & experience sounds fabulous.

BagelGoesWalking Wed 28-Mar-18 17:28:41

I think I will! Would be nice to have something like that to look forward to in a few months. I'm not very good at spending on myself, and don't always have the budget, but it would be lovely. grin

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