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Foundation-Am I asking too much!

(43 Posts)
ChesterFuckingDraws Sat 10-Mar-18 19:56:24

Is there such a thing as a long lasting medium/full coverage foundation that isn’t a matte finish? It needs to cover occasional spots and redness.
My current favourites are Estée Lauder double wear & huda beauty faux filter but they’re very matte and I don’t think they do my aging face any favours.

FlorenceandtheWashingMachine Sun 11-Mar-18 22:28:47

Have you tried YSL Touche Eclat foundation? I use it and I think that it fits your brief

CremeFresh Sun 11-Mar-18 22:33:02

I'm glad you posted this Chester , I find a lot of foundations are too matt for my skin (I'm 53) too . I said to my DD that I want to look sweaty and she laughed and said the word I'm looking for is dewy !

ChesterFuckingDraws Sun 11-Mar-18 23:10:31

I’ve not florence I’ll need to track down a makeup counterband give it a shot.

creme dewy is what I need but it also makes me nervous! My foundation is usually billet proof and I worry if i stray to dewy it will disappear halfway through my working day!

Auspiciouspanda Sun 11-Mar-18 23:14:32

Too faced born this way is medium / buildable full which has a satin finish.

Sciurus83 Sun 11-Mar-18 23:14:59

Nars Radiant Longwear, Armani Power Fabric are both great. People will probably be along to vouch for doublewear light/nude soon but never tried it myself

Sciurus83 Sun 11-Mar-18 23:16:40

Dior Undercover as well, great formula but.personally I've not found a great colour match, Dior and happy to give samples of you ask and want to try

Bigpizzalover Sun 11-Mar-18 23:16:41

Add Iconic London illuminator drops to your usual foundation, you will still have a mainly matte and long lasting foundation with a hint of dewyness

PaperdollCartoon Sun 11-Mar-18 23:18:03

Use the foundation that sticks, but use Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder (all three of the darker triple palette together) over the top. Will brighten your whole face. It’s fab stuff.

rubybleu Mon 12-Mar-18 06:46:38

Dewy and long lasting don’t typically go together unfortunately but I would recommend trying Bobbi Brown serum foundation and also the Double Wear Nude Water Finish as mentioned above. I have worn both often and they usually last until around 4pm at work, I need to touch up for any after work events.

I’m very pale, suffer from redness and dry skinned so a dewy finish is more flattering for me.

A really good primer and a good setting powder will extend the life of your foundation so make sure you have one that you’re happy with. I use Laura Mercier but also like the much cheaper The Ordinary primer.

Consideredintrusion Mon 12-Mar-18 10:55:00

Just wanted to draw Oxygenetix to your attention. Difficult to find irl but much easier online. two formulations, one oxygenating and one acne control. Both with enough coverage to be recommended to cover post procedure (peels, microneedling) redness. Mixed reviews online so maybe try to get a sample, but I use acne control one and love it. It’s dewy but not greasy, buildable and it helps my peri meno hormonal skin. Only complaint is cost.

thethoughtfox Mon 12-Mar-18 11:23:00

The new Nars longwear one is what you are looking for: thin, light, amazing coverage, glowy finish, lasts all day.My skin is vvv pale with dark shadows and blemishes that really stand out against my skin. I don't even need concealer.

TossDaily Mon 12-Mar-18 11:25:16

Chanel Vitalumiere.
Chanel Primer underneath.
Urban Decay makeup setting spray.

Baubletrouble43 Mon 12-Mar-18 11:42:41

I'm using boots 17 blemish balm and I am over the moon with it! Especially the price!It does wonders for my ageing oily skin x

Astrabees Mon 12-Mar-18 12:21:05

Clinique Superbalanced fits the bill. Moderate coverage and a lovely dewy finish. I have used Chanel Vitalumiere too, but I prefer Clinique.

twilightcafe Mon 12-Mar-18 12:43:23

Lacome Teint Idole 24h foundation gives me moderate coverage without my face resembling a mask.

chimpandzee Mon 12-Mar-18 15:37:51

It Cosmetics cc cream is great. Good coverage but not at all matte or powdery looking. Blends really well.

cheeseismydownfall Mon 12-Mar-18 16:05:02

I like Double Wear Nude. I found the original DW and even DW Light to be way to matte and cakey for my skin.

CountessDracula Mon 12-Mar-18 16:12:34

NARS sheer glow foundation is brilliant

lecossaise Mon 12-Mar-18 16:15:00

Bare Minerals original formula. It's amazing.

MoorMummy Mon 12-Mar-18 19:13:35

I’ve used L’Oréal Glam nude cc cream for years ( the anti dullness version as I’m pale and sallow). It gives a nice finish and doesn’t settle into the lines on my 47 year old face.

June1966 Mon 12-Mar-18 19:18:36

Clarins True Radiance is also fantastic.

ChesterFuckingDraws Mon 12-Mar-18 19:34:20

Thanks for all the suggestions, they’ll keep me busy on my night shift tonight!
I’ve been adding some liquid highlighter to my current foundations, maybe need to add a bit more to get the glowiness! I do have a dupe if the ambient powder somewhere so I’ll need to dig that out and see how it looks.

userofthiswebsite Mon 12-Mar-18 19:59:08


You mention the new Nars Radiant Longwear one...
You also mention being 'v v v' pale'
Which shade do you use as I understood they didn't release Siberia in this range and the next palest one - Oslo - is much darker than Siberia?

I ask as I'm around Siberia in paleness yet find Sheer Glow breaks up on me v quickly.

Sunny779 Mon 12-Mar-18 20:06:51

Armani power fabric and nars longwear are fantastic. The Ordinary foundation also good - they have a gold tone to some of them good for redness. Also recommend Nuxe bio beautebb creme. Good coverage and glow

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